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Action/Crime/Drama/Family/History/Mystery/Thriller/Gainful, 2011

Synopsis Whistleblowers are the modern day Paul Revere's reporting government crimes and civil rights violations. The word whistleblower to an unknowing public has the suggestion of negative connotations, while concurrently, vilified or ignored by the mainstream media, the very same perpetrators continue the façade of no wrong doing.More and more voices are being heard for government accountability and transparency. The names of these brave men and women will not go unrecognized and those from within the frame work that serve two masters will be showcased for global audiences.Most whistleblowers that receive extensive media coverage are those individuals who have been consumed with legal and financial attacks, loss of employment, muscled and duped into pleading guilty to a contrived charge, sometimes falsely imprisoned, forced to plead to avoid jail, and this makes for good press, when in reality this is a covert message to the people, to show the world, keep silent or this can happened to you.Co-Hosts, prevailing national security whistleblower Julia Davis and BJ Davis, as whistleblowers, walk through every aspect of those branded with this label. from witnessing a crime, to litigating the matters in response to being attacked, falsely imprisoned, accused of wrong doing, harassed to distract from the facts of the report made, that is the standard government response to all of those that report fraud, waste, mismanagement and corruption being funded with your tax dollars.

Directed by Julia Davis  

Starring Leon Bard, Youssef Bassem, Osama bin Laden, Bradley Birkenfeld, Andre Birotte Jr., more...

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