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Directed by
Mike Nichols

Patrick Marber

Produced by
Mary Bailey
Cary Brokaw
John Calley
James Clayton
Celia D. Costas
Robert Fox
Michael Haley
Paula Jalfon
Paul A. Levin
Mike Nichols
Duncan Reid
Scott Rudin

Original Music by
Liam Howlett

Stephen Goldblatt

Julia Roberts
Jude Law
Natalie Portman
Clive Owen
Nick Hobbs
Colin Stinton
Jaclynn Tiffany Brown
Steve Benham
Elizabeth Bower Chatty Exhibition Guest
Ray Donn Customs Officer
Daniel Dresner Coughing Man
Rrenford Junior Fagan Bus Passenger
Antony Gabriel Luke
Michael Haley
Selena Mars Traveler
Steve Morphew
Peter Rnic
Leonard Silver Exhibition Guest
Robert Stone Bouncer

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