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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Gemma drops by Jax's. He's in the garage. Tara greets Gemma in the kitchen and notices she winces as she sits down. She's still not feeling right after her attack. Tara says she'll write her a prescription.Jax comes in, complaining about a box he can't find. The one with the half-burnt manuscript by his dad, though he doesn't say so. Gemma innocently says she tossed a box out, and plays dumb. Jax says it had an old Harley manual in it.Chibs drops by, reporting that Half-Sack is getting his new fake testicle that morning. Jax leaves with him.A young woman pulls up to the garage in a Prius. She's got a flat and drove to the garage on it. Opie takes care of it, noticing coke vials on the floor next to kid's toys. They recognize each other. She's Lyla, one of Luanne's porn girls and a single mom.Hales brother Jacob visits with Zobelle talking about his land development deal. Zobelle tells him its hard to get support for non-members of his white supremacist group. He gives Jacob membership info. A couple of SAMCRO guys pull up out front. Zobelle tells him he's handling the problem with them. Jax and a few other guys wait outside while Clay goes in to talk to Zobelle.Clay's there to offer protection, some friendly extortion. You pay or you go away, Clay says. He wants a grand on the first of every month. He takes a stack of cigar boxes on his way out . When he leaves, Weston reports to Zobelle that Stockton called, and the "inside's a go." Zobelle tells Weston they need to humble Clay.In prison, Otto (Kurt Sutter) mops the floor. A guard calls the other guy mopping out of the hallway then lets in three skinheads. Otto sees them coming and breaks his mop handle, trying to defend himself. But he's no match for the three skinheads. They soon have him on the ground. One climbs on top of him and rams the broken mop handle in his eye.Zobelle drops by Hale's office and tells him abut Clay's recent extortion attempt. Weston hands Hale photos and DVDs of SAMCRO torching the meth lab the one Zobelle funded. He reminds Hale they want the same thing.Gemma and Tara pick up Gemma's estrogen prescription. In the parking lot, Gemma sees the woman who set her up to get raped parking a minivan. She chases after her, but the woman jumps in Weston's truck and pulls away. Tara runs up behind Gemma, who has her gun out, and startles her. Gemma whirls around and cracks Tara in the nose, breaking it. She apologizes profusely.Hale watches the DVDs. One of them shows him taking an envelope from Darby -- the grand opening coupon, but it looks like a bribe.Jax drops by and tells Hale that Zobelle had Otto jumped. Jax asks Hale where he's at with the meth lab. He asks an angry Hale if he sees the pattern: Hale's so bent on burning SAMCRO he keeps getting in bed with the devil. Hale throws him out.Hale watches the second DVD of SAMCRO torching the meth lab. It clearly shows Opie running out before the house explodes.The woman who set up Gemma gets out of Weston's truck at church and says hi to her dad: Zobelle. She tells him the van's in place.Gemma sits in the hospital church. Tara asks who the woman was. Gemma doesn't answer. Tara says she knows what it's like to keep something like that inside. She reminds Gemma about her ex who was stalking her, and tells her he attacked her (she leaves out the part about Jax killing him). She urges Gemma to tell someone before she gets herself killed or kills someone. Tara made an appointment with a shrink for her. Gemma tells her what she's doing means a lot.Clay, Tig and Opie visit a landowner named Oswald. The county wants to take a strip of his land for a highway using eminent domain, for which he'd get peanuts. He tells Clay that Jacob Hale is putting together investors for a housing development on his land which would mean a zoning change preventing the county from running a highway through. So he's got no choice but to sell to Jacob Hale.Tig tells Clay that everyone will be there later for a sitdown about Zobelle. They're worried abut having enough votes.At the club, Juice asks Jax what the retaliation is for Otto, who's nearly blind. Jax lobbies Chibs, too, to not play into Zobelle's hand by reacting without a plan. He talks to Bobby, too, but Bobby won't support him without knowing what's going on with Jax and Clay. Jax won't tell him. Jax tells Piney he needs him at the table that night, too. Piney asks how Tara's doing. It's the first Jax has heard about her nose.He goes to the hospital to see Tara. She tells him it was an accident. The hospital administrator sees Tara's face and Jax leaving and asks her if she needs to talk to someone. She clearly thinks Jax did it.Gemma goes to see the shrink, Dr. Lich. She's weirded out when she sees a woman leaving the office sobbing. She bails. She runs into Jax in the hallway and he gives her a ride.Clay shows Unser the letter about the housing development, seeing if he knows any names. They see Zobelle's goons across the street and go to meet them.Jax and Gemma pull up down the street as Weston and Opie are walking toward each other. Gemma gets off the bike and Jax speeds towards them, stopping them. But when Weston kicks Jax's bike over, fighting breaks out. Unser and Gemma watch.Back at home, Gemma reads Jax's dad's manuscript, including a part about forgiveness and the destructive power of revenge.Unser asks Hale point blank if he's involved with Zobelle. Hale calls Unser a hypocrite for being in Clay's pocket. Unser tells Hale angrily that he chose Hale for his second because he was clean. Unser sits him down, telling him he has to tell him something that can't leave the room.He tells Hale about finding Gemma and what Zobelle's guy did to her, including his cover-up. He tells Hale about his promise to Gemma to keep her secret. He wants Hale to know what kind of man Zobelle is. Unser gives him the letter from the developers and mentions the land deal.Hale lets Weston and the skinheads and Jax and the SAMCRO guys go with a warning. But he pulls Jax and Clay aside. He gives him the photos Weston took of them with Unser, and the DVD of Opie torching the meth house. He tells them he's not on anybody's payroll.He also tells them about a scam his brother ran a few years ago, involving a developer and a zoning official they had on the take to scam away people's land. Their dad the judge buried the case. The developer has a new job: he's on the county zoning commission. There is no highway.Elliot Oswald and Clay interrupt Jacob Hale with a couple of investors. They tell the investors they're speculating on a tainted land deal. Clay gives Hale the zoning letter and tells him his little brother has a good memory.Jax finds Tara in Abel's nursery. She tells him she's trying to figure out how she fits in to the porn, the violence, his mother. She has a feeling something bad is going to happen.Jax gets his dad's manuscript, his vision for the club. He tells Tara he's going to get them out of all of those things she's afraid of. He gives her the manuscript.The club meets. Clay says they underestimated Zobelle and his reach. He says not acting now will be a sign of weakness. He wants retaliation to be harsh and immediate.Jax agrees with Clay's premise, but says if they retaliate now they're doing it half-blind. He says they took the bait on the meth house and if they react now, it'll be taking the bait again. He wants to wait and learn.Clay calls for a vote on immediate retaliation. Tig votes yea, Chib says no. Opie says yea, Piney says nay. Juice, a swing vote, goes yea. Its 4-2. Bobby surprises Clay by voting nay. Add in Jax and its tied. They'll wait on retaliation.The guys file out leaving Bobby and Clay behind. Bobby says he doesn't know what's going on with Clay and Jax, but somebody has to make decision to protect the club and that's what he did.Lyla picks up her Prius from Opie. She gives him her number.Gemma and Tara come to the garage. Outside, Zobelle's daughter's minivan is being towed in.Inside, Clay tells Gemma that Jax is like his dad. Clay says he just wants Jax to love him and he's not sure he does. Clay and Bobby hug it out.Chibs gets in the minivan outside to start it with everyone gathered outside. He hears it click instead of turn over and dives out. It explodes behind him and he hits the ground hard. Tara and everyone rush to him as he lies on his back, blood pooling from the back of his head.

Directed by Terrence O'Hara  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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