Fruit for the Crows

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, 2011, 43 min.

Synopsis Juice prays in the woods over Miles' unmarked grave, totally freaked out by what just transpired.Gemma goes to Tara's car in the morning and sees the note on the front seat. She takes it in to Tara.Tara wants to call the police, but Gemma tells her involving Roosevelt would be bad for the whole club. Tara points out normal people call the police when their lives are threatened."You don't have a normal life, baby. You have this one," Gemma tells her.Clay, Jax, Tig and Bobby visit the Mayans on their compound. Alvarez takes them to their cellar coke-cutting operation, where girls in their underwear are breaking it down. They pack the baggies in hollowed out stacks of tortillas.Jax gets a call about Tara and goes upstairs. They're heading for the gated entrance of the compound when a beater car breaks through the gate and two guys in masks start firing submachine guns. Alvarez and a few other Mayans are hit as the Sons duck for cover.When they race off, Jax grabs a gun from one of the downed Mayans, gets on his bike and takes off in pursuit. The Mayan's doctor was killed in the attack, so the remaining Sons head for Tara's with Alvarez.At her house, it's pure chaos as the boys' cry and she packs up to head for safety at the club.Jax keeps racing after the shooter's car and is keeping pretty close through city streets. They pull over and open fire on him. He takes cover behind a tanker truck but can see they're Hispanic. He hits one of them and starts to grab him, but the car backs up and rolls over their own guy, killing him so he can't talk. Jax gets back on his bike and tears after them.Alvarez and the others return to the club house, where Unser meets them. Gemma shows him the note (that he wrote so they'd protect her).Inside, Tara works on Alvarez. Chibs helps by lighting him a joint. Juice comes in from warehouse duty. Clay sends him back up there with some Mayans.Gemma asks Clay if the shooting with Alvarez is connected to the threat against Tara. Opie goes to find his dad and Lila.Chibs keeps a watchful eye on Juice.Clay tells Alvarez about the threat against Tara. Juice is alarmed and points out that targeting families is what drug cartels do.Jax calls, he's staked outside watching the shooters at a small apartment complex. He watches them take a duffel bag out of the trunk of their car and go inside. He sneaks up for a closer look.Tara digs the bullet out of Alvarez's shoulder. Clay calls LaRoy and the Bastards to back-up Jax.Sheriff Roosevelt arrives at the club looking for Tara. He says someone made an anonymous tip about a threat to her. She says everything is fine. He gives her his card.As he's leaving, he tells Juice his parole officer wants him to take a pee test right now. Clay tells him to go.Clay checks in with Tara about her talk with Roosevelt. She seems slightly weirded out by his concern.Opie goes to the porn warehouse to get Lila. She doesn't want to leave during work. He says he'll have a prospect stand watch.Bobby sees Ima's broken nose and asks about it. She says Jax did it. He checks that she didn't leave the threatening note on Tara's front seat.Back at the sheriff's office, Roosevelt can tell Juice is unnerved about something. Juice says he'll bring them the sample when he meets the guy who can make the deal.Half of the club shows up at the apartment complex where the shooters are holed up. LaRoy and his crew aren't there yet.Jax says they need to go now. He, Chibs and Opie climb up the balcony outside the apartment. They call Clay and the others on a cell' 'phone and count down to bust in the door.They find an apartment full of kids, a mom and grandmother. The bag is full of diapers.They clear the kids into another room while they hold the driver to the floor. They have a communication problem. The mom finally starts to translate when Tig holds a gun to her family member's head. But before they get anywhere, the other shooter busts in. He grabs another woman as cover. The shooter on the floor is worried for the woman, but tries to indicate she shouldn't talk.Jax tries to keep everyone calm.She's only able to say the other man won't listen and doesn't care when he shoots her before she can say who he is. The Sons shoot him dead.Jax tries again with the first shooter. He says he and his sister aren't illegals, but have family back in Mexico. The cartel threatened them.At the clubhouse, Tara finishes with Alvarez.Tara asks Gemma what she knows about the cartel. Tara is freaked out they're selling them drugs. She thinks the cartel is threatening her.Tara says she can't believe Gemma signed off on the drug smuggling. Gemma wants to know what it means.Roosevelt tells Lincoln that Juice wants to meet him, but Lincoln refuses to until they get the sample. He suggests Roosevelt bust him for the sample instead, even though it's entrapment. Lincoln threatens him with a formal complaint in his file.Jax returns to the clubhouse. Gemma tells him Tara knows about the drugs and the cartel.Clay only tells Gemma "it's done."Jax tells Tara he didn't know the drugs were going to be part of the guns. Tara guesses that was Clay's doing. She says he can't be trusted.Clay tells Alvarez he thinks the shooters were from the Galindo's cartel rivals.Roosevelt tells Juice to meet him with the sample, following the entrapment set up.Wayne tells Gemma no other doctors in the area have been threatened. Unser suggests it's club-related, but Clay comes in and says it doesn't involve the Sons.When Gemma walks out, Clay shoves Wayne down on the couch and warns him not to get in his way.Juice brings the coke sample to Roosevelt out on the street. Roosevelt is alone. Juice hands him the coke. Roosevelt arrests him.Bobby reports SAMTAZ called, Armando has been missing since last night.Roosevelt turns over the coke sample to Lincoln. He plans to leverage Juice to cooperate with them or out him as a rat, which would be a death sentence.Lincoln tells Roosevelt to let Juice go and let him know what's hanging over him.A prospect comes back, sheepishly reporting that Lila ditched him.Roosevelt sits down with Juice in jail. He says he doesn't know what the Feds want from him, but Juice doesn't really have any choice but to cooperate.Juice says that it doesn't matter and leaves to go back to the garage.He walks inside, ignoring all the guys. Chibs goes inside and tells Clay he's worried about Juice. He wants to pull him off the cartel stuff.Clay asks to talk with him, telling him to shut the door and sit. Clay gives Juice a special patch, telling him he's proud of him. He tells Juice to put everything with Miles behind him.Juice chokes back tears as Clay hugs him and calls him son. He tells him to go back to the warehouse.Opie and Jax look around Lila's house. Her stuff is all gone. She has left.Around the table, Bobby suggests the fact that the Sonora Cartel hit the Mayans means the Sons are next. Bobby complains and Clay calls him on it, suggesting he do something.Bobby calls an officer challenge, asking for a vote on a new president, saying Clay is leading the club astray. Clay angrily calls for all the guys to come back to vote tonight.Juice sews his new patch on his jacket. His phone rings, but he doesn't answer it. Opie calls Piney, but as he is loading his shotgun, he lets it ring.Gemma brings her shotgun to the prospect watching out for her.Wayne looks at his threat to Tara. He approaches Margaret (McNally Sagal), the hospital administrator and ex-biker mama, wanting to talk to her.At home, Jax grabs Tara and hugs her close. He promises her they're safe. A prospect sits guard in their kitchen.Juice takes the chains from the tow truck.Chibs complains that he can't get ahold of Juice, as he never showed up at the warehouse.Juice's sewing kit sits at the base of a tree. Juice sits on the branch above. He wraps the chain around his neck and then pushes off to hang himself.Cut to black as the sound of a crack... the tree branch?... is heard.

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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