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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Jax reels after the kidnapping of his son Abel. He smokes next to the empty crib. Tara sits next to the blood stain from Half-Sack in the kitchen. On the lam after being semi-framed by Agent Stahl, Gemma stews in her hotel room as Tig and several Sons stand guard outside.Bobby reports to Clay that LeRoi says they found the guy. He says Tig will take care of Gemma. Clay doesn't want her to know about Abel.The Sons ride. They pass Zobelle's closed up cigar shop in town. They find Jax passed out in Abel's nursery.Bobby gets a call. Opie tells Jax that LeRoi found a guy who made ID for Cameron, the Irishman who took Abel. Opie dumps Jax in the shower.Gemma calls for Clay. He promises her they'll figure it out. She tells Clay to kiss Abel for her.Tara asks Clay what she's supposed to tell the FBI. He tells her to tell the truth -- that Cameron killed Sack and took Abel. But saying Stahl framed Gemma isn't going to help them find Abel. He tells her she's done great through everything.Tara tells Jax she think he blames her. He says it has nothing to do with her. He says he had no right asking her to stay and be part of his crazy life. He says she should have gone back to Chicago. He tells her she has to get away from Charming and him because she doesn't belong.After he leaves, in a fit of rage and despair she wrecks the nursery, crying and throwing things everywhere.In the hotel, Gemma looks at the newspaper and is stunned by something she sees.LeRoi and his guys meet with Clay and the Sons and the guy who made Cameron's ID. He made an Irish passport under the name Timothy O'Dell. He doesn't know anything about a baby. Jax worries it's bad news.Jake visits his brother Hale as he prepares to move into the sheriff's office. Jake's running for mayor and has an opponent in the primary. He checks that he has his brother's support.The Sons pull up on a marina near where Cameron met with the guy for his papers. Unser got them the boat slip number.They crash onto the boat. It's empty. Jax sees Abel's hat laying nearby. He scans the water.Gemma comes out of her hotel room, telling Tig she needs to borrow his car. She shows him the article. Tig says the feds are offering $10,000 for any info on her. She can't go anywhere.On the boat, they're getting ready to blast it to pieces when they notice two black dudes coming down the ramp. The guys turn and run and the Sons give chase.Clay gives the gun to Jax to shoot up the boat and tells Jax they will find Abel. The dudes peel out in a beater as the Sons race after.The dudes shoot at them as they race, but miss. Bobby and Opie fire back. They crash through a fence and Opie gets tangled in the barbed wire, Jax stops to help him.The guys pull up to their place where a dozen black guys come out with guns. Jax pulls up late and approaches the leader, telling him the guy who owned the boat kidnapped his eight month old son. In an unlikely turn of events, the guy immediately changes tone and tells him he bought the boat from an Irish guy for cash three days ago.Jax goes to the cemetery and sits by his real father's grave. Piney finds him there. He's making burial arrangements for Half-Sack.Piney tells Jax he needs to talk to somebody. He tells Piney he's been trying to find balance between the club and family but it keeps going wrong.Piney tells Jax he's like his dad, he loves the right things.Tara meets with the FBI as Agent Stahl listens. Tara says Cameron didn't say anything when he killed Sack, which isn't true.Unser tells Clay that law enforcement has nothing on Abel and it's not looking good. Unser tells Clay to tell Gemma he asked about her. Clay sees Stahl come out of the station and wants to rip her head off. Tara tells Stahl she's despicable and warns her to stay away from her family.Clay tells Stahl that all she did by framing Gemma was get a man killed and a baby kidnapped. He lets her know what'll happen to her if anything happens to Abel.Jax comes home to an empty house. He sees what Tara did to the nursery.Gemma sneaks by the Sons in front of her hotel and tries cars in the lot until one opens. She tries to figure out how to hotwire it with a small pocket knife, pausing to put her reading glasses on.Her phone rings, but when she goes to answer it the car's owner comes back and drags her out of it. She stabs him in the groin.Later, Tig tells her that flesh wound in the guy's groin is going to cost the club a lot of favors. She tells him she's going whether he likes it or not.In surgery on a young child, Tara gets overcome and has to excuse herself. The hospital administrator quietly takes note of her actions.Jax is cleaning up the nursery when Tara comes by. He tells her to go. She says no. She says she barely recognizes herself in her other life at the hospital."We don't know who we are 'til we're connected to someone else, we're just better human beings when we're with the person we're supposed to be with," she says. She tells him she belongs there.Tig takes Gemma to a nice ranch house. He wonders if they should have called.She rings the bell. Gemma tells the woman who answers that she's there to see the Reverend. They meet his live-in caregiver, Amelia, who tells her that he's dealing with dementia.Gemma steps in to see her father (Hal Holbrook). He gives her a big hug but then calls for her mother, who died a while ago.At the local church, the Sons gather for Half-Sack's funeral. His old army buddies are there, too. There are tons of people there, including from other clubs. One guy (Kenny Johnson) tells them he wants to transfer. Bobby is surprised when Clay quickly agrees.Tara kneels at Half-Sack's black SAM-CRO-adorned coffin and says a prayer. Clay asks Jax how he's doing. Clay tells him he didn't tell Gemma about Abel. He tells Jax all the other guys are watching him to see how he's going to cope. "You've gotta show 'em something, make the hard choice, son," Clay says."Either Abel is dead and you want revenge or he is alive and you would kill to find him."On a street in Ireland we see Cameron carrying Abel up to a door. A woman named Maureen (Paula Malcomson) answers and lets him in.Gemma watches TV with her dad.The guys stand outside the funeral home and a van pulls by very slowly. Unser and Hale and Hale's brother are also watching as the door slowly opens and automatic weapons unleash a hail of bullets on the Sons and everyone. Chuckie is hit, as is a young boy in the crowd. Jax throws Tara to the ground to protect her as the van pulls away.The sheriff's deputies fire on it and Hale steps in its path. The van runs him over completely and one of the shooters falls out as they speed away.The deputies grab the shooter, who we don't have an opportunity to recognize.Jax surveys the scene, as Hale's brother rushes to him. Jax sees the young boy's mother take him in her arms and he grabs the shooter out of the deputy's grasp and as everyone watches he bashes the man's head against the ground repeatedly until he's just as bloody a mess as Hale. The deputies hold their guns out but do nothing.Eventually Bobby helps pull him off, but the statement has been made.

Directed by Stephen T. Kay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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