Na Triobloidi

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 62 min.

Synopsis We open on the side of a highway, rats chewing on a road-kill carcass. The theme of the episode is set.Weston sits in jail, fuming. He's soon joined by Polly and Ethan Zobelle. Outside, the Sons and their women lounge around waiting to hear from Unser. He tells them Agent Stahl's been locked in a room for two hours and he doesn't know what's going on. He's got no info on Weston either.Jax sends Half-Sack back to the club with Gemma and Tara.Back inside, Hale has learned that Chuck the compulsive masturbator, who witnessed the Cara Cara porn warehouse fire, has a felony record. Unser points out that makes him an unreliable witness. But Hale doesn't want to release Weston, effectively turning him over to Clay.Stahl and her men break. Stahl tells Unser that the FBI is cutting Zobelle loose, even though he had a key of heroin on him. Stahl's irate. She starts to walk away when Unser pulls her into a room and tells her about what Zobelle orchestrated against Gemma. She tells him Zobelle is an FBI informant, with dirt on judges, clergymen and other officials. He keeps making dope money while the Feds build their case. He's untouchable.Back outside, Unser tells the Sons that Weston and Zobelle are going to be released and about Zobelle's deal with the feds.Clay tells Jax to get word to Otto about Zobelle to spread to the Aryan bosses inside. Jax gets on it and calls dibs on Weston.The Sons watch the Zobelles leave the jail.A gang of Mayans, led by Alvarez, pull up alongside the Zobelles as escorts, protecting their investment.Unser knows a war has begun.He goes inside to needle Weston about Zobelle and drop the "rat" word. "I hope you rip each other to shreds," he tells Weston as he leaves.Hale comes to let Weston out, telling him there'll be no arson charges. He tells Weston that as satisfying as it'd be to see Clay finish him, he's toast if he sticks around. Weston doesn't want to leave his kids, who are in family services custody. Hale will try to arrange a visit.Jax visits Otto in prison to catch him up.On the main street of Charming, Mayans and Sons line the road, parked, staring daggers at each other with Zobelle and deputies in between.Inside the cigar store, Polly gets a call from Weston, telling her her dad is a dead man. He says they'll go home and regroup. Budapest. He'll charter a jet today. Polly says she wants to get her stuff, but her dad knows she wants to see Edmund. He lets her go.Back on main street, Clay and Alvarez stalk each other from the sidelines. Hale goes to call the sheriff.Jax returns from his prison visit (apparently it is close to Charming) and Unser tells them about Weston's stop to see his kids. Unser warns them not to hurt his officer escorting him. Jax, Chibs and Opie ride off.Clay and Alvarez step toward each other in the middle of the street. Hale mediates. Clay tells Alvarez their truce is off. Alvarez threatens to call in another charter. Tig asks Clay why he didn't tell Alvarez that Zobelle is a rat. Because Alvarez would kill Zobelle and Clay wants him for himself.In the prison library Otto listens to Jax's dad's book on tape another inmate whacks an Aryan with a brick. He hands Otto a shiv and leads him to the downed Aryan who blinded him. He returns the eye gouging with a lethal stab to the neck.Jax and crew watch Weston meet up with his kid and leave with him. They call Unser to find out what's going on.At his house, Edmund retrieves a gun from a bathroom air vent. Stahl calls him from the other room to answer his cell phone. It's his dad Cameron, warning him he has a tail and to be wary of one. They plan to meet at the wharf in an hour.Back on main street, Clay says it's time. He and a few others leave for the clubhouse. Alvarez tells Zobelle it's time to go, but he insists on waiting for Polly.Chibs reports from Unser that Weston's sons are getting a supervised visit with their dad. The three bikers try to figure out how to get Weston away from his kid.Inside a tattoo shop, Weston and his older son get inked. Opie calls the artist, who's a friend. He quickly explains the score, including that Weston raped a member's mother. That's enough for the tattooer, who agrees to send Weston to the bathroom away from his kid in five minutes.He goes, except, Weston takes his youngest son with him.In the bathroom, Jax, Chibs and Otto put their guns away when the son walks in. Weston calmly tells his son to go back up front and say nothing to the police ever! He tells him he loves him and sends him away. Jax waits. When the kid is gone, Weston remains calm and tells Jax that his son should never see what's about to happen. Jax nods in agreement. Then Weston sits down on a toilet and waits. Jax shoots him at least five times with a silenced pistol.They leave out the back.Edmund waits for his dad at the wharf. He answers a planted phone that ATF doesn't have tapped and quickly tells his dad the score. Cameron tells his son to be a man and kill Stahl.Edmund tell Stahl his dad agreed to meet at the house in an hour, but his dad will catch on if he sees anything, so it has to be just her. She agrees.Jax and the guys return to the clubhouse and he tells Clay it's done. Clay tells him he's proud of him and he's a good son (Son?). They all raise a shot to sons/Sons.Gemma packs up supplies from the store. She sees a vehicle from Zobelle's cigar shop parked nearby and spots Polly Zobelle on the street. She takes a minute. Tara holds Abel with Half-Sack loading groceries. Gemma takes the keys to drive. Tara sees Polly and recognizes her as the woman Gemma chased. Gemma tells Tara how Polly set her up. They follow her with Half-Sack behind.At his house, Edmund says he feels sick and goes to his bathroom. Stahl seems to suspect nothing. He gets his gun from the hiding place and checks the magazine, but not very thoroughly.He comes back out to the living room with his gun in his hand. Stahl sees him and remains calm. She walks up on him, and takes it from him. He lets her. Then she turns it on him and shoots him. But he's not hurt. Blanks.They knew about the gun and the cell phone at the wharf. She picks up his phone to text Cameron, telling him that she's dead and it's safe to pick him up. She says she let him go this far because she was curious to see what he'd do. She questions his manhood and he responds by punching her in the pubis.He runs and she takes out her gun and shoots him for real this time, in the back, killing him.ATF radios to ask about the shots. She tells him they were the blanks. She tells them to disable the wire so Cameron can't pick it up with a scanner and proceed as planned.Back on main street it's like high noon, with gangs on each side. Alvarez is antsy to leave, but Zobelle won't leave without Polly. He calls her.She pulls over and sees her dad is calling, but doesn't answer. Gemma pulls up a few cars back and waits as Tara tries to tell her that she's passed what happened to her. But Gemma says this is how she does her part, God put her in her path. She tells an incredulous Tara that she's supposed to do this.She tells Tara to take Abel and adds that she's glad Tara's with Jax. Gemma gets out of the car and follows Polly to Edmund's house. Tara tells Half-Sack to stay put.Polly knocks on Edmund's door, where he's dead inside and Stahl is waiting, gun drawn but hidden.Polly sees his body. Hiding inside, Stahl makes a noise and Polly picks up her gun, creeping around the corner. Gemma comes up behind her at the front door and tells Polly to put down her gun. She doesn't, but turns instead. Gemma shoots her square in the chest, and Polly falls to the floor, dead.Gemma exhales and sits down on the couch as Stahl comes from around the corner. "Bloody day for both of us," Gemma says to her.Stahl asks if Polly was involved in the rape. She tells Gemma she's sorry that happened to her. Gemma asks what happens next. A seemingly sympathetic Stahl tells her to go and see her family before they pick her up. As Gemma leaves, Stahl tosses her the gun which she'd used to shoot Edmund, securing Gemma's fingerprints on the weapon. Then Stahl makes Gemma leave that handgun, for framing purposes, as Gemma figures out what the treacherous ATF agent has just improvised, and leaves. Stahl sits back down to wait with the dead bodies of Edmund and Polly.She picks up the radio and gives a status update, knowing Cameron will hear it. She puts it all on Gemma, saying she sucker punched her and shot them both and left. In a car on the way to the house, Cameron weeps at the news of his dead son.Outside, Half-Sack watches ATF cars race up. He leaves, but happens to have the bad luck of driving by Cameron, who follows.Back at the cigar shop, Alvarez hustles Zobelle out the door. Juice and the remaining Sons watch him leave with a Mayan escort. He calls out the troops. As they leave the garage, Unser tells Clay that something is ready and waiting. Clay gives him a hug.They roll out.Gemma calls Unser, telling him she's on the lam.Out on the road, the Sons follow Zobelle and the Mayans. An "Unser Trucking" van pulls out in front of Zobelle's car. The back opens up and Piney and some Sons open fire, taking out the vanguard of the Mayan escort. Alvarez exits the car as Zobelle scrambles into the driver's seat and drives away. Clay tells Alvarez to take off or they'll finish things. He leaves.Jax and the guys follow Zobelle to a convenience store with a school bus outside it. Tig walks up to the window and sees Zobelle hiding inside with cover of civilians, mostly youngsters. Clay says as soon as the kids clear, they kill him.Half-Sack goes to Tara's and tells her he lost Gemma to the fed raid. She calls Jax. She's only gotten as far as telling him that Gemma followed Polly when Cameron walks in her door with a gun. He disarms Half-Sack and says he plans to kill Tara for Gemma killing his son. The baby cries nearby.Cameron walks over to him and picks up a butcher knife, saying "a son for a son, seems about right." He brings the knife over the baby and Half-Sack runs at him. Cameron plunges the knife in Half-Sack's gut and Tara watches helplessly as he dies. Then Cameron picks up Abel and cradles him, gun in hand.Zobelle calls Hale for help. Hale tells him it's a bad day for the Zobelles to leave Charming. He tells him about Polly and tells him he'll get the sheriffs right out there. Then he hangs up and tells a deputy not to bother.Back outside the convenience store, Clay gets Tig to go in and clear it out.Jax, Opie and Chibs get to Tara's and find Half-Sack dead, Tara tied up and Abel gone. Jax calls Clay, who calls the guys off Zobelle without hesitation.From inside the store, Zobelle watches, mystified, as his would-be assassins leave him.Cameron drives down the road with Abel in his car.The Sons hit the road, too.Hale takes the report from Tara.Zobelle checks in for his flight, saying his daughter won't be joining him. "We adjust and adapt," he says coldly to the ticket agent.Hale comforts Tara as she sobs.Jax tears down the road after his son.An ATF agent tells a pleased Stahl that Gemma got away.Unser drives Gemma out of Charming, to who knows where.Cameron arrives at the wharf and runs with Abel in his arms with Jax and the Sons close behind him. He places Able safely on his boat and starts it as Jax races down the dock to him. The Sons watch helplessly as Cameron escapes by sea.Jax collapses in his step-father's arms.

Directed by Kurt Sutter  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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