The Origin of Species

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller/, 1998, 45 min.

Synopsis As seen in part one of this show [The Outer Limits: Double Helix (#3.12)] a university geneticist Dr. Martin Nodel (Ron Rifkin) decided to tamper with genetics. Knowing he would never get the approval to test his gentic sampling on a human, he decided to use himself as a test subject, which has severe effects on his body. He has his son Paul (Ryan Reynolds), Paul's girlfriend Hope (Kathleen Duborg) and six other hand-selected students join him a class camping trip, which they think is for a special project.What they don't know, until they arrive at the camping site, is that it is really an expedition to attempt to figure out exactly what the marks on his body - the effects of the genetic mutation - really mean. The group arrives at a mountain, only to find that the government is already there, keeping watch so that nobody explores the caves. Hidden inside was a metal object that the military could not figure out. As it turns out, Dr. Nodel has the key to the mysterious object. The markings that appear on his body end up being a key to an alien spaceship. As he pressed the key against the ship, the ship takes over his body, forcing him to be a spokesman for the "aliens" that left the ship behind.With much trepidation & excitement the group decides to climb aboard the ship to see what happens. The aliens promise the group that they will be part of a great experiment in hope, but the longer they are on the ship, the more they feel betrayed. Slowly, one at a time, the students start to disappear, starting 1st with Dr. Nodel, leaving them to fend for themselves. Eventually, fighting back against the ship, they find the others. However, imagine their surprise when they think they landed on a foreign planet, only to find that it's Earth many years after a catastrophic incident left the planet barren and dead; that it is their responsibility to repopulate the planets themselves.Part 2 of 2{One story arc with mostly the same original cast was shown in two parts over consecutive seasons: (1997) and "The Outer Limits: The Origin of Species (#4.23)" (1998).}

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Kathleen Duborg, William deVry, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Kirby Morrow, more...

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