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Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis New signs went up announcing Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital as the orange-scrub-wearing doctors from Mercy West began to invade. Their orange scrubs made them look like alien intruders and Izzie didn't take kindly to one female doctor putting her things in George's empty cubby. They nearly came to blows when the doctor refused to change spots. Suddenly, it seemed the hallways of SGMW Hospital were filled with nothing but orange scrubs.Izzie said there should have been a couple of days when the new doctors acted like guests before putting their feet up on the coffee table. Meredith, still laying in her hospital bed, explained that Seattle Grace ran out of scrubs, explaining why the new docs were still wearing orange. She told the doctors to defend their ship and go get surgeries before the new Mercy Westers took them.Callie was back to work, thankfully wearing white. A Mercy Wester gave Hunt a new idea for how to divide up cases and Hunt liked it -- to Cristina's chagrin. Alex made a plea to the chief to keep Izzie, but the chief blew him off, saying he had a hospital to run. A Mercy Wester named Charles tried to talk up Izzie and apologized for his friend who wouldn't give up George's cubby. Then he asked for the research library code. She said it took her two years to get that code and she needed every advantage she could get. Then she walked away.Callie's dad showed up and wanted to talk. He said she hadn't called. They hugged. But Callie noticed a priest, Father Kevin, and realized they were there to "pray away the gay." She told him they couldn't "pray away the gay," then shouted it a third time. Arizona thought Callie should talk it out with her dad. Arizona told Callie that she was the one who changed the game, so she should cut him some slack and help him get over the shock.Lexie found her apparent Mercy West alter-ego, who asked her about the "psycho cabal" of interns going around hacking each other up. They started to work on a patient -- a guy in handcuffs -- then Lexie explained it was one intern's appendix, not a "psycho cabal."A woman named Sarah was waiting for a kidney. When Bailey asked her residents a question, Howard, the Mercy West doctor, started answering while the Seattle Gracers raised their hands. He chuckled and said, "Oh, you guys raise hands."A guy came in with a stab wound and Cristina whipped it up while her Mercy West counterpart just sat there asking if there was anything he could do to help.The Mercy Wester who moved into George's cubby took one of Alex's patient, so he took the patient's chart. Meanwhile, Izzie was being a little nicer to Mercy Wester Charles, who figured out that Izzie was dealing with cancer. He then offered a "deeply personal" tidbit about himself: He pointed out Reed, the doctor who took George's cubby, and admitted he had a crush on her but she didn't know he existed. Izzie gave Charles the code to the library.A human resources representative gave the chief a speech he was supposed to use when letting people go. He said he didn't want to use their speech. She told him that the pregnant intern whom he fired with an e-mail was suing the hospital for wrongful termination. Then she told him to use their speech.Lexie's patient -- an alleged burglar -- had a broken back and Lexie was shown up by the Mercy Wester who had a better idea for how to treat it. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old girl at the center of a dispute between the man Cristina was treating, who was stabbed, and her father entered the scene. The stabbed man said he loved the 19-year-old, which led to the altercation with her father. Sure enough, when she arrived at the hospital, she went to hug her older lover and her father became enraged -- attacking the guy he'd already stabbed before Cristina's Mercy West foe tackled him and the other doctors applauded.Hunt was impressed with Mercy Wester's tackle. The patient wanted to thank that doctor, too, for saving his life. But Cristina reminded the guy that she was the who'd saved his life -- and she was still saving it. Alex's feud with Reed, the Mercy Wester who stole his patient and George's cubby, continued with him taking her lab results and getting a surgery out of it. Lexie was getting jealous of her Mercy West alter-ego, and the burglar said she should do something about it by finding her foe's weakness and attacking it.Alex and Reed's tiff started inching toward the care of their patient when Hunt ripped Alex for not noticing neurological symptoms in the elderly man. Hunt said it was a good thing Reed did and put her on the surgery. Alex later told Reed she didn't put the neurological symptoms on the patient's chart, and she pretended it was an oversight. Meanwhile, the elderly man's daughter continued noticing their little game and didn't look pleased.Callie talked to her dad and she told him he should have adjusted to her situation. The talk escalated into another shouting match about who was going to hell and quotes of the Bible. She told her dad that Jesus would be ashamed of him for judging her.Lexie's burglar patient stole her foe's notebook and when the Mercy Wester asked Lexie if she'd seen it, she lied and said she hadn't seen it. Lexie kept it. Lexie, Cristina and Alex ate lunch and griped about the Mercy Westers when Izzie walked up with coffee -- for Charles. She told them they couldn't hold their grudge against all the Mercy West doctors. Then Alex realized none of the Mercy Westers were eating -- they were working. They all rushed back to work and Cristina found her Mercy West nemesis taking her patient as Hunt handed him over. "He was here and you weren't," Hunt told Cristina. She shouted at him.Charles was gloating to other Mercy Westers about how helpful was being. He said, "She can't do enough for me, it's like I have my own surgical bitch," just as Izzie walked up with his coffee. She dropped it at his feet and walked away.Callie cried about her fight with her dad and told Arizona she didn't need a father. Alex and Reed's patient started talking some gibberish and Alex though they should get him into surgery. Reed disagreed and they started bickering until the elderly man's daughter shouted at them and told them that they'd spent all day gloating about how the other got it wrong. They apologized.Charles came over to apologize to Izzie, saying what he said wasn't personal. He said it came with the job and they could be friends outside of work, which set Izzie off. She said at Seattle Grace, the doctors support each and throw themselves in front of buses to save people. Then she added, "You will never measure up to the people we've lost."Cristina came into Meredith's room and cried. She said she was chasing after surgeries she didn't care about. She lamented how long it had been since she'd held a heart in her hands. She said she missed Burke. She said every day when he was there she "held hearts" and she learned. She said she spent the entire day fighting and she didn't want to do it anymore.Lexie's Mercy Wester enemy did some surgical prep work for Derek on their patient, which prompted Lexie to go into a mode we've never seen from her: Vengeful meanie. She started quoting passages from her foe's notebook -- inspiring notes she'd written to herself about being a great doctor and being the only person who could keep her down. Then she capped it off by touching her nose and telling the doctor, "I can tell," a reference to a bit in the notebook about some plastic surgery she'd had. The doctor went off crying and Lexie seemed to feel bad.Alex and Reed discovered the problem with their patient together, and after another quick spat over who would do the surgery, Alex told her she could have it. He said she should talk to Arizona Robbins, "she's head of neuro." Then Reed realized Arizona wasn't really head of neuro.Izzie's patient was in shock and Charles was there trying to save her. Meanwhile, Arizona went to Callie's dad and he said he didn't know her well enough to talk about it. So he didn't talk. He just listened while Arizona explained that she was not named for the state, but for a battleship on which her grandfather served in World War II and saved 19 men. She said her father, a Marine, just asked her one question when she came out to him. "Are you still who I raised you to be?" he asked her. She said he supported her because she was his daughter. Then she told him that Callie is who he raised her to be. She left as Callie's dad said nothing.Bailey was upset with Izzie over the kidney patient who went into shock. It was Izzie's fault. She was shaken from her fight with Charles and her impaired judgment caused her to order a "Zero K bath" that sucked the potassium out of the patient. The shock caused the patient to miss the kidney she was going to receive, and if they didn't find a replacement within three days the woman would die -- "and you will have killed her," Bailey told Izzie before walking away.Lexie came back to her burglar and said she noticed that there were spots where tears had fallen inside her foe's notebook. "She's scared," Lexie said. She realized that they "stole her comfort."Bailey told the kidney patient that she was missing the kidney, and she vowed to make it right. Izzie heard all this and looked upset as she received a page.Lexie handed her foe her notebook and she apologized for taking it. "I don't like you," Lexie said. "But what I did, that was over the line."Izzie went to the chief's office and realized she was being fired. He mentioned that Derek and Hunt were concerned about her mental state. He also said Alex had "questions." She was stunned that "Alex talked," and she pleaded with the chief not to fire her. He went back to the script directed by HR and told Izzie her firing was a budgetary issue. "Please don't do this to me," Izzie told the chief. But the decision had been made.Outside, Callie's dad told her that it was his job to catch her when she falls from anything. He was prepared to catch her now. Then he asked her if she'd give her mom a wedding if everything works out with Arizona. And maybe grandkids? Sure. They hugged after he asked Callie if Arizona made her happy. Then he asked if Arizona was a vegetarian, "because I don't know how much more I can take."Alex went to his cubby after work and found a note. He took it to Meredith's room and said Izzie left him. He was crying and in shock, saying she didn't say where she going. He was speechless. Meredith told Cristina to go hug him and she hesitated. Then the three of them took their places in the room without saying a word.

Directed by Tony Phelan  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, more...

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