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Horror/Drama/Comedy/, UK, 2005

Synopsis Leon is unhappy undead Thelma slips between his sheets while he makes love to Ella, the news Max was tortured to death switches her priority to total war on the nephilim. The board chairman installs Jez as Medenham's permanent headmaster and helps him grill Leon about Ella and supposedly Max's disappearance, but the boy convinces them, is readmitted and learns from naive roommate Tom his whereabouts were betrayed by Roxanne, who gets her deserts: a video of her bumping with Jez, who expected to (literally) beat novice Leon at kendo, the harsh samurai martial art he imposed on all Medenham students, but gets a fierce 'caning' from Ella who took Leon's place, while Malachi just watches amused and even blocks the door out; Jez is found hanged 'suicide from shame and remorse'. Tyrel returns as headmaster, with recovered Ella, who instantly spots the new student as her destined adversary Malachi. Azazeal grudgingly obeys his Satanic superiors' orders to leave, giving Malachi into their unspecified care, but implores Ella, the last anointed slayer, not to kill his son without asking if the knave, a unique spirit, isn't her perfect match; Thelma convinces her the boy is just a mean manipulator, so she challenges him- he chooses non-magical fencing...

Directed by Andy Goddard  

Starring Jamie Davis, Laura Pyper, Michael Fassbender, Jemima Rooper, Joseph Beattie, more...

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