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Directed by
Tony Virgo
Pip Broughton
John Dower
James Hawes
Tim Holloway
Derek Lister
Michael Skivington

Brian B. Thompson
Lyndon Mallet
Michael Baker
David Belshaw
Candy Denman
Peter Gibbs
Vanessa Haynes
Steve Hughes
Geoff McQueen

Produced by
Michael Chapman
Pat Sandys

Lois Baxter Moira Beswick
Tom Butcher P.C. Steve Loxton
Graham Cole P.C. Tony Stamp
Victor Gallucci D.C. Tom Baker
Lisa Geoghan W.P.C. Polly Page
Trudie Goodwin W.P.C. June Ackland
Louise Harrison W.P.C. Donna Harris
Huw Higginson P.C. George Garfield
Mark Kingston Edward Barker
Keira Knightley Sheena Rose
Andrew Mackintosh D.S. Alistair Greig
Tony O'Callaghan Sgt. Matthew Boyden
Andrew Paul P.C. Dave Quinnan
Robert Perkins Sgt. Ray Steele
Eileen Pollock Jane Rose
Pat Roach Reg Warren
Mark Spalding Ch. Insp. Paul Stritch
Amanda Symonds Eleanor Caswell
Gordon Warnecke Jimmy Crabtree
Clive Wedderburn P.C. Gary McCann

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