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Directed by
Nick Willing

Nick Willing

Produced by
Mary Alleguen
Ruth Coady
Mark Grenside
Robert Halmi Sr.
Susan Holmes
Caroline McManus
Alan Moloney
Redmond Morris
Mark Stern

Original Music by
Ronan Hardiman

Seamus Deasy

Rhys Ifans James Hook
Anna Friel Captain Elizabeth Bonny
Charles Dance Dr. Fludd
Q'Orianka Kilcher Aaya
Charlie Rowe Peter Pan
Bob Hoskins Smee
Keira Knightley Tinker Bell
Raoul Trujillo Holy Man
Cas Anvar Gentleman Starkey
George Aguilar Kaw Chief
James Ainsworth Tootles
Patrick Gibson Curly
Brandon Robinson Slightly
Charlotte Atkinson Tinkerbell
Donal O'Farrell Copper 3
Mark Huberman Tall Copper
Pip Carter Jeffries
Denis Foley Moustached Copper
Phil Kingston Pompous Man
Len Collin Burley Man
Yare Michael Jegbefume Vranch
Davin Ransom

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