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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 55 min.

Synopsis Jax sews his patches back onto his jacket. Tara says she wanted to tell him about his mom's attack. He tells her she did the right thing, she had no choice. She asks if they're going after Zobelle. Jax would do the same for her. She reminds him he already did (killing her stalker).There's a knock at the door. Its Clay. Jax welcomes him in.Clay holds his grandson Abel. "Sorry, Son," he tells Jax. With charges pending and the feds in town, he wants the retaliation to be smart -- he can't do it without Jax. Jax isn't going anywhere.And what's to be done? "We kill them all," Jax says.The club gathers at the table. Jax tells them he's not going Nomad. Then Clay tells them why.The club wants blood, but Jax says they can't make a show of force. Clay warns them not to strike.They need guns. Jax tells everyone to bring in what they have.The next day, Tara visits Gemma at her house. Tara tells her what she did was brave. Gemma says it had to be done to heal the rift between Clay and Jax. But she thinks Clay won't ever want to sleep with her again because she's been violated. She thinks he'll find someone else.Jax packs up his gun stash as Tara drops by. He's about to leave when she tells him she got suspended at the hospital for helping Chibs beat insurance. Worst case she loses her license, best case it's a black mark on her record.She wasn't going to tell him, but she doesn't want any secrets. He hugs her and says they'll get through it and she takes that moment to blurt out that if he cheated on her it'd be a deal breaker and she probably wants kids. He reassures her.Gemma finds Tig in her kitchen drinking vodka for breakfast. He hugs her hello, acting wobbly and out of sorts. He tells her they're collecting guns and she heads to her bedroom to get her personal stash. The hatboxes in the closet tumble to the ground and as he bends to pick them up, she pulls him close.They start grabbing at each other, then ripping each others clothes off. They start going at it against the wall, knocking family pictures to the ground. Tig looks at one and stops himself. They pull apart.Tig walks up to Opie at the garage as he works on his bike. Tig's still not quite right. Out of nowhere he asks Opie why Donna was in the truck the night she was killed. Then Tig tells Opie she wasn't supposed to be there.Opie figures it out and goes after him. Tig doesn't fight back as Opie beats the tar out of him.Tig tells Opie how Agent Stahl set Opie up as a rat and he and Clay bought it. He says it was supposed to be Opie in the truck. Jax rides up and sees Opie holding onto Tig. He races over, calling for the guys.Opie rides off as Tig tells Clay he doesn't know who he is anymore. He says he had to tell Opie. Then, with Clay, Bobby, Piney and Jax standing there, Tig says he killed Donna.Jax figures Opie is going after Stahl. Clay is left to face Piney and Bobby.Opie waits for Agent Stahl outside the police station. He follows her in his truck as she and another agent drive off.Jax arrives moments later and warns Hale. He says he'll warn Stahl, but he just saw Opie drive off after her. Hale says Stahl was following up with a buyer for the Irish who was going to turn (who Jax doesn't know is Chibs). Hale thinks it has to be one of Zobelle's guys.After Jax leaves, Unser tells Hale the club knows about Gemma's attack. He tells Hale he's made a decision to protect the club, to help a friend. He tells Hale to do what he needs to do, and he should consider himself acting chief.Clay goes to Bobby for advice. Bobby's worried about the bad p.r. among other clubs if they find out about the hit on their own guy.Tara comes to treat Tig after the beating. Half-Sack isn't feeling right and drops his pants to show Tara his ball implant. She reels, telling him it's very infected and he needs to get to an ER. Clay and Tig walk in to get a good view. Tig barfs.Piney visits his ex-wife Mary. Piney tells her the mistakes Opie made were his fault. He kisses her and tells her to take care.Jax watches Zobelle and his guys leave the cigar shop, where Zobelle brushes Weston off. Jax tails Zobelle.Bobby, Clay and Juice assess their armory. Clay thinks they don't have enough. He wants to reach out to Jimmy O. and the Irish, saying Chibs will just have to understand.Cut to Chibs meeting with Agent Stahl to finalize his deal. He balks when it doesn't include immunity for the club as promised. But she tells him Edmund is talking and Jimmy O might figure out who started things, which puts his wife and child at risk.Waiting outside, Opie sees Chibs walks out of his meeting with Stahl with paperwork.Jax follows Zobelle and sees him meeting with the head Mayan.Inside, they make a deal for Zobelle to provide him with access for heroin inside California prisons. They shake on it.Jax watches Zobelle and his guy leave the meeting with a small duffel.Stahl watches in a harbor as Cameron hands AKs over to Weston. She orders a tail for Cameron. Waiting in the parking lot, Opie watches Weston and the other ATF leave.Opie walks over to Stahl's car and interrupts her as she starts to return Hale's call. He pulls her out of her car and sticks a gun in her face. She's not worried at first, but then realizes he knows her role in bringing about Donna's death. He wants her to feel what he feels.Stahl starts to shake as she sees he's serious. Just when it looks like his rage will make him go through with it, Opie removes the clip from his gun and gives it to her. "The outlaw had mercy," he says, telling her to remember this the next time she sets a mother up to get killed.He walks away, leaving her to break down sobbing.Gemma sits outside a church smoking. The priest joins her, introducing himself and bumming a cigarette. She's trying to work up the nerve to go to the meeting inside.She asks if God forgives. He says God does, it's people who sometimes can't.He talks to her about service and tells her to look for the opportunities.Jax finds Opie back at the club. Opie starts by telling Jax he didn't kill Stahl. Opie has figured that Jax knew about Donna and that's what caused the rift between him and Clay. Opie asks what he's supposed to do.Jax says the burden lands on the club, they made Clay. Opie asks how to unmake him.They hug it out. Jax tells Opie he has something he wants him to read.Bobby, Chibs and Clay meet with Jimmy O. Jimmy O says he's through selling to white power. He says the club can have Zobelle's next shipment free as reparations. Chibs realizes this presents a serious problem given that ATF knows about it.Piney goes through his old club memorabilia.Opie reads Jax's dad's manuscript.Opie sits at the table with Tig, Clay, Bobby and Jax. Clay says they want to fix things. Opie says he does too, which is why he's staying. Clay's glad to hear it. Opie says he doesn't want the secret getting out (which solves one of Clay's problems).Then he tells them about seeing Chibs coming out of Stahl's office with paperwork. He wants them to hear Chibs out and trust what he says.Gemma finds Chibs in the garage. She takes his hand. He asks if she's ever done anything that made her feel wretched to protect someone she loves. More than once, she says.He starts crying and tells her he has no idea how to get out of what he's got himself in. She holds onto him as he cries. When he asks what to do, she tells him to tell the club.He tells her he doesn't know what the club would do without her.Back around the table, Jax tells the guys about the Mayans working with Zobelle. He figures it was never about white power for Zobelle, it was about drug money, which is why Zobelle is doing the drug deal with the Mayans behind the back of Weston, a true believer.Clay smells a weakness.Chibs comes in, asking for a minute.Piney pulls up outside. He puts a gun in his pocket.Inside, Chibs tells the club about his ATF deal, but that he didn't finalize it.Clay shrugs it off, saying if he didn't go through with it, he's no rat. Jax says they'll find a way to protect his wife and kid.Just then Piney busts in. He aims at Clay and shoots. He misses and the guys disarm him. Opie tells everyone to clear out so he can talk to his dad.Later, Opie tells Clay that Piney acted because he thought Opie was going to kill Clay. He was trying to protect his son.Opie asks Clay to give Piney a break, saying he's dead without the club.Clay thinks about it. As Piney leaves, Clay tells him not to ever come into the club house again without his jacket. Piney says it won't happen again.As they're all leaving, Tig follows Clay and tells him that Gemma needs to know Clay still wants her.Clay finds her in the office and gruffly tells her it's time to go home. She says she has a lot of work, so he turns toward the door.Then he shuts it and sweeps the paper off the desk. He reaches for her hungrily and wraps his arms around her as he tells her, "I want my wife." Gemma is healed.

Directed by Phil Abraham  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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