The Push

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 42 min.

Synopsis At the club, Bobby reports that Serge's tracker won't refund their $10,000 for the aborted Vancouver Abel search and the other money is gone after it got stolen from Juice. They're tapped out.Clay asks Jax if Tara can help move the prescription drugs - their only viable source of income. He shoots the idea down.They wonder about jumping the Mayan's drugs as they move from them from Lodi to Stockton. They've got a meet with Alvarez set for later.The new guy Kozik (Kenny Johnson) shows up. They're voting on him. He talks to Tig, knowing he's not a fan. Kozik asks for a chance.They vote on three prospects. Dues are $75 a month and probation lasts a year minimum.Clay moves on to the transfer vote, which he says he's in favor of. They all vote yes on Happy. On to Kozy. Tig votes no, saying he doesn't trust him. Everyone is surprised.Clay and Jax tell Kozy to be patient. He punches Tig in the back, saying "it's no fun getting sucker punched, is it?"Jax and the guys stand back and watch Tig and Kozy brawl, cheering them on.Clay tells Gemma about their cash flow problems getting to Belfast. Their lawyer tells Gemma they'll take the death penalty off the table if she pleads guilty to the two murders.Jax finds Stahl in the church chapel. She tells him her boss was impressed with her getting Luke and she's working on their bail hearing.But there's a problem. She shows him a statement for Gemma about what happened with Polly and Edmund at the safe house (where Stahl framed her). Jax doesn't understand, but she tells him to make sure he feeds the story to his mom.She tells him she'll keep them out of jail for a couple more weeks.Clay sees her leaving.He sits down with Jax, asking what's going on with Tara. "She's a chick, don't complicate it," Clay says, telling him Tara is either in or out.He tells Jax again to have Tara move prescriptions for them.Jax meets with Tara at the hospital, telling her about the HIV drugs and asking for a clinic that might take them. She thinks about it and says she knows where to take them.He doesn't want her to do it, but she points out no one will buy from a biker. She knows the money is to get them to Belfast and wants to help.The Sons pull up on a janitorial van and discreetly shoot out its tire and let it drive away.Farther down the road the drug van pulls over with the flat. Kozy and Piney pull up with a tow truck. One of the guys wants to ride with them.Jax shows Gemma the statement from Stahl, but won't tell her who it's from. Gemma guesses anyway, but he tells her to trust him and not tell anyone.Piney pulls off the road as two Calaveras follow. The guy in the cab asks where they're going, so Kozy elbows him and dumps him out of the truck. The Calaveras following drive straight into a Sons roadblock. They inspect the cargo -- tons of heroin.Clay drops by Unser's, ostensibly to apologize for all the recent drama. He tells Unser they're going after Abel in Belfast. Unser points out they have a bail hearing in three hours.Unser tells Clay he can't help him go AWOL. "I wish that doesn't make me feel as bad it does," Unser says.Gemma tells her story to Stahl and the FBI, saying she saw Polly at the grocery store and followed her to the house. She says she saw Pauline with a gun in the house and that's when she saw Cameron dead on the floor. Stahl says "that's a lie."Gemma says Polly turned her gun on her and so she fired. Stahl starts to look more and more concerned. Gemma says after she shot Polly she saw an ATF agent come out of the other room and Gemma thinks that's who killed the Irish.Gemma says the agent is in the room as Stahl looks alarmed. But Gemma says it was Agent Tyler (Stahl's lover).Clay and the guys meet with the Mayans -- offering a truce. They turn over the drugs they just stole from them. This is the first Alvarez knew the drugs had been stolen. He yells at the Calavera they stole from.Clay says if they go through SOA territory again, the Sons can guarantee it'll have safe passage -- which is why the Mayans are patching over the Calaveras in the first place. Jax offers up the Bastards in Lodi for protection instead.They set delivery terms. Clay reinforces it's a smart business move. Alvarez agrees. The Sons check that there'll be no Mayan charter in Lodi.Alvarez gives them one more job. They shake on it. They give Juice his kutte back and let him wail on the Calavera who took it.At the hospital, Stahl tries to reassure Tyler that it'll be fine.Gemma's lawyer wants to know why she sabotaged her deal.Darby the white supremacist (healing nicely from his burns) waits in a clinic for his doctor. He sees Tara and Jax selling the HIV meds in the parking lot.Darby goes to see the other Hale and tells him what he saw. Darby wants to do anything to punish the Sons.Unser gets word from another sheriff that they're planning a raid on the Sons clubhouse.Opie goes to see Gemma, signaling Chuck to pull the fire alarm. Tig and Kozy block the surveillance camera on the Calavera's room. The guy fights back and Kozy whacks him in the head. They inject him with something.Back at the clubhouse, Tig is complaining about how it went down when Unser and a boatload of deputies bust down the door.They know the cops are looking for prescriptions but don't know how they know to. Clay's pissed at Unser for not warning him.As Jax is leaving, one of Lila's porn friends asks for a ride. He blows her off.At the hospital, a deputy tells them the Calavera had a seizure. The lawyer tells them their bail hearing has been moved back 10 days.Gemma talks to Oswald, asking for cash to go get Abel. He's worried about being affiliated with the Sons. Clay wants to ride on his cargo shipment overseas.They take Oswald to see Alvarez in the chapel, proof that the violence is over. Alvarez promises him there will be no more bloodshed.Oswald tells him a cargo plane is leaving from Stockton tomorrow, going to Manchester. Clay thanks him.Jax tells Tara about the raid. He wishes he hadn't involved her. Then, abruptly, as they both realize the implications, he tells her he's done, then kisses her and leaves.We see everyone cuddled with their partners, including Stahl in bed with Tyler and Tara alone. Then Jax having sex with the porn chick.

Directed by Stephen T. Kay  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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