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Drama/Romance, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Previously on...: Sloan's illegitimate daughter showed up, pregnant. The chief was struggling with drinking and made a rookie mistake in surgery. Meredith knew about the chief's struggles but said nothing to anyone. Teddy admitted to Hunt that she loves him, and he told her he loves Cristina.In an instant: Voiceover Meredith gave a little foreshadowing, saying the big stuff in life happens in an instant. Meredith was rushing to the hospital late at night and told Derek the chief was walking her through another surgical procedure.Sloan's daughter, Little Sloan, walked in on him and Lexie hooking up. She didn't knock first. It was awkward. Lexie wanted to take a shower, but Little (Pregnant) Sloan thought she was on the verge of throwing up, so Lexie went across the hall to Cristina and Callie's apartment. Cristina told Lexie to use her shower. Lexie walked in to find Arizona and Callie in the shower together, kissing. She didn't knock first. It was awkward. They came out and Callie told Lexie there was no more hot water.Teddy handed Cristina a solo cardio surgery. It was the moment Cristina became "a living, breathing, cardiothoracic surgeon."Lexie gave Little Sloan an ultrasound and appeared concerned. She wanted to do another one on a different machine. Meanwhile, the doctors outside brought in a high-profile patient, a quarterback who took a serious hit in a game.Another doctor looked at Little Sloan's ultrasound and explained the problem: bands of amniotic tissue were wrapped around the fetus' legs, putting them at risk. Sloan wanted his daughter treated by the best possible prenatal surgeon in all the land: Dr. Addison Montgomery. He made a call to SoCal.Just like that, Addison was back, roaming the halls of Seattle Grace. As soon as she arrived, she started giving Sloan a hard time about becoming a grandpa. Addison also started trying to think of ways to hook Bailey up with a man. Derek then tried to get Bailey into talking about a guy she might know.Cristina's heart patient was hung up on her many allergies, and wanted to list them for Cristina. The woman had many complaints and concerns, each of which made Teddy smile. The patient also wanted a pig's valve, instead of the mechanical she was supposed to receive, inserted in her heart.Addison and Arizona gave Little Sloan her options: surgery while the baby was in utero, waiting a few more weeks, or waiting until the baby was born and fitting him with prosthetics. She opted for the quick surgery.Reed was hitting on Alex, offering him drinks and "you know" that night, in exchange for letting her scrub in on his surgery on the quarterback. Charles overheard all this and confronted Reed about it. She said she was just messing with Alex. Meredith saw this.Derek introduced Bailey to Dr. Stanton, to discuss the quarterback's CT scan. Bailey realized what was going on when Dr. Stanton wanted to talk about it over lunch. She launched into a speech about her divorce, her nickname ("The Nazi"), and how one of the many people in her life who let her down recently was herself. Dr. Stanton passed on lunch.Derek took Bailey's next patient, the guy whose common bile duct was nicked by the chief, resulting in the guy turning yellow. Derek was caught by surprise by all this.Cristina was worried about the pig valve situation with her patient, but Teddy said it would give her a chance to learn even more. Derek went back to the quarterback and told him a relatively minor surgery was all he really needed and he'd be back on the field the next season. The quarterback then started breathing heavily and clutching his chest. He was having a panic attack.Meredith confronted Alex about Reed and taking sex in exchange for surgeries. She reminded him he's still married to Izzie and he said he was done worrying about Izzie because "she sure as hell isn't worried about me."Derek asked Bailey about the gall bladder patient's "high-class care." Bailey covered it up by saying she had "a thing" for the patient and that was why he was coming back so regularly.Cristina's patient was having second thoughts about the pig valve, and was considering a cow's valve. The woman wanted to see the different valves side by side. Cristina gritted her teeth while trying to be as accommodating as possible.Derek asked the chief to join in on the quarterback's surgery and the chief said nothing. Meredith called Izzie and left a message on her phone, saying Alex "might be moving on." Cristina got her pig and cow valves for her patient to see.Addison and Sloan were in surgery and it was getting complicated when Little Sloan's uteran arteries were enlarged and got in the way. Addison tried to convince Sloan she could handle the risky procedure and Sloan made her "shut it down."Derek and Bailey were prepping for the quarterback's surgery when Derek demanded to know what was going on with the chief. Bailey said it wasn't her job to get involved in the chief's personal life.Addison was upset with Sloan for acting like a parent in her O.R. He decided it was too risky of a surgery to try it again. "Congratulations," Addison told him. "You're a parent."Cristina's patient wasn't drawn to either valve. Cristina forced her to choose, pig or cow. She settled on pig.Derek told the quarterback his surgery went fine and then realized the guy had a panic attack earlier because he was afraid of playing football anymore. The quarterback opened up about how he used to be able to block out the fear, but ever since his son was born he was afaid of the hits. He was afraid something would happen to him and his son could grow up without a dad. Derek asked him why he couldn't retire, but the guy was just two years into a pro career. He said he couldn't complain about his place in the world when other guys are soldiers in Iraq.Alex and Reed were flirting in front of Meredith while they all sat in the gallery watching Cristina's valve replacement surgery. Meredith reminded Reed that Alex was married to Izzie, but then something went wrong in the surgery and they all turned their attention toward Cristina's mishap. Cristina couldn't find "the bleeder," and Teddy told her to keep looking. Reed wondered why Teddy was doing nothing.Callie and Derek were looking at the quarterback's knee X-rays when Derek suggested they tell him he needs a knee replacement, even though Callie said he should be able to play through the pain. Derek said the quarterback needed to stop playing, and said they could make him think it was his idea.Teddy continued reading her magazine while Cristina struggled, but Teddy began to seem confident rather than disinterested. She didn't want to jump in and help, thinking Cristina was going to be able to get herself out of the jam, even while Hunt stormed into the room and told Teddy she should help. Cristina yelled at Hunt to leave because he was breaking her concentration.Derek told the quarterback they thought he needed a knee replacement. He realized a knee placement would take him out of the game forever. "Exactly," Derek said.The chief and Meredith were watching old films of Meredith's mom operating on patients. Meredith told the chief Derek was worried about him, but the chief didn't seem to care.Sloan told Little Sloan about the risky surgery and the decision he made. Little Sloan cried when she told him that her baby needed to have legs, because he didn't have a dad and had a "stupid, slutty mom." Sloan told her she wasn't stupid because she'd come all this way to get help with the baby. Lexie suggested they go to L.A. to have Addison do the surgery there. Sloan agreed, then offered Little Sloan a place to stay even after the baby was born. Lexie was a little stunned but said nothing.Reed was in the knee replacement surgery with Callie and Alex, upset that she wasn't going to get to do anything. Callie told her not to focus so much on cutting, that there are more important things in life. She said Tom Cates' career was ending in front of them and they should show some respect. Callie then said she couldn't believe she was taking out the best quarterback Seattle's ever seen."You're not," Derek said. "He was out of the game a long time ago."Later, Teddy told Hunt she would have stepped in before Cristina's patient died. Hunt asked her to assure him "nothing else was going on in that room." Teddy seemed upset by the question and said, "No."Alex asked Reed if she was ready to "pay up." She said there might have been a misunderstanding "about what 'you know' means." Alex got serious and said he doesn't trade surgery for sex. "If you want sex, ask for it," he said. "If you want surgery, go kiss an attending's ass, not mine."Charles came over and tried to break them up, saying what they were doing was "illegal and immoral." Alex and Reed parted ways and she told Charles to shut up.Sloan apologized to Lexie, saying he should have asked her about inviting Little Sloan to live with them. She said she didn't want to stop Sloan from becoming a father and Little Sloan from becoming a mother, but she didn't sign up for becoming a grandmother. Sloan asked her not to make him choose between her and Little Sloan, saying he would choose Little Sloan."I think our relationship just ended," Lexie told him, before kissing him and leaving.Derek told Meredith something was wrong with the chief and it seemed like he was afraid to operate. He realized Meredith knew but couldn't--or wouldn't--tell him.Cristina was excited about what she'd done in surgery and was telling Hunt all about how alive she felt and how much she was learning. Hunt told her that Teddy was leaving Seattle. "It's just not going to work out for her," he said.Alex went back to the house and found Lexie in his room. She said she was moving back in because she wasn't going to live with Sloan anymore. "I'm too young to be a grandmother," she told him.Meanwhile, Meredith was telling Derek that she wasn't lying to him about the chief, she just didn't need to tell him every thought that was in her head.Lexie told Alex that at her age she should be working like a dog, then doing stupid things. She said she didn't even know what people her age do anymore. Alex said he could think of something stupid she could do. They said nothing, then kissed and fell into bed.Meredith finally broke down and told Derek that she kept trying to convince herself there was no problem, but if there was no problem, why couldn't she say what was going on?Back at the hospital, Cristina chased down Teddy as she was leaving Seattle Grace. As Voiceover Meredith talked about "the moment you become a doctor," Cristina begged Teddy to stay and teach her. She offered Teddy anything she wanted -- anything at all."Tell me what you want, and I will make it happen," Cristina pleaded."I want Owen," Teddy replied."Take him," Cristina said, as Voiceover Meredith further explained that the moment you become a doctor changes you.

Directed by Randall Zisk  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, more...

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