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Directed by
Tara Miele

Tara Miele

Produced by
Jude Tucker
Fernando Szew
Hannah Pillemer
Sharon Bordas
Ross Kohn
Nancy Leopardi

Original Music by
Kim Carroll

Damian Horan

Laura Wiggins Hannah
Izabella Mik Teagan / ButterflyAna
Callie Thorne Joey
Marcus Giamatti Michael
Emma Noelle Roberts Kayden
Brendan Meyer Leo
Sharon Lawrence Dr. Klein
Paula Newsome Ms. Christie
Tyler Riggs Brendan
Alexandra Begg Dancer
Rachael Kathryn Bell HipPopK
Rowdy Brown Wrestler
Colleen Craig Dancer
Luke Gregory Crosby Leo's Team Mate
Linnda Durre Spectator
Krystal Ellsworth Dancer
Doug Haley G-Style
Chance Harlem Jr. Barista
Emily Jordan Dancer
Olivia Jordan Thin Chic Woman

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