The Revelator

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2008, 59 min.

Synopsis The last episode of season 1 follows one of the most shocking events in the show's history, the death of Opie's wife Donna (Sprague Graydon).In the early morning hours, Jackson (Charlie Hunman) rides. He arrives at Opie's house seeing Opie's mother Mary first (Julie Ariloa). The two embrace but not a lot is said. Outside, Opie (Ryan Hurst) watches his children on the swings.Opie is guilt ridden. He tells Jackson that Donna knew the gang would bring on something like this.Club President Clay (Ron Perlman) is sombre and his wife Gemma (Katey Segal) figures out that the club, not the One Niners, organised the hit on Donna. Clay cries and tells her it was meant for Opie. Gemma is sympathetic telling him to feel all of that now but when he goes back to the club he is to show nothing.Chief Unser (Dayton Callie) and Deputy Chief Hale discuss Donnas death. They blame each other and eventually Hale agrees that he is at fault. He is caught between a rock and a hard place, unable to protect Donna because he could not betray his badge by warning the club. He wants Unser to help him catch whoever killed Donna but Unser himself is caught between the same rock but a different hard place. He wants to be retired but financial pressure keeps him there. He thinks they should let the outlaws serve their own justice.The credits roll.Jackson arrives home to an overwhelmed Wendy (Drea De Matteo). Baby Able won't settle but calms quickly in his father's arms. Wendy wants to talk about what happened the night before between them but Jackson tells her it was hard night. She wants more and a second chance but he thinks too much has happened. Wisely, he tells her to put together some time sober and he will see.At the table, the devastated club meets. Piney Opie's father (William Lucking) is inconsolable. Clay takes responsibility (sort of) because he ordered the One Niner deal with the Mayans. Piney wants to know how the Niners will be dealt with. Clay tells him to wait. Piney is angry because the Niners are not being dealt with; he feels Clay would deal differently if he had that kind of hole in his family. He walks out. The prospect (Johnny Lewis) is ordered to follow him.At the hospital, Jackson visits Tara (Maggie Siff). Before he can say what he came to tell her, she tells him she is leaving (a very smart move). He explodes and accuses her of running away all of the time, using him to get her stalker killed. In one of the most touching moments in the entire series, he says that he has slept with countless women (hundreds). He says that he married Wendy because he was lonely and that he loves only Tara. He kisses her and tells her to take care. Tara is stunned.At Jackson's house, Gemma is unpacking Jackson's things. Wendy tells her that Jackson has his doubts about her. Gemma agrees that they all do.When Wendy leaves, Gemma finds the manuscript.The lawyer brings bad news, when the witness is revealed, Opie will be charged in the murder of the IRA henchmen, leaving his children without any parents. The club agree to kill the witness and decide to do it before the funeral.The Prospect rings to announce that Piney is in Oakland in search of One Niner boss Laroy (Tory kittles). He bursts into the One Niner clubhouse holding a gun to a club member's head. Jackson and Laroy arrive at the same time. Piney is eventually talked into putting the gun down. Chatting at the table, Laroy denies killing Donna. Piney, still agitated, keeps interrupting until Jackson yells at him. Laroy points out that if he needed to go to Charming to kill woman, he would have killed both Piney and Jackson on sight. Piney and Jackson look at him in horror. They know he is right.Meanwhile Clay talks to Sheriff Trummell (Glen Plummer) in hope of getting the name of the witness. The Sheriff needs a case number.Clay turns to Elliot Oswald (Patrick St Espirit) to get the witness identity. He uses blackmail. Earlier, the club killed Oswald's daughter's rapist arranging for Oswalds fingerprints to be on the knife. Oswald promises to help, having no choice if he wants to stay a free man.Jackson, now very worried about exactly who killed Donna, asks Unser if knows anything. Hale pulls him into a cell. Hale tells him that he thinks that Clay tried to have Opie killed. Jackson is surprised that Hale is telling him anything. The two went to high school together and dont like each other too much but Hale thinks that Donna's murder is too much for either of them.Alone in Able's room, Gemma reads John Tellars manual script.A remorseful Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) talks to Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) in prison. She tells him about Donna's murder and her part in it. She says the U.S. attorney will seek the death penalty for both of him and Bobby and feels guilty about making their kids an orphan.Oswald provides Clay with the witness location but is not given the knife back. The club make arrangements to take out the witness.An angry Jackson waits for Clay in the chapel whilst Piney drinks alone. Tara sits in a hospital chair. Opie also drinks alone looking at his MC jacket.Gemma warns Clay that Jackson knows. She shows him the burnt manuscript and tells him that she cannot do this again, referring to the death of John Tellar. Clay points out the manuscript is half burned and that Jackson probably wasn't happy with it. He also tells her that this is more about her fears. As he walks off, Gemma whispers that he is losing control.Jackson asks Clay brother to brother, father to son, to tell him the truth. Clay denies it all and says that he loves Opie and loved Donna. Jackson, aware that he is being lied to, goes to leave. Clay warns him that this kind of thing could fracture a charter. Jackson agrees.Outside Juice (Theo Murphy Ross) tells Jax that the witness is a seventeen year old girl. Jackson leaves to stop the murder. Clay tries to stop him but fails.Tara stops in at Jackson's house to see Able. Gemma is there also. She tells them that she misses Able and Wendy understands. There is an awkward silence between the three.At the safe house, Happy (David Labrava), Tig (Kim Coates) and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) hesitate when killing the girl. Happy offers to do it but Tig says it is on him. Just as he apologising to the girl, Jackson arrives. Holding a gun to Tig's head, Jackson tells him to put the gun down and that they don't kill women. Jackson then threatens the witness that they will kill her if she testifies and that she needs to get out of California tonight (thereby saving her life).Tig tells Jackson that he crossed the line. Jackson tells him that he hasn't yet and a fight breaks out between the two.Like Jackson, Piney is doing it tough. He is looking at a gun and then pulls out another copy manuscript. Nicholas Guest narrates as the voice of John Tellar. In a note he tells Piney that he loves him but is afraid for the club and his own life. Alone in a graveyard, Jackson drinks.The next morning Jackson wakes in the cemetery. He is surprised to see a blanket over him. Clay and Gemma are dressing for the funeral. He has trouble with the cuffs and Gemma who clearly loves him despite everything, helps him. Tara sits in front of open but empty suitcases. Opie is dressing when his mother brings his children in. They too are dressed for the funeral. Opie helps his boys finish his tie. He grabs his MC jacket (cut) before he leaves.At the cemetery, Jackson thanks the homeless woman (Olivia Burnette) for the blanket. She gives him back his sweat shirt and points him in the direction of cold water.THE MC club, joined by several charters, arrives at the cemetery. Since he is already at the cemetery, Jackson simply walks over. The funeral has begun. Tara walks over to him. She has his cut and has clearly decided to stay. As a distressed Wendy and Gemma look on, they kiss. He nods to Tara and she smiles. Then, he walks to the coffin places arose, kisses it and leaves. The club is stunned.Piney finds Jackson at John Tellars grave. He hands him the manuscript and tells him it is time for a change. Series 1 finishes with Jackson looking at his father's grave with Gemma and Clay looking very distressed in the background. Despite the fact that Piney has left Jackson tells him yes.

Directed by Kurt Sutter  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, more...

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