Fade Away

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Action/Drama, USA, 2014, 110 min.

Synopsis Fade Away tells the story of Kenny Wright a young basketball phenomenon that is raised by his grandmother. With obstacles facing the family living in Liberty City one of Miamis toughest neighborhoods, Kennys god given basketball skills are a sure bet for his grandmother and him to escape the madness of living in a drug infested community.His dreams of becoming a professional basketball player are a realty in scouts eyes when in the summer leading up to his senior year of high school, he grows to a staggering 6 foot 6 inches tall. Kennys best friend Flaco, a Hispanic kid from the Allapattah Wynwood section of Miami has a different approach to life. He has aspirations of becoming a big time drug dealer, with drug dealing being a way of life in Flacos family. His cousin teaches him how to deal in the business. Kenny (African American) and Flaco (Latino) share a friendship and bond like no other, both having dreams of making it big.However, Kennys dreams are suddenly shattered when he sustains a career ending knee injury during practice his freshman year of college. Faced with the possibilities of never playing basketball again, Kenny falls into a deep state of depression and drops out of school. After leaving school, real life issues present themselves and Kenny has to find a job when the unemployment rate is at an all time high. Seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, Kenny gives in to the peer pressure and joins forces with Flaco selling drugs and committing crimes to help take care of his grandmother.Reaching the pinnacle of the street life, Kennys hoop dreams are long gone now. A strong demand and limitless supply of illegal cocaine shipped from Latin America has pretty much turned Kenny and Flaco into top mid level drug dealers, buying old vintage cars, lavish jewelry and homes. However, the game takes an unexpected turn for the worst when Flacos drug supplier feels ripped off and double-crosses the duo. Kenny Wright like so many other teenagers in Americas inner cities choose gangs and the street life for survival only to be swallowed up by what seems to be a never ending cycle of death and imprisonment.

Directed by Donell Harris, Antwan Smith  

Starring Noel Gugliemi, Emilio Rivera, Ms. Sugar, Antwon Tanner, Clifton Powell, more...

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