Episode #1.1

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Drama, 1999, 45 min.

Synopsis Handsome and arrogant,Stuart Jones can have anybody he wants on the Manchester gay club scene and knows it,as do his less confident friends Vince,whom he knew from their school days,and Phil. One night Stuart picks up inexperienced but eager twink Nathan and takes him home for a good seeing-to,subsequently discovering that,at fifteen and still at school,the boy is legally too young for gay sex. Their session is interrupted by news that Alfie,a baby,sired by Stuart for his lesbian friends Lisa and Romey, has been born and he visits in the hospital. Next morning Vince drops Nathan off at school but graffiti on his car alerts the other kids to the fact that Nathan is gay.

Directed by Charles McDougall  

Starring Craig Kelly, Jason Merrells, Aidan Gillen, David Prosho, Charlie Hunnam, more...

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