Piece of My Heart

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2008, 60 min.

Synopsis Addison was back at Seattle Grace, claiming she wasn't "back." She was just there for a surgery. (FYI, "Private Practice" has been renewed for another season, so she really wasn't "back"). The chief greeted her warmly, hoping she was really "back." (She wasn't)Callie and Dr. Hahn showed up for work together, fresh from "sunrise yoga," which wasn't a euphemism for anything -- yet. Cristina got in Hahn's face immediately and asked if she could scrub in on the day's big surgery. Hahn didn't really acknowledge her.The day at Seattle Grace started hopeful as Meredith was full of excitement for the beginning of the clinical trial on an experimental treatment for brain tumor patients she proposed to Derek last week. She told him about the first patient -- the guy from the bear attack last week -- and Derek warned her not to get emotionally involved with the cases. Addison walked in and feigned excitement at seeing Derek and Meredith together, calling them "the happy couple." (Oh, sure. Get your own show and you stop tuning in on Thursdays?) As she made the rounds about the hospital, Addison checked in on Sloan, who was making a skin flap from a stem cell for her patient, "like God." He asked her if she wanted to have sex. She said no. Poor Sloan.The case many of the doctors were dealing with involved an unborn baby whose heart was growing outside of its chest. They needed to get the baby out, put the heart in place and lay Sloan's newly created skin flap over it. Something about the father-to-be's hopefulness bothered Alex, who'd just been confronted with the possibility that he was going to a dad.Derek and Meredith's patient, the brain tumor guy, was getting particularly nasty with his offhand comments that were induced by the tumor affecting his behavior but hurting his wife's feelings nonetheless. Look who's getting emotionally involved now.Addison and Callie had lunch together and after Addison watched Callie defend Hahn to Cristina, she asked Callie if she and Hahn had a little something going on. Callie got defensive, very defensive, and laughed nervously and insisted that she's a fan of the man.Lexie got to George and told him that the interns don't want to hang out with Izzie, since she's their boss. At the same time, Cristina was working on talking about her feelings, since that might have been what she needed to do to get in better with Hahn. She quickly gave up, though, and threatened Callie with kicking her out of their apartment if she didn't convince Hahn to let her scrub in on the surgery. Callie relented and asked Hahn, who agreed to let Cristina scrub in on the condition that Callie buy drinks at Joe's that night (and maybe a little "sunset yoga"?)Izzie, meanwhile, happily delivered the news to a clinic patient and her husband that the woman was pregnant. She seemed devastated, though, and explained that she was HIV-positive and wanted an abortion. Izzie later told the couple they didn't have to abort, but this only made the woman more angry because she felt Izzie had interfered with her decision. She asked for a new doctor. Addison told Izzie to "be the change you want to see in the world," quoting Gandhi.Addison asked Bailey in the middle of surgery who Derek's new mystery woman was. She sarcastically asked, "Who's the unlucky McRebound?" Bailey told her that Derek's new woman was the nurse standing next to her, handing her instruments.As Derek rolled the brain tumor patient toward the operating room, he reminded the man to say something supportive to his wife, which he did. He died in surgery.Izzie thought about what to do next with her pregnant patient and decided to explain to her that there was a 98 percent chance her baby would be born healthy. She told the woman that if she wants an abortion for her own reasons, she could get one. But she wanted her to know the medical facts first. The woman, surprised, cried and decided to keep it. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Izzie Stephens.Back in surgery, Cristina was helping Hahn, but Hahn wasn't dishing out praise or advice. Later, at Joe's, Hahn told Cristina that she needs to stop seeking her approval, then Hahn confided in Addison that she sees herself in Cristina. As they fixed the baby's heart, Alex had a glimmer of hope in his eye. It might be short-lived.Addison pulled Bailey aside, saying she seemed sad, but Bailey didn't want to talk about her divorce or how much her heart hurts. Meredith told Derek, "It was a pleasure working with you today," and Addison told the chief she needed to come back to see that she was right to leave.In a wonderfully awkward moment, Derek ended up in Seattle Grace's infamously slow elevator with Meredith ... then Addison ... then Rose ... then Sloan, who snickered as he leaned over and said, "I'll bet you wish you would've taken the stairs right about now." At Joe's, Callie got a bit uncomfortable with the idea that Hahn was coming on to her, so she asked Sloan to dance and then took off with him.Finally, Izzie discovered that Alex's fling, Rebecca, wasn't really pregnant just as viewers saw Alex reach over and place his hand on Rebecca's stomach.

Directed by Mark Tinker  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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