Civil Unrest

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Drama/History/Romance/Gainful, Canada/Ireland, 2009, 52 min.

Synopsis With the death of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII is free to marry Jane Seymour and try for another male heir. While seeming happy in his marriage, Henry VIII realizes that Jane is not all that she seems as she continually speaks on behalf of the Princess Mary. Jane sympathizes with the Princess Mary, who has yet to be taken back by the King and who is faced with denouncing the Catholic faith as well as her mother in order to be accepted. In the meantime, the country is wracked with strife as monasteries and convents are stripped of anything with monetary value, inciting rebellion against Cromwell from the Northerners. Due to this, the King's faith in Cromwell is shaken, and he appoints Brandon the Commander of the Royal Forces in an attempt to quash the rebellion before it gets too far underway. Even so, Henry's weaknesses are showing more and more as the sores on his leg cause him more pain than before.

Directed by Ciaran Donnelly  

Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill, James Frain, Annabelle Wallis, Alan Van Sprang, more...

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