Patch Over

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2008, 55 min.

Synopsis The episode begins with Deputy Chief Hale (Taylor Sheridan) talking with Federal Agent Kohn (Jay Karnes). Hale is giving Cohen a lot of information, unaware that the real reason he is here is to unsettle Tara (Maggie Siff). Chief Unser (Dayton Callie) sees the Federal agent meeting with Hale and is angry that this happening without his approval or even knowledge.The Sons meet in their chapel, also very concerned that Kohnis here. They need to move the guns and, after some discussion, it is agreed that Jackson (Charlie Human) and Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) will go to Nevada to source a new spot to store the weapons. In Nevada, the Devil's motorcycle club is headed by Jury (Michael Shamus Wiles), a former friend of Jackson's Dad. They two were in Vietnam together.Doctor Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) sees flower petals on her windscreen and also becomes aware that Kohn is around. She searches for a gun but then realises she has a better source of protection and goes to see Jackson. Under the ruse that her Dad's car needs fixing, she asks for a lift home. Jackson cannot help; he is headed to Nevada but Gemma (Katey Segal) the club matriarch and Tara's old (now new) enemy is tasked. For some reason, Gemma obliges.Prospect Half-Sack (Johnny Lewis) makes the mistake of saying he is attracted to Gemma (he uses different words) in ear shot of her old man Clay (Ron Perlman).On road to Nevada, the Mayans spot Jackson and Bobby. When Clay hears he plans a patch over (turning the Devils into Sons) and is headed to Nevada with a few others to help "persuade" them.Half way there Bobby and Jackson find a young man sitting on their bike. Thinking the Sons are on a similar level, the man confesses to hitting his girlfriend Susie (Mircea Monroe). The Sons help the young man learn that both sitting on bikes and hitting the fairer sex is not preferred behaviour. Susie rides off with Jackson. Gemma contacts her best friend and Porn Queen Luann Delaney (Dendrie Taylor) for help. Luann is married to one of the Sons who is currently in prison Otto (played by series creator Kurt Sutter). Luann has a friend who is an agent and Gemma asks her to do a check on Tara. They don't find much but they do discover the restraining order Tara had on Kohn.In Nevada, Uncle Jury is thrilled to see Jackson and is in a position to help the Sons. He has a strip club where the weapons can be stored. Susie is taught how to be a crow-eater by Cherry (Taryn Manning). Cherry's life ambition is be an old lady. Bobby is given a $1200 gift in the form of the lovely Daytona. Jax is worried about the patch over and Bobby is worried about how much Jackson has started second guessing Clay.Clay suggests to Jury's gang The Devils that they become the Nevada version of the Sons of Anarchy. The club sit open mouthed as it dawns on them that despite the fact they are voting on it they may not have a choice.Juice (Theo Rossi) and Tig (Kim Coates) steal a truck in order to transport the guns to Nevada. It does not go to plan because Juice feeds the guard dog crank in order to subdue it. Not surprisingly, this does not work and the dog bites Tig on his bottom.Jury and his club agree to the patch over. Somewhat arrogantly, Clay spray paints the words Sons on the wall whilst Jackson gives Jury a vest and they embrace. A patch-over party begins.Cherry may just get her wish to become an old lady when she and Half-sac find common ground. This is ruined when Clay, still angry about the prospect's earlier remarks cuts in and takes Cherry with him. Cherry knows club rules and agrees. Susie and Jackson spend the night together.Back in Charming, Tig is finding it hard to forgive Juice.In the morning, Jackson takes a walk to read some words on a cave as his father John Teller (Nicholas Guest) narrates. When Tig and Juice arrive, they are disappointed to see the party is over. Susie is surprised to see that Cherry slept with Clay and Cherry fills her in the way of the world of clubs.Gemma is very suspicious of why Tara is back in Charming. She turns up with the car but Tara sees it as an excuse. Gemma worries about what kind of influence Tara may have on Jackson especially since he is already becoming defiant. She does give Tara a more effective gun.On way back from his bushwalk, Jackson runs into the Mayans and a chase begins. When he arrives at the clubhouse this turns into a gun battle. Kohn looks on in shock, he has been watching.It is too much for Susie who leaves on the back of her boyfriend's bike. It appears they have reunited. Jackson does not seem to care.Back in Charming Jackson is glad to see Able and Tara. When he goes to see Able, Tara opens an envelope and finds a picture of Jackson in bed with Susie.There is only one person who could have put it there.

Directed by Paris Barclay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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