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Directed by
Julian Rosefeldt

Julian Rosefeldt

Produced by
Cornelia Ackers
Marcos Kantis
Martin Lehwald
Julian Rosefeldt
Wassili Zygouris

Original Music by
Ben Lukas Boysen
Nils Frahm

Christoph Krauss

Cate Blanchett Various
Erika Bauer Situationism Extra #4
Ruby Bustamante Flight Attendant
Carl Dietrich Situationism Extra #5
Marie Borkowski Foedrowitz Situationism Extra #1
Ea-Ja Kim Pop Art Extra
Marina Michael Situationism Extra #3
Hannelore Ohlendorf Situationism Extra #2
Ottokar Sachse Situationism Extra #6
Ralf Tempel Catholic Priest
Andrew Upton Pop Art Extra

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