I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis The post-merger-with-Mercy-West era at Seattle Grace Hospital began on Thursday as residents and interns all jockeyed for position during a 4 a.m. shift in hopes of holding on to their jobs. Cristina quickly took the odd step of buddying up with Arizona, telling her how much she loves children and wanted to witness her "artistry."Alex took a patient who lost most of the side of his face and had a couple dozen interns ready and willing to help.Cristina told Meredith she was at risk because no one was looking out for her."You're safe because of Derek," Cristina said, "Izzie's safe because of cancer. Alex is Bailey's new favorite. Even George would've been spared because he's Owen's guy."Izzie was back and wearing a wig she hoped would hide the fact that she had cancer. Meanwhile, everyone was too worried about the merger to go home and stop working. Derek headed out to talk to the chief about the announcement. Sloan thought that was a bad idea. Lexie, rushing to bring blood to Alex for his patient, tripped as she raced down the hall and spilled blood all over the place.Izzie showed her new wig off to Cristina and Meredith. Cristina thought Izzie looked like a Stepford wife, but they agreed they couldn't saying to Izzie because she couldn't handle it yet.Derek stormed into the chief's office, demanding to know if there were going to be cuts in his department. Derek said the chief owed him for having let the chief know that the board was looking to fire him, but the chief said Derek was just trying to look like a good guy "before you stole my job." Shouted ensued, ending with the chief reminding Derek that he's still the chief of surgery and Derek snapping back with, "Then start acting like it."A woman came in after being in a car accident. Her son was a paranoid schizophrenic and had to stay with her while she received treatment. He was going on a seemingly oddball tangent about aliens impregnating his mother when Bailey and Alex noticed something bulging out of his mother's stomach.Cristina's interns were giving him a rundown of the chief's day. Arizona came to Cristina to bring her into surgery, but Arizona said Cristina didn't look ready. She pinned a teddy bear to Cristina's lapel. "Now you look ready," she said.Derek told Meredith that the chief wasn't talking to him. Meredith felt "like it's all going to be OK." But then she realized it was a crisis. Derek said he didn't know what it was.Cristina went with Arizona to see a pediatric patient -- a little girl who'd had a tumor removed from her stomach. The girl was hiding her blanket and Arizona played along, asking Cristina to check around the room to see if she could find the girl. Cristina grew a bit impatient and pulled back the blanket. Cristina eventually tried her best to be playful, providing a gruff voice for the teddy bear on her lapel, who Arizona said would want to see the girl's scar from surgery.An intern asked Derek what he knew about the merger, but Derek said he was concerned about his patient and told the intern he should be, too.Lexie was assigned to treat the schizophrenic son because she had a way with his condition. She said she aced her psych classes in med school. Everything was going along fine until he noticed she didn't have a name tag on her lab coat -- she had to change coats after spilling the blood on herself earlier. The man panicked, saying she worked "for them." He grabbed Lexie and tossed her to the ground, telling her to leave him and his mother alone.The man disappeared and Lexie went off on a nurse who she said should have seen him. The nurse stood up for herself, saying that with the merger going on she wasn't going to allow herself to be a punching bag.Alex went to check on Izzie to make sure she'd taken her meds -- she hadn't. He made an intern go get them and Izzie asked Alex to stop hovering. He said he would if she promised to take care of herself. Then he straightened her wig.Cristina wanted to do surgery on a 9-year-old kid whose kidney stones might have passed on their own. Arizona stopped her and said the surgery wasn't needed, which Cristina couldn't really believe.Alex and Bailey found a massive growth near the car accident woman's aorta. Lexie came in asking Bailey if she'd seen the woman's schizophrenic son. Bailey became extremely upset with Lexie, who claimed she had it under control and went off to try to find the man. She talked to Sloan about it and he said she was driving herself crazy. She heard the man in the hall and watched as a security guard cornered the man on the stairs and the man fell down the entire flight.Hunt told the mother, Mrs. Crowley, that her son fell and was sedated. Bailey tried to explain to the woman the severity of her medical situation, but Mrs. Crowley said she couldn't have surgery while her son needed her. She tried to explain to Bailey the severity of her son's situation and that she had to hire some help for him before she could have surgery.Callie dropped by to get some files and told Arizona she was applying for a job in Portland for fear that she'll lose her job in the merger. Arizona told Callie she was working with Cristina. Callie laughed it off and told Arizona that Christina was "sucking up" to Arizona to get through the merger.Lexie came to the cafeteria to tell Meredith, Cristina and Alex about her run of bad luck and she mentioned that Derek's shunt went bad in a surgery and they have to switch it to an open craniotomy. Alex was worried that Izzie -- who was in that surgery with Derek -- couldn't handle a craniotomy. He went to the O.R. and told Izzie to leave. She refused to go and Alex left in a huff.Cristina told Hunt to tell the chief to save her job, but he said she'd be safe. She was worried the chief was in his office making a list and she had to be on the "stays list." "The list is life," she said, quoting "Schindler's List." Hunt couldn't believe she was comparing the merger to the Holocaust. "I'm Jewish, I'm allowed," she said. Cristina got an emergency page.Cristina found Arizona in an O.R. where another doctor was explaining that she was doing a C-section on a 32-weeks-pregnant woman and that when she went to take the baby out -- she didn't finish before Cristina saw that Arizona was trying to repair the apparently lifeless baby's nearly severed arm. Arizona wanted the umbilical cord. She was going to use about five centimeters as a replacement artery in the baby's arm. Sloan came in to help.Lexie went to visit the schizophrenic man. He said he was in restraints, so he couldn't hurt her "even if the voices told me to." It was schizophrenic humor, he said. The man told Lexie he was worried that when they did the ultrasound to see his injured spleen, they also inserted a camera in his stomach. She showed him the pictures of his stomach and convinced him there was no camera inside him. "Those are just scary thoughts," she said. "They're not real." (Parallels to the doctors' paranoia about the merger?)Izzie was tired in her surgery when Alex showed up and said it was 2 o'clock. He made her come outside and take her pills, drink some water and take a couple of bites of a banana. Then told her to get back to work.Lexie came to Bailey and said Mrs. Crowley's schizophrenic son needed surgery. She suggested they do the mother and son's surgeries together so they could stay together through the process. Lexie and Bailey tried to convince Tom, the schizophrenic, to have his surgery, but he was afraid. Bailey told Tom that he could help save his mom's life by having he surgery. She even pricked herself to draw some blood to prove her blood was red and she was not an alien. "You have trust me," she said.Sloan, Arizona and Cristina did the surgery to reattach the baby's arm. Sloan, who Cristina said might be at risk because elective surgeries weren't profitable the previous year, told her his job would be safe because he reattaches babies' arms. After the successful surgery, Arizona confronted Cristina, telling her she didn't appreciate being used and before Cristina could start to try to explain herself, Arizona said she also didn't appreciate being lied to.Mrs. Crowley and her son Tom laid side by side as they prepared to head into surgery.Derek told Izzie to take a break because she was sweating. Izzie stepped back and had the nurses take her wig off, exposing what she's previously called her "cancer peach fuzz" hair. She put her surgical cap back on and stepped back toward the operating table.Derek told the chief that Izzie worked through a five-hour surgery not because she was ready to work but because she was scared of losing her job. He told the chief to go talk to his people, but the chief shot back, saying, "I know my people." He said he'd spent the previous three days trying to save every job he could, "but some tough choices had to be made." He said human resources was sending e-mails to the first round of people to be let go.Meredith told the rest of the gang to check their e-mail. "If you got cut, you'll have an e-mail," she said. Alex, Cristina and Izzie checked their phones and all had no e-mails. Cristina said they were only out of the woods for now. "There's going to be another cut," she said.Lexie came in and told Steve about how she repaired Tom's spleen when Hunt handed her the job. She talked about how if everyone just focused on their jobs, they'd all be OK. But Steve looked stunned and said Megan was cut, and they were having a baby. (Remember the intern love triangle from Stand By Me in season 5?) He said three-quarters of their class got cut.Derek walked through the halls as several people packed boxes to leave. One nurse asked him what she'd done wrong. He said it was about the money. Nurse Olivia Harper ("syph nurse" from season one) was also cut. She told Derek she'd been there seven years. He told her to let him know if she needed a job recommendation.Sloan found Lexie crying and thought she'd been cut. But she said she was safe. He hugged her.Back at Callie's apartment, Arizona told her she wasn't allowed to move to Portland. Back at the trailer, Izzie told Alex that for a few hours she forgot she had cancer and George was dead. He reminded her George was dead and she did have cancer. He said he loved that she was back doing what she loved, but she had to take better care of herself because he couldn't be her nurse.The rest of the gang ended the night drinking beer and playing baseball as voiceover Meredith told us "the only cure for paranoia is to be here -- just as you are."

Directed by Michael Pressman  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, more...

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