Turning and Turning

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Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 46 min.

Synopsis We open on Gemma in the hospital (with full eye make-up, of course). Clay's there. She had arrhythmia. She stopped taking her meds -- they make her feet swell. She's handcuffed to the bed. She wants answers about Abel.Bobby comes to the hospital to confirm that they want to go through with giving $10,000 to Serge's tracker and heading to Vancouver. They figure out what drugs they have on hand to sell.Tara brings Jax to see his mom. She's under guard. Gemma's mad and demands the truth. Jax tells her about the plan to hire the bounty hunter and head to Vancouver.She tells them about Maureen's call. Clay knows her as McGee's old lady, a friend of the MC. Jax doesn't believe it, based on what Jimmy told them.In the hall, Clay worries Jimmy might have lied. He wants to talk to Maureen again.Gemma calls for Clay again. If Jax goes to Belfast, she says, "stones get unturned." Gemma tells him she made a deal with Stahl, for weekly visitations and no death penalty. "Sorry, baby, I'm too old to run," she says.(roll credits)Jax sits down with Luke, an Irish, telling him what he heard about Abel in Belfast. Luke thinks it's crap. Jax lets Luke know what he'll do to his boss Jimmy if he finds out he's been lied to.Unser visits Gemma in the hospital. He starts to tell her the town is worried, based on the way Hale died. Clay comes in. Unser says people are worried about SAMCRO and he won't be able to run much interference. "I've gotta be a cop for a while. I'm sorry," he says as he leaves.Bobby, Tig and Juice roll up to Lumpy's gym and see that a shop named Rupert's and a pawn shop have closed. Lumpy, the old trainer, tells the guys some "corporate interest" bought up the block. Juice sells the steroids to the boxers.Lumpy tells Bobby and Tig about a guy in a suit coming by every week with a little more money and a little less patience, but Lumpy's not selling.Jax brings Clay the number for Maureen's shop in Belfast. They're interrupted by Agent Stahl, who Clay tells us has been demoted.The guys leave and Stahl thanks Gemma for turning herself in. Gemma wants to get the deal over with, but Stahl says there's a problem because Gemma didn't turn herself in that morning when she was supposed to - never mind that she called from the hospital. She wants Gemma to get Tara to talk about what happened with Cameron and Half-Sack. Gemma's heart machine starts beeping and a doctor comes in.Jax calls Maureen's and gets her daughter. He gives her a message, telling her to call Charming.Juice goes to make a deal with someone he calls The Chicken Man. When he gets in his van, Salazar and two other Calaveras jump him in the back.Juice shows up at the hospital, reporting what happened. They want to go after the Mayans. They need people the Mayans won't recognize, so Chuck the compulsive masturbator is enlisted.Gemma tells Tara about Stahl's threat. Gemma wants to hear the details of what happened. Tara tells her about Cameron killing Half-Sack and taking Abel while holding her at gunpoint. She says she did everything she could. "Everything except save him," Gemma says.Tara starts crying and Gemma considers her for a moment, then asks how far along she is. Six weeks. Gemma checks that it's Jax's and then says "good."The hospital administrator comes for Tara, telling her they have a baby that needs emergency surgery and Tara's the only one around.Maureen's daughter opens the store for McGee and asks who would have called from Charming. She gives him the number.Tig goes to the warehouse where they've heard the Mayan's are doing their dope. Tig bluffs his way into getting a guy to open the security door and holds it open for Chuck. They walk through the warehouse with clipboards, looking around. Tig takes a cell phone picture of the warehouse sheet.As Jax and the guys are waiting in the van, Salazar and his crew roll up outside the warehouse. Chuck runs smack into two Calaveras, who start roughing him up. Tig comes to his rescue with a forklift, dumping cleaning supplies on them. They make it out of the warehouse.In Belfast, McGee visits Maureen, showing her the phone number. He knows Cameron took Abel and came to see her. She won't talk over fear of upsetting the Army. That's all he needed to know.Jax and the guys brief Clay, telling them Tig got photos of the Mayan's drug delivery schedule, including one a week to Stockton.Maureen calls Gemma. Mo's daughter listens as Mo tells Gemma what Abel was wearing as proof and then tells Jax she's not sure how much longer she can keep him safe. Jax hangs up, telling Clay they need to get to Belfast.Maureen's daughter interrogates her and she tells her members from the original charter are coming out there soon.Stahl wakes Gemma up in her bed, grabbing the surveillance photo of Cameron with Abel from her hands.Clay and Jax join them. Stahl tells them Gemma's deal is off and the US attorney is going to want intel on the club.Jax follows Stahl out and sees her leaving with a woman - not in a government car.The administrator thanks Tara after surgery, it went well. Tara points out there were two other doctors available. The administrator tells Tara, warmly, to consider her request for leave denied.The Sons meet Luke to hand off the AKs. After the deal, Jax jumps Luke, saying he knows Jimmy lied. We hear Luke tell him "don't" as Jax cocks the gun.Cut to Clay reassuring Gemma in the hospital.Jax knocks on Stahl's front door late at night. She answers holding a gun and he shows her he's not armed. She tells the woman there with her to get back in bed. Jax found her through her license plate earlier.Jax offers her a deal, saying he knows her career is tanking. He says he can make her an ATF legend, hand-delivering Jimmy O'Fallon with Jax's own sworn statement about the gun-running. In return, he wants his son, his mother and his club.He wants reduced charges for the church gun thing, they'll do short time. And they need the bail hearing moved back, she guesses so he can get to Belfast.Since her lie got Gemma wrapped in the first place, he just wants her to tell the truth -- a statement from her clearing Gemma.When she asks how to trust him, he says his risk is just as great if the club found out about him coming to her. As proof, he shows her tied-up Luke in the van, with enough illegal weapons to trip homeland security. Jax tells her Luke has to disappear, word can't get out. He offers to bring Luke back to the bar with the guns in an hour for her. They'll have to trust each other. She agrees.

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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