If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?

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Drama//Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2011, 60 min.

Synopsis Open with Sookie explaining who she is to a very confused Eric. He is very interested in her smell, which freaks Sookie out. She eventually tries to run from him and punches him in the face. He doesn't know who he is but remembers Marnie's eyes when she embodied the powerful spirit and "emptied" him: "It was here, but it wasn't her." Sookie agrees to help on the condition Eric doesn't bite her.Back at the witch circle Marnie is attended to medically and a discussion takes place regarding how to progress with respect to Eric. Lafayette is terrified of Eric and thinks they should forget it happened. Marnie (who doesn't remember what exactly she did) is upset they were attacked in an unprovoked manner.With Jason still tied up on a bed nearby we hear Hotshot elder Luther telling the story of werepanthers. He thinks that Jason's writhing in pain means that "it's working" and at the next full moon he'll be a panther. Crystal thanks Jason for what he's doing. He has no idea what is going on.A team of anti-vampire activists trick a vampire into feeding and capture it on video. For the crime of being filmed feeding on a human, the vampire appears before Bill, who sentences him to the true death. Jessica arrives looking for advice as to how to handle feeding another human without Hoyt's knowledge. Bill tells her that if she loves him she must be honest with him.Eric walks into Sookie's place and doesn't remember he owns the building. Sookie pretends he needs an invite. Sookie ends up calling Pam to tell him of Eric's condition. She rushes right over and tells Sookie Eric is in danger and she must help hide him from the witches. She thinks Bill set up Eric and makes Sookie promise not to go to him. Sookie agrees to help in exchange for some payment.Jessica comes home to see Hoyt. He tells her an old baby doll they threw out twice has strangely appeared in the house again. She tells Hoyt about feeding on another man and it doesn't go well. He furious and she ends up glamoring him so he doesn't remember.Sookie brings Eric down to his cubby hole. He asks her if she'd like to be his and she declines.Meanwhile, Tara, Lafayette and Jesus discuss how to handle Eric. Lafayette thinks they should seek out Eric ask for forgiveness. Tara and Jesus hate the idea and Jesus plans to make sure he doesn't follow-through. It sounds like Tara is going to stick around until Lafayette is okay.Jason's phone rings with a call from Andy. He's sliding with his V addiction and needs help. We see him use again just before Sam pops his head into the cruiser. Andy seems out of sorts while making unreasonable complaints about Merlotte's property. Sam notices something is going on and they have a minor scuffle.Sookie shows up at Alcide's new place in Shreveport. She begins to ask him for help hiding Eric when Debbie walks into the room. Debbie apologizes for her behavior and tells Sookie she's in recovery. Sookie is polite but ends up leaving. Alcide follows her outside and suggests maybe Eric could stay in one of the new homes his company has built. She doesn't think it's a good idea.Tommy is at home with Maxine when there is a knock on the door. She's busy with a home shopping network order so Tommy meets with a man from a natural gas company. He wants to offer Maxine $10,000 per acre plus a future percentage of whatever is found on her property to let them search for energy. Tommy pretends to be her son and does some bargaining. He tells the man he'll discuss it with Maxine but lies about who was at the door when he goes back inside.Jason asks Crystal to take him to a doctor. She says she's going to the mother to his baby cubs and says his purpose is to help save their people. They girls in their community haven't been pregnant recently. She gives him what she says is medicine and tells him it contains Viagra.Tara comes into Merlotte's. She asks Sookie to ask Eric to forgive Lafayette for what happened in the Wicca circle. Sookie doesn't mention Eric's condition. Sam offers Tara a drink and the two head to the back. We see Lafayette duck out.Over the drink Sam and Tara catch-up on what happened before she left. They flirt pretty openly but Tara says she's seeing somebody back in New Orleans. Tara and Jesus realize that Lafayette is gone and probably headed to see Eric.Bill (who is trying to get Eric on the phone) has dinner with Portia. She wants them to take their friendly business relationship to a sexual level. He says he could never love her but she doesn't seem to mind.Jessica gives Arlene the creepy baby doll for Mikey. Arlene doesn't love the gift, but she and Terry accept it anyway.Tommy tells Sam about the natural gas offer. Sam tells him he must tell Maxine.Bill and Portia have sex. During the act she offers her neck to him but he does not feed on her.Sookie come home to find Eric has disappeared.Cut to Pam beating up Lafayette in the basement of Fangtasia. An armed Tara (a pistol with wooden bullets) and Jesus come to his rescue. They tell Pam they can bring Eric to Marnie, who is the only person able to reverse the mind-wiped spell. She says they have 24 hours to bring Marnie to her or she'll kill all three of them.We see Marnie trying to re-conjure the spirit from the encounter with Eric. After a third cut to her wrist we see the spirit has arrived.Jason awakens to Crystal on top of him having sex with him. He says all manner of cruel things to her but it doesn't stop her. We see behind Crystal that it appears the rest of the female members of the panther community are lined up to take turns with Jason.Meanwhile, Claudine shows up Sookie's place wanting to take her back to the fairyland. She tells Sookie that in the past she's helped Sookie during difficult times. She's never saved her from vampires because they are too powerful. Sookie says 'no' and Eric flashes by and grabs Claudine. He begins feeding on her ravenously and eventually her body disappears. "You just killed my fairy godmother," Sookie tells him. "Sorry," says Eric.

Directed by David Petrarca  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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