June Wedding

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 47 min.

Synopsis Tig (Kim Coates) welcomes the return of the entire crew who'd traveled to Belfast, plus Abel in the arms of his grandmother Gemma (Katey Sagal), back in Charming from their rescue mission. He has no news on Tara.Around the table, Tig tells them that ATF and Charming PD are looking into Salazar. Kozik (Kenny Johnson) tells them the bad news that Alvarez knows the cops are looking into Salazar.Clay (Ron Perlman) is pleased to see Tig and Kozi getting along...or at least working together without their usual obvious tension.Gemma resists Clay's suggestion that she hide out at Piney's cabin.Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli) tends to Abel, and Opie (Ryan Hurst) enjoys the family moment.Gemma visits Jax (Charlie Hunnam) in his room and asks him what's going on with Stahl. He tells her that she'll have to trust him. "I can't protect you from Clay if he finds out, and if you go to jail with them knowing you're a rat -- you'll be dead in a day," she responds.He tries to reassure her that everything will be okay.Salazar (Jose Pablo Cantillo) is on the side of the road, covered in his dead girlfriend's blood and grief. As he drives away we see that he has left a blanket spread out on the side of the road. It is covering two bodies, and the head of one, in a pool of blood, looks like Tara's.Gemma returns home with Lyla, Opie and Abel.Opie pulls Gemma aside to ask her how she feels about Lyla. Gemma's a fan, minus the porn thing, which she describes crudely but not unkindly. She doesn't think he has a right to ask her to stop -- unless he marries her, which she urges him to do.Clay meets with Chief Unser (Dayton Callie), who promises to stay clear of Gemma until her bail hearing in two days. Unser says if they can tie businessman and Council candidate Jacob Hale Jr. to gym proprietor Lumpy's death then he has a chance of keeping Charming PD's duties from being taken over by the County Sheriffs Department - they have to take Salazar alive.Out in the hall, Jax runs into Agent June Stahl (Ally Walker). He tells her Jimmy O'Phelan is up north with the Russians and the club is on it. They have a connect with "Lenny the Pimp," who Stahl refers to as "the scumbag who killed three ATF agents." They need Otto and Lenny to hook up in the prison yard so Otto can ask Lenny where the Russians are. She gives him a file of IRA guys' photos but he explains he'll be able to better focus when Tara is safe that is his quid pro quo Stahl "gets" it.Jimmy (Titus Welliver) meets with Viktor Putlova (Keith Szarabajka), the head of the Portland Russian crew, to arrange his safe passage to South America. Viktor wants the full $2 million up front. Jimmy doesn't have it and negotiates a low deal for the guns he is providing the Russians. As he starts to leave to retrieve the $700K he does have stashed away, then Viktor "suggests" that Jimmy stay put while his sidekick Donny (Joel Tobeck) goes to get the cash. Jimmy is not pleased, but has little choice in the matter.Unser visits with Gemma at her house. They share a joint as Unser bemoans the state of Charming. Gemma tells him that Jax has some sort of deal with Stahl, but doesn't know what it is.Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) pulls up to the SAMCRO garage, telling them Salazar has to die for betraying the Mayans. Clay explains why they need Salazar alive: if he doesn't turn over Hale and the sheriffs take over, that messes with their heroin trade.Bobby brings Salazar's aunt to the garage. Nobody speaks Spanish except Alvarez, who tells her if she doesn't tell them something about Hector, he'll kill her. He holds a gun to her head. She says she doesn't know where he is, but takes a guess, mentioning an old road. Alvarez doesn't translate, so the Sons race after the Mayans as they leave.They pull up on what looks like the road where Salazar was earlier. Alvarez goes looking and shouts for them to come. They find the bodies. Jax lifts up the blanket. The other woman is not Tara.Elsewhere Salazar opens the trunk of the car to show Tara (Maggie Siff) bound and gagged inside.Gemma comes to the garage for a gun and a BMW. Chuckie (Michael Ornstein), who's been operating the shop, wants to show her something, but she brushes him off.Jimmy waits with the Russians.Gemma pulls up next to Stahl outside the police station and points a gun at her. Stahl coolly looks in. "Really?" she says in snarky disbelief but gets in and drives off with Gemma as Agent Tyler (Pamela Gray) comes out and sees them leave.Parked at gunpoint, Gemma asks Stahl what her deal is with Jax. Gemma wants her to kill the deal or she'll recant her statement. Stahl gets out as Tyler pulls up. She wants to call it in, but Stahl tells her not to.Law enforcement collects the dead bodies. The other victim is identified as the owner of the gray Lexus in which Salazar has made his escape with the captive Tara.Salazar makes a call and tells them to tell his mom he loves her, sensing that things are not going to go well for him. He watches Hale (Jeff Kober) go into his office. He follows, barging in at gunpoint and taking him hostage.Outside the office, the Sons, Unser, Stahl and ATF are there. The Mayans roll up.Inside, Salazar lays out his demands, including supplies to get to Mexico. Outside, Unser tells them Salazar also wants Jax in exchange for Tara. Jax wants to go for it. Everyone argues, then caves. Stahl volunteers to cover the back with Tyler.Inside, Salazar takes out a knife, telling Tara he's going to kill her and make Jax watch as he does it. When Jax enters, Salazar tells Tara to stand up as he holds a knife to her throat. Cuffed to the pole next to her, Hale picks up a ballpoint pen and jabs it into Salazar's side.Jax jumps the distracted hostage-taker who breaks away. Jax gives a gun to Tara, grabs the dropped knife and takes off after Salazar as SWAT comes in. Jax runs up a flight of stairs -- and nearly into the firematic axe that a waiting Salazar swings at his head. Jax tumbles down and goes up again.Stahl gets word by radio that Salazar is heading for the back but tells the accompanying SWAT crew that he's actually going to the front and that she and Tyler will remain to cover the rear of the building.Jax corners Salazar, telling him he'll let him go if he rats out Hale. As the renegade Mayan drops the axe, Jax closes and stabs him in the gut, killing the man who was going to slice up Tara instead of follow through on the promised hostage exchange.Jax picks up the axe and cuts his own arm just in time to tell the arriving officers that Salazar came at him and he had no choice but to defend himself.Clay and Unser get the word outside. Unser radios Stahl alone in the alley with Tyler. He tells her Salazar is dead and Jax and Tara are safe. "Shit!" Stahl exclaims to herself.Then she pulls a revolver out of the back of her pants, whirls around and shoots Tyler in the neck.She radios that she has a situation and is pinned down by Mayans. She fires rapid shots into the air, wipes the gun, tosses it, then holds her partner and lover and coaxes the stricken woman to "let go" while faking distressed screams for help. Agent Tyler's eyes go vacant just as other ATF agents arrive.At the hospital, Jax watches intently as Tara undergoes an ultrasound. The baby is healthy.Administrator Margaret (McNally Sagal), having survived the kidnapping and imprisonment by Salazer together, greets Tara with an embrace. Nearby, Hale gives an interview about saving everyone with his heroic actions.Jax apologizes to Unser for how things worked out with Hale, and invites him for a family breakfast the following day.Around the club table, Clay assesses the situation. With the number of SAMCRO going away for one reason or another, they need active members to keep the club viable, specifically they need Kozi. But during the vote Tig again blackballs him.At Gemma's house, she and Tara have a tearful reunion and Tara holds Abel again.Jimmy's sidekick, Donny, comes back with $712,000 for the Russians -- all he could obtain. Jimmy is relieved that Donny didn't just abscond with the money.Jax visits Stahl at the station. She has to give her statement to Internal Affairs. She just got word about Jimmy draining his accounts. She tells him what Gemma pulled at gunpoint.She tells him no one will find out about their deal if he sticks to it. She tells Jax that in order to make her case and advance her career in ATF, "I need the real IRA council. You give me names, I clear your mother. You give me Jimmy, I clear your club."Jax takes the file.Opie sits on the roof overlooking the garage with Lyla. He takes out a ring and tells her they should get married.Kozi finds Tig seated outside the garage. Tig tells him apologetically that he just can't get past "it," but he asks him to help finish things up there, and that at the next vote, he'll back his admission into the club. Kozi says he'll stay til it's done. "I loved her, too," Kozi says as he leaves.Tig takes out a photo. On the back is written "My Girl Missy." He turns it over; it's a picture of him with a dog. (Take a moment for that, because it's awesome.)Stahl gives her statement to IA, saying the fictional shooters drove off in a gray Honda, but she couldn't tell what club the Mexicans were from. She also makes disclosure to the interviewer that she was personally involved with Agent Tyler. Then she tells him that Tyler confessed something to her before she died, about the events at the safehouse with Edmund Hayes.Stahl says Tyler told her she had argued with Edmund and when he tried to escape, she shot him in the back, then from hiding and saw Gemma kill Polly in self-defense. Then she decided to frame Gemma for the murder of Edmund. At this point Stahl is in tears, fully selling it this invented scenario.The interviewer concludes that Stahl's revised information supports Gemma's version of events as far as it went. "Yes, Gemma was wrongly charged," Stahl says.

Directed by Phil Abraham  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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