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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2011, 57 min.

Synopsis Jax writes a letter in prison. The guard comes for him. It's time to go. His hair is short and he has fresh scars on his abdomen.In her office, Tara looks at the letters while Abel entertains himself by chewing on his shirt and coloring on a slip of paper he finds in Tara's bag.Clay walks down the halls of prison with all his things. The guys follow.At home, Gemma looks in on the baby.The boys put on their rings, their clothes and their swagger and walk out of prison.Alone in solitary, Otto (Kurt Sutter) receives his breakfast. His hard boiled egg has a carefully placed razor blade in it.Jax, Bobby, Tig, Clay, Happy and Juice walk out of prison. Opie and the guys are there to meet them with their cuts. Jax notes to Opie that it's a big day for both of them.Tig hugs his old frenemy Kozy (Kenny Johnson), saying he knew Kozy would get voted in when he was gone.Back in prison, the guard comes to check on Otto. Blood runs out from under the door. Otto lies inside. He slit his wrists.The boys ride back into Charming. They pass a construction site for Charming Heights, custom luxury homes from Hale and Associates. They are not pleased.Back in town, the new Lt. Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) greets the boys as they ride back into town, blocking their path. He tells them Charming is now under the direction of the San Joaquin County Sheriff and as a condition of their release, they're not allowed to wear gang colors. The next time he sees any of them wearing their kuttes, he'll confiscate them. Welcome home.Back at the shop, Piney reminds Tara that history is dead and has to stay that way. Gemma tells Tara she's proud of her for making things work with Jax inside. The boys pull up and the men greet their women.Clay looks around and wonders where Wayne Unser is. Chuckie says hi -- he has prostheses. His nubs were freaking Gemma out, and she bought him "new hands."A man clad all in black leather comes into Roosevelt's office and introduces himself as Linc Potter (Ray McKinnon), an assistant US attorney. He invites Roosevelt to a meeting later, but isn't forthcoming.Jacob Hale (Jeff Kober) comes by to gladhand. He wants to know what Roosevelt is doing to deal with SAMCRO. Roosevelt doesn't seem to be a fan.At council, Chibs, Kozy, Opie and the others who were outside give the guys their cut of the gun business. Clay thanks them for overseeing things.Opie says Jacob Hale has a lot of investors lined up for the housing development. After he pushed through a freeway extension, their friend Elliot Oswald lost millions through eminent domain and Hale is letting him make it up through lumber and construction work.Clay points out they're building houses that no one in Charming can afford. He sees that Hale's been planning this for five years by working through the planning committee and council.They know Roosevelt comes from gang task force in Oakland.Opie tells everyone things are set for 6:00 p.m. and he expects good wedding gifts.They get ready to leave but see Roosevelt is waiting down the block. Clay tells everyone to split up and has Squiggy follow his group with the tow truck. They tear down the highway and split up, with the follow group pulling off to the side of the highway. The cops stay with Clay.The follow group then pulls out to get in close on the police car, boxing it in. They slow it down so Clay can pull away. The cops try to get out from behind the motorcycles, but Tig just kicks the cop car. The cops race after them.Roosevelt signs a confidentiality form to be let into Linc's inner sanctum. There are two doors with keypads leading to a war room inside with dozens of photos of all the SAMCRO guys, their women and even Wayne Unser. Linc introduces agents representing the FBI, ATF and ICE.Linc plans to use RICO against the Sons. He knows about their deal with the IRA after the Sons killed Jimmy O'Phelan. He knows the Russians were providing a safe house for Jimmy until the Sons made them a better offer, but then they double-crossed them. That's why Jax got shivved in Stockton, he says.Clay smoothed it over by making a distribution deal with Putlova. They expect the Sons to "renegotiate" that deal soon. And they'll know about it. FBI Agent Ronald Riskin is deep undercover with the Russians and is close to becoming Putlova's No. 2.They expect to get recordings of Putlova selling illegal weapons and take down the Real IRA and the Sons. They expect it'll happen in Charming.Linc likes Roosevelt's background and thinks he can trust him."Count me in," Roosevelt says.The undercover FBI guy accompanies Putlova (Keith Szarabajka) to a meeting with Clay and Jax at a low rent strip club where the women have all seen better days. They explain to Jax there are no hard feelings about shivving him, it was just business.Putlova says the Sons can have 50 percent of the hardwear but they want some extra for transport and assuming all the risk. With the FBI guy nearby, they agree to an additional 5 percent for the first month and 15 after that. They want to see the guns that night at the party.They toast vodka and strike their deal.Gemma visits Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) in his trailer. It's a mess. His phone's been disconnected. It's news to him. He forgot Clay was coming home.He tells Gemma he quit taking his cancer meds because they make him sleepy and he's broke. She's concerned. He split with his wife. Gemma gives him a bag of weed for medicinal purposes. He fights off tears.Handcuffed on the side of the road by the cops who had been trying to tail Clay's group, the guys discuss what to get Opie for his wedding. Juice is getting him and Lyla 10 colonic sessions each at an herbal shop he co-owns in town.The sheriff's deputies check in with Roosevelt, who instantly sees the Sons' plan. Once the sheriffs vehicle swerved into them, they sped off but could claim they were doing so out of fear for their lives. Sensing potential lawsuit, Roosevelt orders them released.Linc gets word of the gun meet that night, but tells his guy not to wire the place. Let them get comfortable.Back home, Tara puts the boys down for a nap. Jax throws her over his shoulder and takes her into the bedroom where they race to get undressed.Clay and Gemma had the same idea. They move from pillow talk to business. He assures her they should be able to make seven figures from the Russian deal.He tries to stroke her face but his hand shakes. His arthritis, and perhaps something else, is acting up. He thinks he can only ride for two more winters at most. Gemma suggests surgery but he's against it. She tells him about visiting Unser. She says he needs the club. She remembers what he did for them...setting up Agent Stahl.Later, in bed, Tara asks Jax what they're going to do about the boys.Opie and Lyla get ready for their wedding. He tells her he's glad she's joining the family and happy they'll be adding to it. She doesn't mention they already had the chance, but she got an abortion.Jax goes to get the crying baby, but picks something up bringing him back to Tara. He hands the baby over and she sees the ring on his finger. Jax says they should get married. Tara wants to, but she worries about raising kids in the club. Jax tells her he doesn't want to. He wants to get out. He knows he'll end up dead or prison if he doesn't. Tara asks him how he'll get out. He wants to ride out the Irish deal for awhile to make some money, because he refuses to live off Tara. He knows Clay's hands are bad, and he thinks he can leave after Clay steps down. As for Gemma, he says of his mother that she's "just an old lady.""This scares me," Tara says. Jax assures her it's all he's been thinking about it for 14 months in prison. He tells her they'll take the boys and start fresh somewhere.Clay visits Unser. "I got a call, Jed Clampett wants his front yard back," Clay jokes about the ramshackle set up. Unser mentions the development and Clay says the town's upside-down. Unser says it's easier to deal with being off the grid. Clay tells Unser he has to get back into things because he needs him. Clay promises Unser there won't be any Charming Heights. He promises things will take their course.Clay wants to borrow a catering truck for the night.In the prison infirmary, Otto lies in a bed, alive. A yelling Russian is wheeled in next to him. He strapped to his bed and yelling and cursing. A guard asks Otto how his wrists are. Leaning surreptitiously over Otto, the guard takes out a scalpel.At the wedding that night, the boys greet the Russians. Everyone is there, Niners, Russians, Mayans. They're on an Indian reservation so the cops can't drive on.Roosevelt checks with his men at the edge of it. A catering van drives by them.Piney walks Lyla down the aisle. Her dress goes to mid-thigh, she's wearing an exposed garter and platform heels. Jax and Tara beam at each other as the tribal leader offers a blessing.Lyla promises to be a loving wife and "old lady." Opie gets choked up vowing to cherish and protect her. Opie's vows include a special MC charge as well.Later, as everyone dances, Jax checks on Juice, Bobby and Tig in the back of the catering van. He tells them to call it off if anyone follows them.Clay sits down with Alvarez to check on their business deals, and thanks the man for putting the word out to "brown" inside, and making it one more thing the Sons didn't have to worry about while they were doing their time..As Gemma slow dances with Unser, Putlova gives Opie a handgun as a wedding present. Jax passes it to Clay. Lyla calls Opie to slow dance.Clay, Tig and Kozy go to play with the handgun in the woods.The undercover FBI shows Tig and Bobby boxes of guns in a warehouse.In the hospital, Otto slips out of his undone restraints and grasps the scalpel left for him. He gets out of his stretcher and leans over the Russian."This is for Jax Teller," he whispers in the Russian's ear -- before digging the scalpel all the way in.In the warehouse, Juice, Chibs, Bobby and Happy try out the assault rifles. Then, without warning, they all turn and open fire on the Russians, killing four of them -- including the undercover FBI Agent.Clay takes the new handgun and tries it out with a few rounds. Then he turns and fires on a Russian. Kozy takes out one and Tig grabs Putlova for Jax, who digs a blade deep into his gut. "It's just business," Jax says over his corpse.Back home at night, Gemma tidies up Abel's room. She finds the piece of paper he scribbled on -- the note from Maureen Ashby giving him "the truth" about his father with his manuscript.The guys dispose of the Russians' bodies in a ditch.Back at the wedding, they sit around and have celebratory cigars.Jax goes from brutally exacting his revenge to slow dancing with Tara. "It's good to be home," he says.The camera pans back and we see where the Russian bodies were dumped -- right at the foot of the Charming Heights development sign.

Directed by Paris Barclay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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