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Drama/Musical/Comedy, USA, 2014, 105 min.

Tagline The way back begins with a single chord.

Synopsis The story tells of Sam who went from a successful businessman to a drunk living on a boat due to losing his son Josh two years ago. Josh shot and killed six fellow students before killing himself on his campus. Sam begins to listen to Joshs songs when his ex-wife decides to share Joshs personal effects. One night he sings one of those songs at Trills Tavern, which impressed Quentin. Quentin gets close to Sam and manages to persuade him to start a band to sing the songs, with only Sam knowing the songs origin. The band turns out to be quite a hit. But one night, Joshs ex-girlfriend Kate comes and says that its wrong to sing Joshs songs.Sam and the band keep on playing gigs until one day they got a shot a a big break gig. Right before theyre up, Kate shows and reveals the songs origin to Quentin, who then agrees with her and decides to quit the show. Sam make amends with Joshs past by visiting the memorial place of the shooting, giving Joshs songs to his ex-wife for her to listen, and spiriting up Quentin to go back doing music. Lastly, Sam sings one of Joshs songs one last time, acknowledging the songs origin and telling Joshs message through the song.

Directed by William H. Macy  

Starring Miles Heizer, Alexandra Lovelace, Billy Crudup, Casey Twenter, David Flannery, more...

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