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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 55 min.

Synopsis Tara announces to Jax, out of jail now, that she finished his dad's manuscript. He promises her change is coming.Gemma asks Clay about the fight with Jax. She knows it was about Donna's murder. She asks how everything's going to play out. She tells him she wants to have everyone over for dinner that night.Jax confronts Hale, asking him what he told Agent Stahl. Hale tells him Zobelle is protected because he's being watched by the FBI, which helps Jax understand why Stahl needed the club.At the club house, Half-Sack whips out his new prosthetic testicle to show off to the jail returnees.Bobby tells the guys they have to do something about Clay and Jax. He thinks it's about Donna, but Opie and Tig (who killed her) disagree. Bobby says Jax pushing for change is good for the club, but their fight is about something bigger. He wants to get to the truth.Opie says he can get Jax to tell him. Bobby suggest Tig talk to Clay, which isn't a problem since Tig is the only other one who knows what's up.Jax comes in announcing the Chinese want a sit down.Clay visits with Oswald, promising they won't burn him on the bail. Oswald tells him he might need their help against Jacob Hale, who's pushing laws through city council to facilitate more land grabs through the eminent domain process. And now he's running for mayor. Oswald plans to run against him. He wants SAMCROs support.Clay asks for land in return, somewhere to store guns, though he doesn't say so. And, as a show of good faith, he gives Oswald the knife with Oswald's fingerprints on it that the club used to kill the man who raped Oswald's daughter (last season).Jax shows up at the warehouse where Luanne (Dendrie Taylor) tells him someone broke in, stole their expensive camera and her laptop and killed the guard dog. Lyla's freaked out and wants Opie there.Clay and Tig meet with Lin the arms dealer. He needs guns. He'll pay double. And he returns last season's compulsive masturbator Chuck, who now only has two fingers -- Lin got tired of watching the constant jerking.Clay wants nothing to do with him, but Tig feels sorry for him and so Chuck comes with. He's a numbers guy, Tig suggests he can do the porn books.Clay wants to go to the Irish for guns, but Tig is worried Stahl was telling the truth about them trading with Zobelle.Chib wakes up in the hospital. There's a woman at his bedside and he's surprised to see her.At the warehouse, Luanne is sure that rival porn guy Georgie is responsible. Opie wants to bring Lyla to Gemma's dinner.Chuck tells Jax that Lin is losing turf to the Mayans. Jax suggests they visit Laroy on the way to Georgie's.Clay and the guys pay the young Irishman a visit. He says the AK 47s he promised them are gone. The guys leave and once outside plan to watch the house until Zobelle's guys come for the guns, which they're sure are still hidden inside.Back inside, Zobelle's daughter Polly comes out of the bedroom. She hears her lover getting off the phone with his pops, Cameron, asking if he's sure he wants to cross the club. He mentions they haven't cleared it with Jimmy O. Polly asks about him.Gemma finds the mystery Irish woman in Chib's room, and is not happy she's there. When Tara comes in she tells the woman only immediate family can be in ICU. Gemma explains that Fiona Larkin is Chib's wife.Chuck strolls into Georgie's shop, drawing his security guard out for Jax, Opie and Bobby. They walk in on Georgie (Tom Arnold), who pulls a gun but doesn't get far. They ask for their camera back and Georgie orders his guy to get it. They take Luanne's laptop, and put Georgie's laptop in a fishtank for good measure.Then he calls them "white trash morons." Standing on his neck, Opie tells Georgie that Lyla's with him now and threatens him should anything happen to her.After they leave, Georgie schemes.Gemma explains to Tara that Chibs and Fiona haven't been together for some time. Gemma adds that there are only three women she's afraid of: her mother, her third grade math teacher and Fiona. She wants to keep Chib from getting transferred for recovery.Tara points out the administrator, Margaret Murphy, who has been all over Tara about the club, saying she can't pull any strings now. And so Gemma follows her into the elevator.Tig asks Clay about his fight with Jax. He admits some of it's about Donna. Then Clay tells Tig he thinks he's messed up over Donna, and questions his stomach for what needs to be done.Half-Sack calls Clay to report Weston has arrived at the Irishman's house. Clay tells him to follow the guns.Jax and Opie drop by Laroy's club, but in back they're surprised to walk into a group of Mayans who quickly disarm them and have guns against their heads.Clay and Tig meet up with Half-Sack, ready to go after the guns. Clay is pissed the others aren't there. They call. With guns to their heads, Jax, Opie and Bobby can't answer.Bobby starts talking to Jax about what's going on with Clay. Jax tells Opie he feels like he's losing his friends.The head Mayan Alvarez comes back, letting them know belatedly that Laroy doesn't hang out there anymore. He tells Jax the Mayans truce with SAMCRO is over. They notice the Mayans have AKs. Alvarez says they can leave, but they're taking their patches. Jax says no way.Alvarez holds a gun to his forehead. Jax dares him to pull the trigger, but doesn't back down.Alvarez says the next time someone walks into Mayan territory, they aren't walking out. He leaves.Hale arrives at a murder scene. A blonde woman lies beaten to death at the bottom of the hill. We can't tell who it is, but Hale knows it's bad news.Juice, Half-Sack, Tig and Clay pull up on Weston and the truck where they think the guns are being kept. They find them in back. But before they can get away with them, a second batch of Aryans drives up and an all out gun battle breaks out. Clay jumps in the line of fire but can't get the AKs. They have to leave them.Gemma takes a roast out of the oven as Tara walks in angrily. She's holding a hostile work environment claim filed by the administrator against her. Tara tells Gemma not to mess with her livelihood and when she sees Lyla walk in she asks, colorfully, if she'll be serving a sexual act for dessert. Lyla storms out just as Jax et al are driving up.Jax hears her call Tara an "arrogant bitch," but strolls inside.Zobelle delivers the guns to his buyer -- Alvarez the Mayan. He won't even take his money. He says he's a venture capitalist. He tells him to talk to his friends on the inside, they'll tell him he's a good friend to have.Inside, Jax tries to calm Tara down as Gemma puts the food on the table. When Jax walks in, Clay yells at him, asking where he was. Bobby says they were dealing with stuff, and tells Tig to keep club business out of the house when Tig starts to tell him about them almost getting killed. They shove each other and are shouting and name calling when Hale appears in the open doorway, somber.He walks in and tells them they just found a body beaten to death: Luanne.When Hale leaves, Clay immediately turns to Jax and asks him if he caused this. Bobby and Opie say it's their fault. Tig goes after them as Clay shouts at Jax, asking if he can see what he's doing to the club.Helpless and desperate, Gemma tries to figure out what to do or say as the guys go at each other. Clay accuses Jax of getting Luanne killed and tearing the club apart and Jax shouts that he's not the one murdering women.Gemma picks up the serving platter and drops it onto the table where it shatters, getting everyone's attention.They stop shouting at each other and everybody stands quiet, in chaos.

Directed by Paul Maibaum  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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