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Crime/Drama/Thriller, 2011, 42 min.

Synopsis Right after Chibs announces they're a brick short, the Mayans and Sons immediately start accusing each other. Juice offers that they were all there when he came by and did a walk through at 9:30 the night before. Alvarez suggests maybe Juice did something with it."Yea, I stuck a key of blow down my pants and just walked out, douche bag," Juice mocks, saying exactly what he actually did.Guns are pulled. Clay discharges a round to get everyone's attention. Everyone but Clay, Jax and Alvarez clear out.Clay says Oswald has cameras at all the entrances. Jax is sure Juice didn't do it. Alvarez asks about Miles, the new patch.Jax suggests they tell Romeo the Mayans haven't picked it up yet to buy them some time. Alvarez declares whoever took it is dead.Wayne follows Tara to the garage, where she's dropping off the boys.A girl pulls up in a cab. Gemma is not pleased to see her and says she's "half of Satan's spawn." She's Dawn (Rachel Miner), but is going by "Margeaux" now and is there to see her dad. She hits Gemma up for her $20 cab fare.Chuckie is interested.Gemma asks about her sister and Dawn says that's why she's there. She's not good. Gemma suggests someone get daddy Tig.Back at the gun barn, Tig interrogates Miles (Frank Potter).The two prospects assure Clay they didn't take anything. They hear Miles screaming in pain behind the closed door and a loud banging noise from inside the coke store room.They freak out.Inside the room, we see Miles screaming as Happy slams a hammer down. But it's all a show, Happy's pounding on the table and Miles is going along.Rat the prospect is next. Rat and Phil insist they didn't take it and refuse to go in to see Happy and his hammer. Tig excuses himself to go deal with his "crazy" kid.Clay takes everyone to the gun room.At the garage, Gemma finds Piney drinking tequila. It's 9:00 a.m.Ima (Kristen Renton), the porn performer Opie shagged, comes downstairs and Gemma and Tara pounce on her and kick her out. Tara storms out, remembering that Jax, too, had a round with her once. Gemma asks if Jax came home last night (he did). Tara says that's not the point, she shouldn't be there.They see Lila walk up. "Oh great, here comes another one," Tara mutters.She's looking for Opie, he didn't come home last night. Gemma and Tara give each other a look, then say the guys had a late night. Lila says she and Opie haven't been talking much lately. They tell her to give it time.Bobby and Tig pull up.Lila's about to leave when she sees a Lexus with "IMA" on the vanity plate. She storms into the clubhouse.Gemma sees disaster about to happen.Lila confronts her fellow porn actress, who takes out her gun. She cockily walks out."Keep that .38 close, bitch, you're gonna need it," Tara tells her as she leaves.In the gun room, Jax talks to the prospects, suggesting a round of Russian Roulette to prove their allegiance. He spins it once and clicks the trigger.Phil, one of the prospects, puts it to his head and prays. He drops the hammer on an empty cylinder to his immense relief.It's Rat's turn. He freaks, but picks it up and pulls the trigger anyway. It clicks.Jax and Opie get called to the clubhouse.Juice suggests to Clay that the prospects are telling the truth. They're not sure about their next move. Jax suggests a cage match.Tig talks to his daughter, trying to adjust to her going by the name Margeaux. She cries and tells her dad her sister has dangerously bad bulimia. She says her mom Colleen is no help. She wants to get her into rehab, but it costs $12,000.Tig says OK, they can go together and check her in. Margeaux says she has to do it alone or her sister won't go. He needs a while to pull the cash together.Jax, Opie and Clay return to the club. Gemma wants to chew Opie out, but Jax stops her. They walk up to the front door, where Piney whirls around and cold cocks his son Opie, knocking him down."Your dick almost got people killed," Piney lectures him. "I don't even know who you are anymore."Tara treats the gash over Opie's eye. Jax can tell she's livid. She leaves.Jax says she's reliving his own dalliances (except he's a biker so he doesn't say "dalliances"), but he doesn't suggest Lila get knocked up and kidnapped like Tara did to get over it.Opie admits he wants Lila to get pregnant so she'll stop doing porn. Jax suggests Lila might not want out.Jax finds Tara outside. She tells him if he hurts her, he hurts their whole family. He says he's not going to. Gemma reiterates.Clay notices Wayne's truck on the street and wakes him up. Clay ominously says he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt, especially Wayne. He reminds him if he goes down, Wayne goes down.Chibs loads bullets into the gun for the prospects. Juice stands there, too, saying they just need the truth. They leave them with one gun on the table between them.Miles reports to Clay that no one but their guys came in or out.Opie finds Lila on the roof. She asks if he was drunk, he says no. She asks why. He tells her he found the birth control.She thinks he did it to get even. He says he knows she doesn't want another kid.She confesses that she had an abortion last year, before everyone went to prison, and that it was Opie's.Opie says his mom can get the kids, he'll sleep at the club house. She can tell him what she wants to do.Juice and Chibs wait outside the gun room, waiting to hear something. Juice asks Chibs if he ever pushes back against the rules, or if "the black thing" ever bothered him, since his old lady was black. Chibs says the rules have been around since day one and the whole thing falls apart if they don't follow them all. He takes note of the question, which doesn't come off as idle.Alvarez calls, sure that his own man Rafi didn't take the coke. Clay tells them to call Chibs, it had to be one of the prospects. "Sometimes the herd needs thinning," Clay says.At the gun barn, Chibs tells Juice that Romeo will be there in an hour and they have to "put one of these guys down."Juice begs Chibs to give Phil and Rat one last chance. He goes in and tells them they have one last chance. He suggests they'll go outside and have a smoke, whoever took it can just put it back. They all go outside.Chibs tells Juice if the brick shows up, the prospects are out. Juice says he has to pee and suggests Chibs clear out and give them 15 minutes.Unser pays Sheriff Roosevelt a visit. He tells him he thinks Tara might be in danger. Roosevelt laughs him off, saying he heard Wayne was in Clay's pocket. Wayne says he worked with the club, for what was best for Charming, not for himself.Roosevelt asks who's trying to hurt Tara. Wayne just says he heard some things and that's all.Juice goes back down the hillside and unearths the brick. He sticks it back down his pants. Miles finds him, cutting through the back way.He sees the brick sticking out of Juice's pants and immediately draws on him. He's about to march Juice back to the warehouse when Juice tosses the brick at him, then tries to tackle him. Miles shoots, hitting Juice in the leg.Juice knocks the gun out of his hand. They grapple around on the ground for a while, and Miles starts to lunge at Juice with a knife -- but Juice grabs the gun and shoots Miles several times in the head.Juice is covered in blood and has put the brick next to the corpse when Happy and Chibs find him. He says he ran into Miles digging the brick up from the woods and Miles attacked him.Clay and Jax pull up. Chibs catches Clay up and he congratulates Juice. They run to make things right before Romeo arrives.Tig tries to reminisce with his daughter. Gemma and Bobby find him. Gemma called Margeaux's mom, Colleen. His other daughter is fine, in Chicago with her boyfriend for two weeks. They tell him Dawn is playing him.The Sons present the 30 keys for Romeo, with Alvarez's supervision. He asks when the next shipment of guns is.Clay asks for a moment alone with Romeo.Outside, Clay tells him privately that they have an "internal threat" and that a family member stumbled on some sensitive information. Clay says it's their doctor and he's afraid she's going to expose them. Clay says it has to be dealt with, but he wants someone from the outside. He asks Romeo if he might want to handle it.Romeo asks for all of her information, but says it's going to get expensive. They shake hands, as Romeo says they'll clean it up.Later, Clay assures Jax that everything is fine.We see someone type on a keyboard: "I'm going to hurt you, then kill you, doctor bitch."Tig hugs his crazy daughter, she thanks him and gets in a cab and leaves.Gemma and Bobby can't believe he gave her the money, but he's just glad she'll be back for more.Opie settles into the clubhouse bachelor pad.Jax talks to Ima on the porn set. She asks if he's jealous and he says that's right and kisses her. She leads him away to her dressing room.Tara stitches up Juice on the kitchen table. Chibs is quietly taking a dim view of the whole scenario, but says nothing.The prospects bury Miles in an unmarked grave, without his patch.Tig shares family photos with Bobby.At the clubhouse, they watch Clay come in with a heavy heart.Piney drinks more tequila straight from the Patrón bottle and looks at old family photos. He doesn't feel right.Jax follows Ima into her dressing room, like he's ready to get down. Then he grabs her head and bounces her face off the dressing room table, chokes her and tells her if she ever comes into the clubhouse again or comes near his family, he'll kill her. Then spits in her bloody face.Tig picks Juice up from Tara's house. Someone leaves the threatening note on Tara's car seat.It's wise old Wayne Unser, trying to save her.

Directed by Guy Ferland  

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Dayton Callie, Kim Coates, more...

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