Giving Back

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2008, 55 min.

Synopsis The episode begins with a violent fight in prison and two new characters are introduced; Kurt Sutter (series creator) as Otto and Chuck (Michael Ornstein). Otto saves Chuck from a prison beating and the audience cannot help notice that Chuck has a habit of putting his hands in a place "that hands should really only be put on when the person is in private".Gemma (Katey Segal) is organising a fund raiser. While she and best friend Luan (Dendire Taylor) are setting up, a lady called April (Liiane Curtis) approaches her. She is asking for permission for her ex-husband Kyle to come to the fundraiser tomorrow to see their child's band play. Gemma is reluctant and asks husband and club president Clay.Clay takes it to the table. It turns out Kyle is an ex-member of the Sons and is the reason Opie (Ryan Hurst) went to prison. The club is reluctant but surprisingly Opie thinks it is a good idea and the vote passes.While reading to his baby Able who is in special care in the hospital, Jackson notices Special Agent Kohn (Jay Karnes) watching him.As requested by Otto, the club picks up Chuck from prison.The credits roll.At the fund raiser Kyle (Brian Van Holt) does arrive but he has a very young girl with him (making his ex very angry) and an idea that he want to share with the club (making Jackson very angry).It turns out that Chuck has $416 000 stashed away (making the reason the club is helping him a little more obvious). He also has "compulsory masturbation disorder" but it is temporarily cured after Clay threatens to throw him the closet if he sees him do it again.A shocked Tara (Maggie Siff) sees Kohn at the hospital. He tries to explain his presence by saying it is work business and he is uncovering a big arms deal (proving that he has actually been watching the Sons very carefully). He also admits to sending the photos of Jackson (he wanted het to know what he was like) and putting the rose petals (she always liked them) on her car. She reminds him of the restraining order and he promises not to contact her again.Jackson and Opie see that Kyle still has his Sons tattoo (a major sin given he was thrown out and is frankly lucky he was not killed). Jackson goes to approach but Opie wants to handle it.Donna (Opies wife played by Sprague Grayden) and Jackson have a very frank talk. Donna wants Opie out of the club like Kyle. Jackson tells her that Kyle was thrown out because he deserted Opie on a heist. He tells her that Opie would never leave because the club it is in their DNA. Jackson finds Opie and Kyle exchanging blows. It is over and Kyle tells them how much he misses the club.Chuck's "tic" loses the club some business at the garage. Clay loses his temper and wants the money now. The club are called away from the fund raiser.At the fundraiser the club see Agent Kohn watching them. They still do not know what his real reason for his interest in the club is.The club and Chuck arrive at a Chinese Restaurant. The manager protests but does very little as Jackson removes a bag of money from the ceiling especially after she is handed a fistful of money. The club are chased by the Chinese. During the heist the Club realise the money is counterfeit. They negotiate and agree to turn Chuck over. They also receive $60, 000. Jackson is uneasy.Meanwhile Kyle is drinking with the club and misses his son play. He appears to be back in with them but these men never forget a grudge. Opie has already gone back to the fundraiser to set up the fireworks. The club take Kyle into the garage and force him to take his shirt off. The reaper is revealed and Kyle says (in plea for his life) that he tried to have the tattoos removed but could not do it. He is given a choice to have them removed by the club with fire or a knife. He chooses fire.As the closing credit roll, Probationary Half-sac (Johnny Lewis) cleans up the mess. Kyle is dropped off at a hospital. Jackson reads a manuscript and then looks over at the club from a rooftop. He is still uneasy.

Directed by Tim Hunter  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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