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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 45 min.

Synopsis In the prison yard, Jax reports to the rest of the guys that the Aryans have said they're on their own inside. Clay's trying to get them some friends. He blames Jax. Their bail is seven figures.Their lawyer tells Gemma and Tara they have the guys on tape. They can't get enough money together for the bail. The lawyer gives Gemma a message from Clay to Leroi, mentioning he never saw it.Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) returns. Hale (her old desktop sex buddy) isn't exactly happy to see her. She's there because of Cameron and Edmund Hayes, the IRA guys SAMCRO has been dealing with who have now gone to the league. She has shots of them meeting with Zobelle.She can't go after Zobelle because the FBI is.Hale tells Agent Stahl that Jax was working to prevent the retaliation and he has some suspicions about Donna's death (which Stahl had a role in bringing about after she picked up Opie and cleared his debts to make Clay think he was a rat).Opie's mom brings his kids by the garage. She's going to go check on his dad at the cabin. She's leaving the kids with Opie. He can't look his kids in the eye.Clay and Tig visit with a black man in the prison yard, looking for protection. He's LeRoi's cousin. In exchange, he wants SAMCRO to deal with a guy inside, Deion, who ratted out his nephew. The other one, a transvestite, is outside. He promises SAMCRO protection once they deal with the rats. They get Clay a cell phone so he can Opie to set up the tranny.Gemma comes to garage, where Opie is just getting off the phone with Clay. He says he has to run an errand and passes his kids off to Gemma.In the yard, Clay updates the guys on what they need to do. They want to use Juice as bait to lure Deion to where the black gang can jump him. Apparently Deion has a thing for Puerto Ricans. Jax doesn't like involving Opie, so Clay snidely suggests he call his pal Hale.Jax approaches Deion on the other side of the prison fence, where he's in protective custody. He introduces himself as Clay. He tells Deion he wants to trade. It's a delicate conversation, but basically we learn you can buy things in prison with bootie. Jax says he's taken, but he offers up Juice. Deion agrees and says they can meet up in the infirmary.Opie gives their sheriff's man info on how to set up the other rat outside. He'll plant dope in the transvestite's car. Opie finds Lyla's number in his pocket.The guys explain what Juice has to do. Clay thinks there's a 50-50 chance he won't end up raped. Juice isn't thrilled. He's supposed to lock Deion in the infirmary and let the black gang in. Tig solves the problem of how to get Juice into the infirmary by gut punching him.Opie visits the porn warehouse to see Lyla. He remembers the coke bottles he saw on the floor of her car. He asks her to get coke from her dealer, and he promises to get her dealer off her. She agrees.In the infirmary, Deion bribes a guard to get alone time with Juice. Juice dodges a kiss and a butt grab, keenly aware of his open hospital gown. He submits to a backrub, but not a crotch grab. He asks Deion to move to the bathroom, stalling for time til the gang gets there. Finally, they appear at the door and he lets them in. They attack Deion.Juice returns to the yard and gives the thumbs up. As Juice is walking back over the guys, a white prisoner comes up behind Juice and stabs him twice in the back. The club comes to his aid and guards take him away. Jax gives Clay a death stare.Elliot Oswald, the land owner who Hale's brother tried to swindle, and whose teen daughter was raped last season, watches her sing in church. Gemma joins him.After the choir leaves, Gemma asks how she's been doing. He says therapy is helping her. Gemma says she didn't know who else to go to. She says Zobelle set up the bust.She reminds him how Clay saved his land (Clay also killed the guy who raped his daughter, but Gemma doesn't know that). She asks him for the bail money, $300,000. She pleads with him, saying they're not safe.He says he's sorry.Lyla meets her dealer outside the porn warehouse. Then she "suddenly" sees Opie there and says Luann hired security. He punches the dealer and takes his stash, pulling a gun to scare him away.In the church, Gemma stands with Abel over the Holy Water. Osborne's daughter Tristan comes over. She asks why Gemma is sad. She tells them about the guys. Gemma tells Tristan she seems happy. She is. Gemma gets a glimpse of life on the other side of rape.In the yard, Clay reports that Juice is going to live. They hope Opie can finish up the second part of the deal so they'll have protection.Opie and the sheriff's guy converge on the transvestite snitch. S/he runs into a convenience store and Opie gets to work planting the drugs as the cop waits to bust s/him.Opie gets the drugs in place. The tranny gets back in her car and is immediately pulled over. Opie watches as the sheriff's guy approaches the tranny's car. The deputy reaches the window--- and is immediately shot in the gut. The tranny drives off.Opie races over, apologizing. He calls in "officer down."Opie washes up back at the porn warehouse. He thanks Lyla for not asking questions. She suggests they both get their kids and get dinner. She suggests maybe now isn't the best time for him to be around his kids. "There's never a good time for me to be around my kids," he says. "I know the feeling," she says.Clay briefs the guys on the tranny foul-up. The guards come for Clay.Bobby tells Jax he's never seen the club this bad off. The medical bills alone are going to sink them. He tells Jax whatever is wrong with him and Clay, Jax is going to have to fix it. Bobby says if the split gets any worse, he's going to have to pick a corner. Jax understands that he means he'll go with Clay. He tells Jax he has to heal the club.Lyla goes to pick up Opie's kids from Tara. But she and Gemma aren't inclined to let the kids go with "porn girl."Clay finds out who has come to see him. Agent Stahl. She shows him the photos of Zobelle with his IRA contacts. She knows Zobelle attacked Otto and planted the bomb.She wants the IRA. She thinks no guns means Zobelle has no reason to stay in Charming. She offers to make his arrest go away.He claims ignorance.So she tries a different approach, asking about his arthritic hands. When he shuts that down, she says she'll just go talk to Jax instead.She says Hale tells her things have been tense between them, "you know, since Jax figured out that you killed Donna." Clay looks like he's ready to explode.They release Clay back into gen pop. Jax walks over to him with a smile on his face, ready to mend fences, but Clay takes a swing at him instead. The guys start to break it up, but Bobby stops them, saying "they need this."Clay and Jax go at each other for minutes, kicking, punching, choking, bloodying and pummeling. Jax seems to dominate, but Clay more than holds his own and gets in some good shots. Nobody breaks it up for what seems like an eternity. Stahl watches, pleased.At the garage late at night, Gemma gets a visit from Oswald. He asks her how long they can keep Charming the way it is. Then tells her he posted bail a few hours ago.She thanks him, but he tells her to thank his daughter.Opie finally picks his kids up. He sends them to the car. He apologizes to Tara for the "Lyla thing" and says he wouldn't have done it if he didn't trust her.Opie says he went by his place, all his mom's stuff is gone. Tara says they'll help with the kids, he's not alone. He says he is.Stahl talks to Jax. She makes her pitch to him, saying that she thinks he's trying to steer the club on the straight and narrow. She says maybe she can help keep them alive. In exchange for the Irish, she'll get the club immunity and maybe get Otto's parole on track. She tells him to think past his hatred for her, think of Tara and his son.He calls her out for trying to play his need for revenge, his rage. Instead, he says she took a huge risk tipping them off about the Irish, which means she's desperate."You really are the smart one," she says. She tells him their bail was posted.She stands to leave, but he stops her, asking if she ever heard from Kohn (Tara's creepy stalker, who he killed).Gemma and Tara wait at the garage. The guys return. The guys all go one way, Jax goes the other.

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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