Fa Guan

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Jax breaks the news about Luanne to mostly-blind Otto in prison. He figures it was a message. Jax says it could have been the rival producer, Georgie, who they roughed up yesterday. Otto tells Jax to leave.Clay gets good news from their lawyer. The quality of the security video is crap and most of the Christian families the club barged in on guns blazing don't want to get involved.Then he has to tell the Chinese gang he couldn't get their guns because ATF is watching them. But Clay thinks the club can help with his guy held by INS.He's worried INS will find out his guy Mahmoud had direct ties to Hamas. The judge holding the hearing will figure it out if his Chinese guys threaten the judge, that's where SAMCRO's white boys come in.Darby takes pimp cash outside a motel as cops speed by. Hale and Unser bust his girls but he gets away. The girls are found with crank. Hale assumes they're Darby's girls, but one tells him they have a different boss: Jax Teller.A surly Clay calls Bobby into the club meeting room and tells him the news about the porn girls. Clay wants out of the racket. But Bobby says it's a solid money maker, even with Luanne gone and it's Jax's deal. Clay tells him to shut out down; he'll deal with Jax.Tig reports on the INS judge, who has a son at Berkeley. Clay thinks they go after the son for emotional leverage. Bobby and Opie will pressure the judge, Clay says, Tig can test the guns. Tig's pissed to be cut out of the muscle job. Privately, Clay tells Tig he's trying to pull Opie in. Tig thinks Clay's trying to hurt Jax through Opie.Jax and Half-Sack tell Chibs about Luanne. He tells Jax her death isn't his fault. Chibs tells Jax that Fiona was there. That means Jimmy O.(who we havent met yet) is there. Jax tells Chibs about Cameron and the Irish working with Zobelle. Chibs thinks it'll blow back on him.Tara comes in and tells Chibs he should be able to go home in a week. She tells him without insurance he has to transfer to Stockton for the rest of his recuperation. He doesn't want to go somewhere he won't be protected.In the hall, Unser tells Jax about the prostitution sting and them pointing the finger at him. He takes the news and they find Gemma in the hospital chapel. Jax can tell his mom is out of sorts. Unser asks for a minute with Gemma.He wants to make sure the Luanne thing doesn't make her over-react. She doesn't think it was Zobelle, he wouldn't risk it. Unser tries to get up but wobbles. He forgot the pill for his equilibrium. He mentions his wife left three months ago. She tells him to let her know if he needs anything. He asks for a ride to a revival service with his support group.Opie suggests to Lyla that she take some time off. She says the girls are all working overtime to make up for Luanne being gone. She wants to see him later, says she likes watching his kids, it feels like a home. He kisses her on the forehead as he turns to leave but she stops him, and kisses him for real.Jax visits the busted hookers. One tells him about the call she got offering them $10,000 for two days work to help out Darby. She thinks it was Georgie. She got the call two days ago-- before they hassled Georgie.Hale visits Zobelle's cigar store. Zobelle tipped him off about Darby. Hale doesn't think they've got anything on him with the security footage that seems to show him taking a bribe (really a gift certificate). Zobelle thinks it might mess up his appointment for chief. Zobelle gives him more info on where to bust Darby and tells him it's his last chance.Back at the garage, Bobby tells Jax about Clay's directive to kill the porn op. Jax wonders if Clay paid the girls and busted them to have an excuse to shut down his porn op.Jax confronts Clay inside in front of everyone, arguing they need the money. Jax argues that porn is legitimate. Clay wants to go with guns. He blames Jax for Luanne's death. Jax seethes. "You are really gonna stand there and lay the guilt of a dead wife on me?"Clay reminds him about the promise he made (to kill him if he mentioned Donna's death again). Jax puts down his gun and turns his back on Clay. Clay does nothing. Jax says they'll vote on porn tomorrow.Bobby finds Jax outside and asks him about the dead wife comment. Jax says it was about Luanne. Bobby tells Jax he was sleeping with Luanne.Bobby thinks the porn business isn't going anywhere. Tig joins them, telling Jax about Clay putting Opie on the judge. Tig says he's worried about Opie losing it if he goes on the harassing trip, but Jax accuses him of being worried to lose his spot as Clay's second.Bobby hears Tig say his world's upside down. Jax isn't sure he can reach Opie, but says he'll go along. Bobby ponders the subtext.Hale visits the garage, telling Clay that Zobelle is putting down roots. He tells Clay that Zobelle is trying to prove Charming doesn't need the Sons. He gives Clay Zobelle's Darby intel, telling him he has til the end of the day. Hale says he still wants to shut down the club, but he'll do it the right way.Opie's surprised to find Jax along to deal with the judge. Bobby backs him in saying Clay's on board.But inside, Clays not happy to hear Jax horned in. He gets guys to go shut down the hookers and they bust up some paid afternoon delights.At the hospital, Gemma apologizes to Tara for interfering. Tara asks Gemma what Chibs is worried about. She asks when it's going to stop.Clay and some guys bust Darby's crank trailer. Clay tells Darby that Zobelle sold him out and if he finds him cooking again, he'll take him out, compliments of Charming PD. They torch his cooking trailer.At the judge's house, they tie him up inside. His college age son comes home in the middle of it and the judge assumes the Sons are there because of his son. His dad calls him a "low life junkie piece of s---." There goes their emotional leverage.Opie tells the judge to dismiss Mahmoud's case. The judge refuses to bow. Opie starts roughing up the son, but the judge is unswayed. Opie shoots the son in the foot. Jax and Bobby try to talk Opie down, but he's determined. The judge tells him again he won't change his mind, so he might as well kill his son.Opie starts yelling, nearly out of control, forcing the judge to watch as he sticks his gun in the son's mouth, asking him if this is how he protects his family. His grief is palpable. He shoots the floor instead. Jax pulls Opie off. He's near hyperventilating.Jax finds Opie outside. They share a calming cigarette.In the hospital, Chibs is writhing in bed. Tara comes to check on him, but knows he's faking. She goes along with him being put back on the critical list and staying put.Darby confronts Zobelle at the cigar store. He tells Zobelle it wasn't Hale who busted him, it was Clay. Zobelle asks him if he wants payback. Why yes, Darby does.Cut to Darby, Weston and some Aryan brothers carrying gasoline into the porn warehouse. Chuck the compulsive masturbator wakes up to their ruckus from the couch in the office. He can't get a dial tone.After they're done trashing it, Weston turns on Darby.Back at the judge's house, Bobby has found some leverage against the judge -- love letters from his dead wife. This has the judge's attention. He begs them not to burn them. His son watches as his dad cries for the letters, but not for him.The next day, Bobby reports to Clay that their ploy with the judge worked, Mahmoud's case was tossed.Gemma drops Unser at his support meeting. She recognizes a haggard and sick woman walking in. Gemma walks into the church, where a rousing gospel choir is singing and the crowd is clapping. Unser pulls her into the pew next to him.Jax goes home to Tara. He joins her in the shower.Lyla eats lunch with her kid and Opie's. He joins them, kissing her emphatically hello.Back in Church, Gemma can't help but be affected by the spiritual release.Jax gets the news about the warehouse. He rides there. It's in ashes. Bobby arrives. Jax thinks it was Clay. Jax says he's transferring. He's going Nomad.

Directed by Stephen T. Kay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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