Hell Followed

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2008, 50 min.

Synopsis A grisly beginning for episode 9, as Jackson (Charlie Hunman) disposes of Agent Kohns body (Jay Karnes). Alone in the house, Tara (Maggie Siff) is sick. Jackson's mother Gemma (Katey Segal) has not heard from him. She and the rest of the club worry.The club try to help Cameron Hayes (Jamie McShane). Chief Unser (Dayoton Callie) arrives. Someone went after Darby (Mitch Pileggi) killing two women in the process. Unser also found two dead Mayans. Club president Clay (Ron Perlman) shows him the injured Cameron explains that the Mayans went after them. Unser, worried about ATF, takes Clay down to the station.Much to Tig's (Kim Coates) dismay Gemma goes looking for Jackson. She is angry with him, thinking he was getting laid while the club was in trouble. Tig reminds Jackson to not forget his priorities. Jackson tells him that he hasn't. There is a tense moment as Tig refuses to move has foot from Jackson's bike.Darby's questioning is not going well. He and Hale (Taylor Sheridan) get into a fight and then he makes a racist remark. Unser reminds him that he is married to a dark skinned woman.Taking care of Cameron is not going well either. Jackson goes to get a doctor.Donna (Sprague Grayden) approaches Opie (Ryan Hurst). She has been trying to call him and is worried that he will get fired from his job. She says she ca'nt live this way anymore. Opie has had enough. He wants back in to the club.Clay confides in Unser that he his surprised at how bold the Mayans have come. Unser is worried this will all blow back on Charming. Clay tries to calm him but Unser is having none of it."I'm not an old friend. I am an old cop," he tells Clay. He also warns Clay that the deal always was that the outlaws lived in Charming but the bad things were kept out of the borders of the town. He then begins smoking a joint saying it was for his cancer. They are interrupted by other SAMCRO members (from other areas) arriving. Clay says that the only way he can stop the violence is if Unser arrests Alvarez so they can sit down with Darby and try and sort it out.At the hospital, Tara is upset about what happened. Jackson tells her that the situation with Kohn only ended in one of two ways; her death or Kohns. Jackson tells her that it ended the right way. He also confides in her that he had never killed anyone like that before. She agrees that she probably came back knowing that he would help her. He asks her not to go anyway and she agrees. She also goes to the clubhouse to help Cameron.In the lockup, Darby agrees (after a few punches) to let SAMCRO handle the retaliation.Tara congratulates Juice on keeping Cameron alive. She tells Jackson that she thinks Cameron will probably make it.Marcus Alavarez (Mayan leader) is thrown in a cell with Clay. He thinks Clay is there to kill him and is surprised to hear that it is a negotiation. Clay says they need each other. SAMCRO needs money and the Mayans need guns. Clay offers Alvarez the same hardware at the same price as what he gives the One Niners. He says the first bullet that hits a Son or friend of Son ends the arrangement. There is the problem of the revenge. The club will want vengeance for Alvarez wanting Clay dead. Marcus has an idea.Jackson continues to read his father's journal (voiced by Nicholas Guest).At the table, the club is shocked to hear Clay and Marcus Alvarez have sat down. However, they agree it make sense and the vote to sell guns to the Mayans goes unopposed.Tara stays the night at the clubhouse. She wonders if they are crazy but Jackson thinks that question is best left until another time.Opie and Jackson agree that they both need to prove to their loyalty to their club.The next morning Tara wakes up and is shocked to see both the aftermath of the club party and Gemma waiting for her. Gemma tells her Tara that she is no old lady and that getting together with Jackson is a bad idea. Tara cries. Gemma tells her that Tara is smart and needs to be the one to break it off. The group carry off an IRA hit to help pay for the warehouse rebuild. During the hit, Opie hesitates and Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) has to finish it. As a result, Opie is seen.Marcus meets his son (Kevin Aleajandro) in a park. He tells him he is proud of him but does nothing when Happy comes up behind and stabs him in the neck. The debt is now paid.In the final moments, Jackson burns Kohn's body. Happy gets another tattoo symbolising another death by his own hand. Surprisingly Jackson throw the manuscript in with Kuhns body. He then retrieves it. He is still torn.

Directed by Bill Gierhart  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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