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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Clay hears from the Nomad president about Jax's transfer. He tells the gathered guys he had nothing to do with the warehouse fire. They have to vote unanimously to let Jax go.Jax visits Piney at his cabin in the woods. He tells him about his plans to transfer. Piney tells him not to give up. But Jax says if he doesn't get away from Clay now, one of them is going to end up dead. Piney says they both know who that should be. Piney asks him who will run when Clay can't. As they're talking, Opie pulls up.Opie reminds Jax that Clay's his father, but Jax says his dad died 16 years ago.At the hospital, Jax and some guys pick up a healed and boisterous Chibs. The hospital administrator watches judgmentally as Tara kisses Jax good-bye.Half-Sack drives Chibs home and breaks the bad news about the porn warehouse (nothing about any bodies discovered, however) and Jax transferring. Chibs wants to make a detour. Jax follows.Chibs busts into the Irish store, demanding to know why they're selling guns to the people who blew him up. Listening from across the street, ATF Agent Stahl decides to let the scene play out. Cameron soon disarms Chibs and a brand new Irishman walks in. We presume this is the scary Jimmy O. (Titus Welliver). Jax comes in and soon confirms. But Chibs isn't inclined to listen to Jax now that he's transferring.Stahl wants Chibs followed.Back at the garage, Chibs wants to know what else he missed. Clay tells Jax to break the transfer news to his mom.Jax responds to a text from Tara and comes home to find Agent Stahl in his house. She wants to know why he's leaving SAMCRO, which is news to Tara.Stahl reiterates her screw the Irish deal. He says no.She thanks him for confirming her theory that Agent Kahn (Tara's stalker) was killed. She thinks she might just look into the agent's disappearance when she's done with the Irish.Jax tells Tara about his transfer plans. She asks how he's going to fix SAMCRO if he's not a part of it. She's upset that he made the decision without her. He walks away, ending the conversation.Half-Sack and Opie repossess a Native American woman's truck. She begs them to leave it because it has all her beads in it, but they tell her to contact her finance company.Back at the garage they find out what the beads are. Bullets (actually ammunition). They're unmarked, homemade. They watch Chibs drive off angrily.Tara drops by the garage to see Gemma. She tells her about the transfer. Gemma says Nomad is Motorcycle Club purgatory and he'd be on the road alone.Out on his angry drive, Chibs is intercepted by Stahl and the ATF. She wants Jimmy O. She knows he excommunicated Chibs from the IRA, stole his wife and daughter and gave him his scar. She gives him her card.Gemma frets in the office. Jax comes by. He tells her the vote's tonight.She tells him to sit and confesses that she knows about his dad's manuscript. She asks why he burned it. She says he wrote it during the darkest part of his life.She loved his dad more than she loved any man, but his complications killed him.She doesn't think his death was an accident. She thinks he killed himself. She wants Jax safe and tells him Nomad is a bad idea. Jax stands to leave and she tells him page 449.Chibs meets with his ex, Fiona. He's surprised to see Jimmy O. there, too. She apologizes and leaves. Jimmy O. says he's in town for a distribution issue, not because of the Sons. He wants to meet with Clay and expects Chibs to set it up. Chibs stands to go, when Jimmy starts speaking filthily about Chib's daughter, now his step-daughter, a non-blood connection that Jimmy parses with dirty suggestions. Jimmy tells him to set the meeting.Back at the Native American woman's trailer, Clay talks to her son about ammunition.At the garage, Bobby tells Jax he doesn't think Clay burned the warehouse and Jax believing it just makes it easier to hate him. Bobby thinks the club needs a psychic shift and Jax going Nomad could be it or not.Tara arrives at the hospital. The administrator accuses her of helping coaching Chibs on how to fake his condition to get around insurance making him transfer. Tara's hospital privileges have been suspended.Clay and the guys check out the Native American's ammo-making operation. Why yes, they can make AK rounds. They're outside of law enforcement jurisdiction on their reservation. An elder Native American man tells Clay they also need some help selling the mushrooms they grow.Clay calls Half-Sack in for a taste test, and encourages Tig to indulge since he's such a 'shroom fan. Clay magnanimously offers to be his proxy at the vote that night.Jax and Bobby visit Juice, who's recovering from his prison yard shiving. He asks what they know about the porn warehouse fire. By way of response, Jax tells Juice he needs to proxy his vote. Juice reminds Jax what he said when he was a prospect, that the charter is his home.Chibs meets with Agent Stahl. He wants the assault charges against the club dropped and full protection for Fiona and his daughter. Stahl agrees, but asks for some good faith intel. Chibs gives her the location of the IRA gun storage.Clay and Opie share a beer on the rez. Opie says Jax is stubborn, like his dad, Clay.Jax reads his dad's manuscript, page 449. His dad considered going Nomad but decided to stay, because the only way he could survive was to suffer under the weight of it.Laroy tests Clay's guns on the rez and likes them. Clay asks him about the 'shrooms. Laroy says they have to be high end. Clay takes him to see tripping Half-Sack, who is bathing in a pool of mud and babbling. Laroy's convinced.At home, Opie looks around his empty house. He starts to take his shoes off on the bed when Lyla comes in from the other room. He's ready. He makes love to a porn star.Unser tells Jax about the fire, that they found multiple sets of footprints. Unser thinks it was Zobelle.Jax finds Clay. He apologizes for thinking Clay burned the porn warehouse. Jax asks his thoughts on his transfer, asking if he wants him gone. Clay says yes. Gemma watches Jax walk away.Unser tells Gemma what he told Jax. Gemma tells Unser the club's gonna need his help, he'll need to protect them. Unser asks what they're going to do. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him.The club meets for the vote on Jax's transfer. Jax says it's the best thing for the club. Bobby votes yea for himself and Juice. Then Piney, who leaves after voting. Then Opie. Chibs checks that it's what Jax wants. The vote's unanimous, Jax is free to transfer. He takes off his jacket and cuts off his charter and vp patches, flinging them at Clay.The ATF bust in on Edmund Hayes, the hot young Irishman.Tara meets Jax outside after the vote. She suggests they take a trip. He agrees, but Gemma interrupts, saying she needs to talk to both of them. She tells them to meet at her house.Stahl tells Edmund she wants Jimmy O. She tells Edmund she'll leak a rumor he turned rat (just like she did with Opie) and wait to see what Jimmy O. does. He tells her he can't tie anything to Jimmy, but his dad Cameron can.Clay comes home with Gemma and Jax and Tara are there. The men aren't happy to see each other. Gemma orders them to sit. Tara goes to leave, but Gemma tells her to stay -- she knows what it is she has to tell them. Tara realizes what's about to happen.Gemma takes a moment. She tells them the night of Bobby's party she didn't get into an accident, she was attacked. As she talks, we see Piney with a full glass of whiskey and a gun.Then Chibs thinking about what he's done. Then Unser home alone.Gemma continues telling them about that night, the woman who got her into the van.Half-Sack keeps soaking in his mud bath in the dark.A heavily-tripping Tig sobs, apologizing to a figurine for killing Donna.Gemma continues, tell them she woke up handcuffed. There were three of them. She knew one was Weston.Opie and Lyla's kids sleep on the couch, with Lyla snuggled up against Opie.Gemma tells them the message she was supposed to deliver to them: "stop selling guns to colored." And the threat that they'd do it again. Jax and Clay are quiet, seething.Clay's heart breaks as she tells him they raped her. Jax takes her hands and kisses them. He puts his hand on Clay's shoulder and Clay takes his hand. Tara looks at her to show she's proud and behind her Clay tenderly takes his wife's head in his hands and pulls her close.Jax and Tara leave. Jax picks up his patches on the way out, everything having changed by Gemma's revelations.

Directed by Paris Barclay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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