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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 47 min.

Synopsis Jax tries to get through to Agent Stahl, but gets her voice mail. He goes to talk to Trinity, the half-sister with whom he nearly had sex yesterday.He makes light of it and says the good news is he learned he has a sister.Stahl calls, demanding he get Jimmy back alive.In the attic where they're being held, Tara tries to comfort her distressed administrator, Magaret. Tara's calm.Late at night back in Charming, Unser gets the news the city council has voted to let the County Sheriffs Department take over the police duties of the community.Mo shows Clay an address McGee left on her dresser. Clay offers his condolences for her old man (who he killed). He gives her McGee's patch. Gemma insists on going with Jax to visit the nuns who had Abel.Jimmy and his right hand guy hide out, after finishing up torturing Kellan's guy Sean for information. Jimmy kills him before they go.This turns out to be the address McGee had. Clay, Chibs and the guys show up and find Sean dead. Chibs thinks Jimmy tortured him to find out where Fiona and Carrie Anne are.Unser has Jacob Hale hauled in at 4 a.m. He knows the vote was unanimous and Hale did nothing to stop it. Unser tells him Lumpy died of internal bleeding -- the old gymnasium owner that Hale had Salazar beat the crap out of so he'd sell.Unser knows Lumpy was refusing the sell. Hale plays innocent.Jax, Gemma and Opie show up at the nuns to find Abel. A nun tells him he was given to a family two days ago. Opie points out this means Kellan knew he was gone.Opie and Jax are ready to go when Gemma grabs a man's gun and holds it on a baby, retelling the nuns the story of King Solomon and demanding information on Abel. The nun relents and gives them Abel's file and the name of a hotel. Gemma gives the baby back to the nun unharmed.Jax heads there and sees a couple walking off the elevator with a crying baby. He checks the parents' photos in the file then follows them on his bike when they get in a cab.He follows them into a market and watches as they shop for flowers, holding Abel and looking like the picture of wholesome happiness.He smiles as he watches them put cute baby caps on his son and lovingly feed him a bottle. They even give money to a homeless person. Then they come and walk right by Jax, smiling at him. He does nothing as he watches Abel go. Later, he sits alone at a food court table.Agents Stahl and Tyler come tell Unser that Tara and the administrator are missing. The Sheriff's office is on it. Stahl tells Unser she thinks the IRA took them. When Unser leaves, Tyler asks Stahl what's going on, saying she knows she's been talking to Jax. Stahl catches her up, saying Gemma's statement against Tyler will be useless since she fled.Tig tries to stall Salazar for more time. Stahl and Unser show up, saying they want to help. Kozi points out to the guys they have no choice but to take it. They tell Hale and Stahl what's going on and Stahl says she can get them the cash.Tyler's peeved when she realizes the Irish have nothing to do with it, but Stahl says not telling Jax about Tara will keep him focused on Jimmy.Inside, Unser gets a cool reaction from Piney and the guys. He tells them he knows the Mayans didn't hurt Lumpy -- they were right. Hale's involved. Tig tells him it was Salazar. Unser wants to use Salazar to prove Hale is dirty.Jax comes back to Gemma and the club without Abel. He tells his mom he found his son, but he let him go. Mo hears Jax say his dad's manuscript wasn't about changing the club, it was about changing his legacy. Gemma asks where Abel is. "He's with a father who didn't torture and murder a man yesterday," Jax says.Gemma tells him that doesn't matter. She slaps him, then asks what he's going to tell his other son when he asks what happened to his big brother. She breaks the news about Tara's pregnancy.Kellan comes in with Fiona and Carrie Anne, having gotten word from Clay to run. Clay and the guys pull up, telling Kellan about Jimmy torturing Sean for info. Kellan tells them that Jimmy didn't want info on Fiona, he wanted info on Abel, to use him as leverage to get out of the country. Everyone heads to the hotel where Abel's new parents are staying.They find the parents dead in the room. Abel's gone. Jax feels responsible. He picks the woman's body up off the floor and puts her on the bed next to her husband. Jax crumples to the floor.Back at the Belfast club, Kellan relays that he's advised the council to accept Jimmy's trade of Abel for passage to the US. He's awaiting word.Clay is incensed when Kellan says he's trying to help. Jax takes responsibility and says he's done listening to dead men, but he advises Kellan not to play magnanimous.Salazar's girlfriend lets Tara go to the bathroom. She sees a crack in the mirror and presses on the glass. Stahl watches in a surveillance van as Tig goes to make the money drop in a park trash can. Some kids on bikes see him drop the cash and grab the bag. Tig, Tyler and another agent run after the kids. Salazar sees and drives off.He calls his girlfriend to report it was a set up. She busts into the bathroom, where Tara slices her across the neck with the mirror. She grabs the gun as the girl bleeds.Back in the park, the ATF manage to get the money back from the punk kids. Tyler watches as Stahl tries to blame Tig for the plan going south.Back at the house, Salazar comes home as Tara and the administrator are walking down the stairs. He points his gun at Tara, who takes aim at him. She tells him his girlfriend is bleeding out in the bathroom. Upstairs, with their guns on each other, Salazar agrees to let the administrator go if Tara helps his girlfriend.The council tells Clay and Jax they've agreed to Jimmy's swap for Abel. They want Jax to kill Jimmy in California, saying it'll get them more gun business. Clay agrees. Back home, Mo reads letters from John Teller in which he talks about growing distant from Gemma and her being drawn to Clay. He says he's not jealous, or afraid -- and he knows he should be afraid.Jax and Kellan wait at night for Jimmy. He hands Abel over to Jax, saying Kellan is the one who kept him away.Then Jimmy calls for Kellan to go with him and he does. Jax realizes Kellan agreed to be a hostage, knowing he'll certainly end up dead. Kellan says good bye to Abel and goes with Jimmy.Jax holds Abel and tells him he'll never let anyone take him again.At the station, Tig and Kozi arrive to see Margaret is there. Unser tells them what went down and that Tara is still missing. Stahl apologizes.At Mo's place, everybody toasts Abel's safe return as he sits on grandma's lap. Downstairs, Maureen goes through Jax's things. She puts a bundle of letters, presumably from his dad, in his hat. Juice comes for the bags.In the car on the side of the road, Tara checks on Salazar's girlfriend but can't save her. He responds by slamming Tara on the hood of his car and putting a gun to her head.Bobby gets a call in Ireland.Gemma and Mo hug good bye. Jax says good-bye to Trinity. Bobby hands his phone to Jax. It's Tig.

Directed by Adam Arkin  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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