Huang Wu

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, 2013, 64 min.

Synopsis Tara wakes up to the sound of Jax's bike coming home. She runs for her gun but doesn't get it, then checks on the boys and finds Jax holding Abel. He calmly carries Abel into the kitchen where he has a packed bag waiting. He tells Tara someone will be watching her in case she tries to run. He's leaving for awhile, saying if he doesn't, someone's going to get hurt.(Opening montage.) At TM they put up signs announcing their grand re-opening. Sample sign: "Kaboom! Our prices are da bomb!"Nero signs paperwork with Collette to open Diosa Del Sur. Jax rides alone. Tara takes the boys to daycare as one of the new recruits follows her. Clay is taken out of his padded room. Wendy wakes up from her junk binge. Galen arrives stateside. Jax watches over students arriving at the school where the shooting took place. Tara looks at her blood stain in her office and cries. Jax sits in the school church.Back in his cell, Clay chats with his Irish connection inside. He's back in general population after talking with his lawyer, who told him his trial has been moved up. He gets moved to county tomorrow.Margaret the administrator drops by Tara's office. Tara tells her Ally Lowen told Jax everything. Margaret catches her up on Gemma bluffing her for information. She's terrified Jax is going to come after her and tells Tara she's going to stay with her sister.Jax joins Collette and Nero at her place, where the paperwork is in order. She examines both their battered faces. "I don't know what happened, but no more fighting," she says.Jax asks to stay there for a few days. She's escorting him upstairs to her room when Gemma, Bobby, Tig, Happy, and Chibs arrive.Clay wants to see Gemma this afternoon. Galen is at Nor U Bev distribution warehouse and wants to see them ASAP. Jax tells everyone he learned that Tara was never pregnant and set up Gemma so that Gemma could never be the boys' guardian. He apologizes to Nero and Gemma for not believing them.Bobby suggests a familiar face might motivate Tara to stay put. Juice volunteers.Gemma notices Collette's familiarity with Jax and asks Nero how long that's been going on. "Not long. He's working out his mommy issues," he jokes.The guys show up at Galen's warehouse. Jax relays that the Italians, their biggest customer, are the only ones undecided about staying with Clay. Jimmy Cacuzza's weighing an offer from Bohai and Henry Lin. The Sons think it's just for show on Cacuzza's part, but Galen insists on going with them to the meet with some of the new merchandise to seal the deal.Then Galen lets them in on the reason for the rush; Clay's trial has been moved up. Galen tells Jax he needs their help to jack Clay's transport tomorrow. Nobody likes it, but Galen says his men can't get in town in time.Jax doesn't think they have a choice, even though they all know if things go bad the Irish will leave a bloody wake. "I don't want our last push out of guns to end in a pile of dead cops," Jax says.After calling in a vote, the Sons agree to help.Juice doesn't make an effort to hide as he parks behind Tara at Wendy's house. Inside, Wendy makes a frantic call looking for something.Tara sees Wendy's kit and track marks. Wendy says she's just trying to get into rehab. Wendy suggests she tell Jax and Gemma the pain she's in and be honest with them. "You know why you're not capable of being a mother? Because you're a coward. I'm not afraid of them," Tara says, calling Wendy a junkie on her way out.Down on the street, Juice waits calmly on his bike behind Tara's SUV. She cranks her car into reverse and runs over his bike as he hops off just in time.The Sons meet with Jimmy Cacuzza and the Italians. He's impressed with Galen and Connor joining them, saying it helps his profile to be seen with them. Henry and his dad Bohai Lin and their guys pull up. Galen is talking up the finer attributes of an AK when he suggests it works well on flesh and aims it at the Chinese. Chibs draws on Galen to make him stop firing and all but one of the Chinese get away, wounded but alive.Galen says he was just showing Cacuzza how much they want his business. He offers him 10 percent above cost for 18 months, then only 15 percent. Cacuzza agrees to two years at 10 percent, then jump to 12. They shake on it.Jax calls the dead Chinese gangster a complication, but Galen disagrees. Connor says he didn't know what Galen was going to do.Jax apologizes to Cacuzza, who says it's no problem, he was never going to go with the Chinese.The Sons race to get the Lins on the phone to explain the situation so things don't go to hell in Oakland.Back at TM, Unser updates Gemma and Nero on Tara's visit to Wendy. He thinks Gemma should check on Wendy, but she has to go see Clay. Gemma suggests letting Tara unravel. Nero volunteers to go with Unser to see Wendy, to talk to her "junkie to junkie." Unser objects to riding in Nero's pimp mobile. "C'mon, Wayne. Get you in touch with your inner Cholo," Nero says. "I had that removed. With my spleen...A little cancer humor," Unser says.Gemma checks that she has her gun before she drives off.At her house, Tara gets her gun out of the safe. Gemma walks in. "Just came by to get some of the boys' things. In case they need to spend some time at Grandma's," Gemma says pointedly."Yea, that's not going to happen," Tara says. "You know why you hate what I did so much, Gemma? Because it's something you would have done. You've been my teacher, my Old Lady coach since I came back to Charming. I thought you would have been proud of me, pushing the envelope to protect my family," Tara says.Gemma says she would never have faked the death of a baby. Tara's acts surprised there's a line Gemma wouldn't cross.Tara tries to kick her out, but Gemma suggests Tara needs all the friends she can get right now. Gemma toys with her, asking her what she thought was going to happen. "Do you have any idea who your husband is? What he's capable of?" Gemma asks. "I know him better than you do," Tara says, throwing down the gantlet."Oh no, clearly you don't. My son loves deep; hates deeper. It's in our genes. Betrayal is unforgivable. What you did, what you were planning to do? There's no coming back from that. All you can do now is tell him you're sorry, and go away," Gemma says."I'll never do that, not without my sons," Tara says.Gemma gives her one final message, that Tara will never raise her sons, and they'll either hear that mommy moved away, or mommy passed away. "Your call," Gemma says.Chibs reports they haven't been able to reach Lin.Jax calls DA Patterson, promising to deliver Galen in the next 48 hours. Her immunity deal for the club is ready, as is a deal giving Tara only fines and community service. He warns her Galen will be heavily armed and she'll need manpower. He'll give her the details tomorrow."Think she'll take the bait?" Bobby asks when Jax gets off the phone. "Depends what it is," Jax says.They ride to Collette's, picking up some of Lin's guys as a tail.Nero shares an awkward car ride with Unser, who remains tight lipped. Finally Nero says he's trying to make an effort because he knows how much Gemma loves Wayne. "Thanks for making me feel like s---," Unser says. "No problem, homes," Nero says.Lin's guys close in on the Sons on the freeway, opening fire. The Sons race for cover, but two of Lin's cars track them to a stockyard. They hit a deadend and Jax drives through a fence. The Sons pull up to check on him and the Chinese surround them. The Sons drop their gun and lay face down.Jax desperately tries to explain to Bohai Lin that they had nothing to do with Galen opening fire. Bohai lowers his gun and explains that's not his concern -- he wants their Northern California gun business and he wants retribution on Galen.Jax tells Bohai that Galen has a shipment coming in tomorrow, his wheels already spinning over what this does for his plans with DA Patterson. He promises to tell Bohai Lin when he knows the details. Lin decides to keep Happy until then, which Happy goes along with.Tara sees Juice watching over her at the hospital and confronts him. He says he's just watching over the boys, at the request of their grandmother. When she angrily demands where Jax is, he cheerfully gives her the address of Diosa in Stockton.Unser and Nero knock on Wendy's door and smell smoke. Nero kicks in the door and finds something on fire on the stove and Wendy passed out on the floor.They get her outside, where Nero sees her fresh track marks. Unser tells Nero he's glad he was there. "Don't suck up to me now, homes. It's, like, embarrassing," Nero says, chuckling.Gemma goes to see Clay, who presents her with a letter of intent to turn over their assets to her. "When I drop out, I won't be able to file for divorce, so this gives you everything without all the hassle," he says. She thanks him. They say good-bye.Jax, Chibs, and Tig drop by Diosa Del Sur. Jax gives them permission to "unwind," before their big day tomorrow. Collette takes him upstairs.Gemma joins the guys at Wendy's, saying she's taking her to "If You Use Again I'll Rip Your T--- Off" Rehab. "I love that place," says Nero.Tara arrives at Diosa Del Sur, where a girl tells her Collette is upstairs with a client. Tara goes up and finds Collette on top of Jax. He's not terribly bothered, and seems to enjoy being caught for half a second -- until Tara freaks out and rips Collette off him and starts attacking her.Tig comes in to help Collette (putting on his silk boxers, naturally), and Tara runs out. Jax throws on clothes and follows. Out on the sidewalk, Tara holds her gun shakily at her side. "What happened to me?" she yells. She gets in her car and drives off.(closing montage)Jax picks Abel and Thomas up from daycare. Tara opens her phone and tries to figure out who she can call. Gemma settles Wendy in to bed at her house.Unser and Nero share a cup of tea at Gemma's. Jax tucks his sons in to bed then goes back to his bedroom, alone. At Diosa Del Sur, Collette evaluates her scratched cheek, Chibs checks on her. Happy hangs out with the Chinese, eating Chinese food and watching cartoons, chained to a radiator. Jax works on an old bike in his garage with the baby monitor nearby.There's a knock at Tyne Patterson's door. Tara comes in, saying it's urgent. "I'm ready to talk," Tara says.She asks for Patterson's earlier deal of witness protection for her and her boys, but Patterson says she can't. "There are other things pending," she says."If you fear for the safety of you and your boys, I can help," Patterson says. "No you can't. Nobody can help me," Tara says. She gets up and walks out.

Directed by Bill Gierhart  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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