Wish You Were Here

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Meredith kicked off the night wondering about what happens when your big wish comes true. She eventually pondered the possibility that you just realize you have more wishes you're still wishing would come true. At the hospital, George quickly and quietly wished Izzie a happy birthday.The chief told the doctors a patient was on the way who needed to be watched at all times and would have heavy security around him. His chart included the initials "PDR," for "prisoner death row."Cristina pretty quickly began acting aggressively toward toward the death-row patient, as did Derek.Sloan felt bad about sleeping with Lexie, telling her that his best friend made one simple request: that he not go near her. "It's not going to happen again -- ever," he told her.George got a patient who'd broken several bones doing pretty normal tasks. Bailey had a familiar young patient come along, who'd had 12 bowel recessions. She told Alex to take special care of the kid. The kid's pediatrician was on hand and was talking to the kid in the room when the doctor suddenly collapsed. Alex called a "code blue" and began resuscitating the doctor.Bailey told the chief Dr. Kenley died of a coronary. He looked stunned and said nothing.Izzie told Denny's ghost she needed to tell Alex about them. Denny told her Alex would think she was a whack job.The sick boy, Jackson, told Alex he wanted to get a wish from "the wish people." Alex refused to sign the form, though, telling the kid he was not dying, he was just sick.Sloan confessed to Callie he slept with Lexie. Just then, Sadie came over and played with Callie's hair, which sent Callie into a bit of a confused state. "I'm telling you, these interns are out of control," Sloan said, before they agreed the interns were "sex stalkers."A new pediatrician came along to replace Dr. Kenley and challenged the course of treatment the older doctor had tried and Bailey supported.While treating the death-row patient, Meredith insisted on checking more X-rays, but Cristina and Derek both agreed his treatment was a waste of time. Meredith help up an X-ray that showed whatever was used to stab the man in the spine was still there. The man said his execution was scheduled for a week later and his appeals were all exhausted, but his lawyer might be able to make a case for allowing him to stay alive if he was paralyzed.Derek took a strong position against allowing the man to stay alive based on their inadequate treatment.Izzie told Alex, "I see Denny." Alex asked her if she was OK because she sounded kind of whacked. She tried to downplay it, saying it was like when Alex saw his grandmother after she died. She told Denny she panicked.The death-row patient, William, noticed Cristina wasn't all too friendly and asked Meredith about her. Meredith explained Cristina was her friend, then she asked the guy how he got stabbed in the back. "I got in a fight with a friend," he told her.Jackson, the sick boy, tried to trick Izzie into signing his wish request. Alex interrupted and called him on it, saying, "Nice try."George's overreacting patient, Margaret, who broke bones easily was told she had a benign tumor that was causing her problems. She was frustrated, saying she had already lost so much -- including a great guy who moved to Denver and she decided not to go with him because of the potential for slipping on ice and breaking more bones. It seemed silly to her that she'd lost so much over a benign tumor.Bailey was operating on the boy when the new doctor told her that the kid should have had a valve transplant a year ago and was lucky to be alive. Bailey didn't take kindly to this and told the chief she didn't like the new doctor. He said she never really liked any of the attendings and told Bailey that Dr. Arizona Robbins was top of her class. "She is what we have," he said. "We don't have anyone else. Deal with it."Meredith asked Derek if giving the death-row patient morphine would put any of his treatment at risk. Derek said the guy had enough morphine. Meredith told him that if the man was in pain, it was inhumane not to give him the medicine. "Killing people is inhumane, denying him pain killers is a judgment call," Derek said. He defended his position by saying that he fights to save lives and often has to tell people their loved ones have died. He was offended the guy -- a convicted murdered -- told him they were "two sides of the same coin."Callie put Sloan on the 12-step program to not sleeping with interns. Step 1 was not to get naked with them. That was as far as she got, for the time being.The residents were all sitting around talking about "crimes of passion" as they tried to figure out what the death-row guy had done, and Cristina got up and walked away. Izzie asked Meredith if it would be a "crime of passion" when she kills Cristina. Meredith laughed.Cristina and Meredith were in the room together when Cristina finally just asked the guy what he did to get on death row. "One Monday I slit this woman's throat," he said. He said he'd been thinking about it for a while and dreaming about it, and he just had to do it. He said he "thought it would be sad or terrifying, but it was kind of fun." So he did two more on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. He was going to do three more on Thursday, but he got caught, so he didn't. They said nothing.The chief, laying silently alone and not wanting to be bothered, finally opened up to Derek. He he wasn't distraught over De. Kenley dying, calling him a "son of a bitch." He also wasn't worrying about his own mortality. He said he was worried about his hospital dying. All of his doctors were quitting and the interns were "literally chopping each other up to pieces." He said no doctors wanted to work there.Izzie told Alex more details about what she does with Denny. Alex said he wasn't worried about it. He then did some unspeakable acts that caused Izzie to ask Denny to leave (which he did), and to tell Alex, "don't stop!"Izzie later told Denny not to make her choose between him and Alex. She told Denny he didn't get her a birthday gift. He said, "I think I just did."Arizona told Bailey that her young patient needed a transplant, and finally confronted Bailey about challenging everything she'd said since she arrived. She told Bailey that even though she was just a young doctor with ponytails, she wasn't the problem, the patient was.Dr. Hunt saw Cristina keeping to herself and asked her if she wanted to get a drink. Cristina snapped at him, saying she wasn't just going to be around when it's convenient for him.Sadie told Meredith she had to "make it right" with Cristina. Bailey got a bit emotional when she told Jackson about his new doctor and the fact that he wasn't yet up for a transplant. Jackson pulled out the wish list and silently handed it to Alex. He signed it.Margaret was out of surgery and George asked if she was eager to get home. She said, "I'm going to Denver."At Joe's bar, Sloan and Callie were trying to focus on not hooking up with interns by focusing on Joe. Sloan got up and, while Callie tried to stop him, told her, "Sorry, kid. I'm going to Denver." Callie stewed as she pondered whether to approach Sadie, and she asked for another drink.Bailey told the chief the new doctor, Arizona, was "alright."Derek came home to Meredith and told her two guys shot his dad for a watch. "We are supposed to treat everybody the same, but they're not all the same," he said. Meredith said it was just a bad day all around. He wanted to make things better with her and Cristina. He wondered what Cristina would do if she were there. Meredith said she'd turn the music up really loud and "dance it out" with her. Derek got up, turned on some music and danced. Meredith got up and danced with him.Alex presented Izzie with a cake he baked. Denny looked on and said, "It's a nice gesture, him baking it for you." Before blowing out her candle, she asked Alex what she should wish for if she already had everything she could ever want. "Then just wish nothing changes," Alex said. She blew out the candle.

Directed by Rob Corn  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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