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Marley Himself - Host
Humberto Tortonese Himself - Judge
Elizabeth Vernaci Herself - Judge
Enrique Pinti Himself - Judge
Miguel Ángel Cerutti Himself - Mentor
Ángela Torres Herself / Taylor Swift
Marco Antonio Caponi Himself / Joaquín Sabina
Fernando Dente Himself / Frank Sinatra
Florencia Pena Herself / Bebe
Georgina Barbarossa Herself / Lou Bega
Jey Mammon Himself / Marc Anthony
Laura Esquivel Herself / Jennifer Lopez
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Himself / Luca Prodan
Fernando Straneo Himself / Diego Topa / Jean Carlos
Marc Anthony Himself
Bebe Herself
Lou Bega Himself
Jennifer Lopez Herself
Victoria Onetto Herself / Jessica Rabbit
Rihanna Herself
Joaquín Sabina Himself
Frank Sinatra Himself
Taylor Swift Herself
Diego Topa Himself - Guest

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