Falx Cerebri

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 55 min.

Synopsis An ambulance takes Chibs away after Zobelle's minivan exploded. Unser and Hale are there.Unser steps inside for a shot with Clay. He tells him the minivan had a bogus VIN. He asks what happened.He warns Clay that bombs are homeland security territory. Clay tells him it was an accident. Unser knows what Clay has to do, but he doesn't want it to blow back in Charming. Clay tells him it will if Unser doesn't help him find them.Outside, Hale finds Jax. "This was Zobelle," Hale says. He wants to find something on Zobelle.But Jax says he can't stop whatever retaliation is coming from the club, even though he thinks they're walking into a trap. Jax wants to get to him first and he wants Hale's help. Jax figures Zobelle has something on Hale. Hale agrees to go off the grid and help Jax find Zobelle so they can lock him up as a person of interest, just to keep him safe from Clay. Hale leaves to track down addresses for the LOAN guys.Otto's mom finds Jax and tells him this thing with Chibs won't be good for Opie. She wants Jax to talk to him.Tara checks in with Gemma, saying she's going to the hospital. Tara is rattled by the bomb. She realizes it was probably the same guys who attacked Gemma and that she's in danger, too.After Jax leaves, Tara says her theory to Gemma, adding that if maybe Gemma had told somebody what happened to her... Gemma says this isn't on her.Inside, the guys hold council. Bobby wants to know what the plan is, but Clay doesn't care. He wants Zobelle dead.They break.Jax finds Opie and asks him about never seeing his kids. Opie doesn't want to hear it from the guy who's been fighting with Clay. He thinks Jax is pushing to be king. He tells him this is Clay's time, Jax should back down and get in line, "before somebody gets hurt."If only he knew.The next day, the club receives a visit from one of the Irish they run guns with. His people are worried about the explosion bringing attention from the feds. They assure him they're handling it.Unser gives Clay addresses for Zobelle and Weston. They're waiting for the forensics guys to show up at the bomb scene. Clay suggests to Unser that his men take a donut break so they can "tidy" the crime scene -- to make it look like an accident.Jax gets a call from Hale. Zobelle's not home. He's working on Weston. Jax tells him to meet him at Darby's. They can squeeze him for info on the others.Clay and Tig mount up to hunt down Zobelle. Jax begs off, saying he's going to stay with Chibs in the hospital. With Jax out of earshot, Opie says Jax isn't on board with them going after Zobelle. Clay tells Opie to keep an eye on him. He tells Juice to scrub the crime scene clean.Jax and Hale meet at Darby's shop. He's not there. Opie pulls up. They take turns lying to each other about what they're up to. Jax leaves, telling Hale to call him with Weston's address. Jax tells Hale he's off to "lose my best friend."Unser watches as Juice prepares to clean up, but the crime scene guys pull up before he can start. He lets Unser come out and yell at him for interfering with a crime scene to hide Unser's complicity.Jax speeds off into traffic and succeeds in losing Opie.Juice watches helplessly as the crime scene guys do their job. Unser comes up with a plan. It involves his cancer drug-saturated pee in a Big Gulp cup to contaminate the scene. Juice tells him to chat up the crime scene guys and follow his lead.Unser carries his pee cup to the CSI as Juice gets in a car and "accidentally" swerves toward them. Unser splashes the pee to contaminate the scene, but it ends up in a CSI's face.Zobelle hides out with his daughter at church, reminding her to head to the cigar shop soon. Weston reports that people have arrived for them. It's the Irish SAMCRO runs guns with. Zobelle's daughter Polly cozies up to the young hot one.Opie rejoins Clay and the guys by Weston's. Meanwhile, Hale and Jax sneak up on Weston's. Jax goes inside when they see someone through the window.Hale intercepts the guys out front as Jax is fired on inside. He dodges bullets as Hale and SAMCRO prepare to bust in. In a mirror, Jax sees who's firing on him: a young boy.He convinces the kid to put his gun down, saying he's a friend of his dad's, but outside the club starts firing. He covers the boy and shouts at them that it's a kid. They come in in time to see the boy call Jax a liar and stick a gun in his gut.He pulls the trigger. But it's empty. Jax tells Hale to call child services on the little psychos.They grab Weston's laptop. Opie quizzes Jax on his motives.They head to Zobelle's cigar shop, where Clay trashes it.At the hospital, Tara tells Gemma that Chibs is stable but has a brain blood clot. She apologizes for her implication earlier. Gemma says it's OK. Tara asks if she can head home with her. Gemma agrees. She runs into Hale on her way downstairs.He tells her he hit a wall trying to find who did this. She says she doesn't know anything. Hale says Unser told him some things about her. She calls him a "piece of s---." Hale says Unser had to.He wants anything she can give him on them. He promises it'll never go on the record. She asks if he wants to hurt Zobelle. Hale says he does.Gemma describes Polly Zobelle. Then she adds: "You or your cancerous boss tell anyone else what happened to me, I will cut both of your big, soft hearts out." "Copy that," says Hale.One of Hale's deputies brings them Darby. Hale and Jax ask about Zobelle. Darby says he got a tip something might be going down so he was heading out of town. Hale repeats Gemma's description of Polly and Darby says it sounds like Zobelle's daughter. Hale tells a curious Jax that he got the description from a canvas done near where the minivan was left.Gemma and Tara return home. Gemma gets out her gun for easy access. Tara tells her she got rid of the gun Gemma gave her. Gemma takes out a couple of hat boxes packed with guns. They're all Gemma's. She gives Tara one.Then she takes her target shooting outside the porn warehouse. Tara asks if it's always like this with the club. Gemma assures her sometimes it can be boring.The porn star who was all over Jax drives up. Tara aims at her menacingly and spins the chamber. The girls runs off. Gemma ups the ante by shooting out her tire. Then Tara shoots up the door. They're a regular Thelma and Louise.Hale finds Polly Zobelle at her dad's cigar shop. He asks her to call her dad or he'll charge her with obstruction. She calls his bluff. Instead, he pulls on a glove and picks up a blade, suggesting he'll cut himself, say she did it, take the case before his dad the judge and give her a world of trouble.She tells him her dad is speaking at a church rally attended by ex-cons. Hale has a deputy take her in so she can't warn her dad. Jax and Hale agree to send the sheriff's men to the rally.The guys regroup at the club. They're running out of time to find Zobelle before the feds hit town. Juice has hacked into Zobelle's computer. They know where he is.As they're piling into the van to get him, Bobby tells Jax what they're up to.Unser and Hale chat at the office, which is overrun by feds. Gemma storms in, ready to chew Unser a new one.Jax calls Hale to check when the sheriff's guys will be at the church.In the cells, Gemma tries to reassure herself that nothing she could have told Clay would have stopped Chibs from getting hurt. Unser agrees. She tells him she's sorry. He tells her it's not on her. She's starting to think it's all on her.Opie has done recon, they want to bust in and kill Zobelle in front of the crowd. They don't think ex-cons will make good witnesses. Jax tells them it's a membership rally, it'll be packed. And the sheriff's guys are coming. He outs himself as having been working with Hale. He says if they do this, they'll all go to jail. Clay tells them to arm themselves.They grab semis and shotguns and creep up the front and around back. They bust in but instead of finding a room of convicts it's a sit-down church dinner. Zobelle and Weston are ready.Weston fires two shots into the crowd. Jax sees the security camera. He stops Clay from firing. They run out as the sheriffs are pulling up. They're all caught red handed on the lawn.Opie races after Zobelle but is cut off in traffic.Tara reads Jax's dad's manuscript.Gemma lights candles in church and prays.Opie comes back to the church and finds all of the guys being arrested and led away. Jax and Clay stare hate daggers at each other as they're put in the paddy wagons.

Directed by Bill Gierhart  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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